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In case you are a religious poker chip collector, then you must learn to identify the authentic poker casino chips. If you do not have the knowledge of identifying poker chips, you might be losing thousands or even more dollars. I will give you basic information about these poker chips:

  1. The way to identify the authentic poker casino chips is to understand and know as much as possible about the poker chips and the casinos that you are interested in. Whilst, it is a fact that most of the large companies have ownership on those casinos. Therefore, each casino has a bundle of chips that are unique and specific from the others. The reason is the funding of each of the casinos that back each of these chips which are a part of their casino. So, this is the main reason why the casinos dishonor chips issued at some other casinos. Though, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some casinos of Las Vegas and Nevada are generally an exception to this rule.
  2. It is very important to recognize the authentic poker casino chips. These chips are made in such a manner that the security features are actually incorporated in the real chips. If you find some artwork integrated in these chips, then they become the highest Quality chips. Also, there are different color combinations in the edge of these chips. They are also called as the edge spots. With the intention of identifying whether the casino poker chips as authentic or genuine to that particular poker casino, it is very essential to have the knowledge of the edge spots and the artwork imbibed in the poker chips.
  3. In the learning process regarding the poker casino chips that are very unique to a particular poker casino, you need to understand whether the UV marks are there or not. There is typical visibility in the inlay of these chips. Many poker casino chips that you manage to collect must be used in the conjunction with RFID (Radio Frequency IDENTIFICATION) technology. The casinos have machines that place tags common to the technology into poker chips for security reasons so as to ensure the authenticity of the casino chips. If you wish to find whether you’re dealing with an authentic chip or not, you can attempt and find out whether the RFID tag is present or not. In case if it is present, there are special equipments for identifying the same.
  4. Casinos release limited edition and special theme poker chips on several occasions. If you’re a diehard fan and a collector of chips, then you must ensure in the best interest that you are aware of these releases. With this you will be in a position to analyze your chips and understand their authenticity.
  5. Also see this comment from Kendal for more ways to identify fake Casino chips.

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052515 Official Money Chip

I am sure that you are going to be careful in identifying the casino poker chips and also make sure about the important signs in the chips like the artwork, stamp, UV marks, RFID and the edge marks.

052515 official money chip

Updated on 2018-07-04

A solid clay poker chip available in a variety of colors and cash values, our Official Money Chip is a unique direct-response mail product that is best paired with cash giveaways on saturation mail pieces.

Official Money Chip Casino 052515

The casino industry has been a pinnacle of direct-response mail marketing for decades, driving incredible amounts of traffic to their locations and generating revenue on a routine basis. One of the most common items in a casino is the poker chip, used as currency in many different games.
Based on the immense popularity and instant recognition of poker chips, we've developed the Official Money Chip. This product creates an instant mental connection with winning cash prizes, making it an ideal choice for a saturation mailer that involves an insured cash grand prize giveaway.
Available in three different colors and increments - $25,000 green, $10,000 black and $5,000 red - the Official Money Chip offers an effective way to bring customers to your prize-giveaway events.
To learn more, contact us directly for a sample package.

Real Official Money Chip 052515

052515 Money Chip


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