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Bootable Rescue Media can only be created by registered/paid for TrueImage. Otherwise, they would be out of business in short order. Once you have created valid bootable media, it will work on any machine and TrueImage doesn't need to be installed. Been using Acronis TI since version 4 - now on 2013. Never had Rescue Media fail in any format. Acronis Rescue Media BootCD. Acronis Rescue Media BootCD – Multifunctional boot disk all in one. It has a complete backup software package that allows you to create exact images of the hard disk and its separate areas, manage partitions – creating, moving, merging, dividing.

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Acronis Rescue Media Download

I have ATI2017 and use the DOWNLOADED rescue media image on a flash drive. This image is Linux based and works really well. Was thinking of moving to the new ATI2020 but it seems this now uses the WinPE OS. Is the DOWNLOADED image also WinPE? Is there even a download image available?

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Acronis Rescue Media Builder Download

Timothy, welcome to these public User Forums.

All downloaded Acronis rescue media (.ISO files) from the Acronis Account pages are only the Linux based media as Acronis do not have permission to distribute WinPE media from MS.

The default in recent versions of ATI, starting from 2018, is to create WinPE rescue media when using the Simple method for the rescue media builder in the main ATI GUI. This uses the PE files found in the Windows Recovery Environment.

The WinPE media is more flexible in purpose and allows for additional device drivers to be injected etc, but can only be created locally by the user. The Linux media can also be created by using the Advanced option of the builder tool, or else can still be downloaded.

Acronis Media Builder

Acronis true image bootable rescue media downloadRescue

You can run Acronis True Image Home 2011 from an emergency boot disk on a bare-metal system or a crashed computer that cannot boot. You can even back up disks on a non-Windows computer, copying all its data into the backup by imaging the disk one sector at a time. To do so, you will need bootable media that has a copy of the standalone Acronis True Image Home 2011 version installed on it.

If you purchased the boxed product, you already have a bootable CD, because the installation CD itself is bootable in addition to serving as the program installation disk.

If you purchased Acronis True Image Home 2011 on the Web or as a download from a retailer, you can create bootable media using the Bootable Media Builder. For this, you will need a blank CD-R/RW, a blank DVD+R/RW or any other media from which your computer can boot, such as a USB flash drive.

Acronis True Image Home 2011 also provides the ability to create an ISO image of a bootable disc on the hard disk.


If you have other Acronis products, such as Acronis Disk Director Suite installed on your computer, you can include standalone versions of these programs on the same bootable disk as well.

If you have chosen not to install the Bootable Media Builder during Acronis True Image Home 2011 installation, you will not be able to use this feature.

Acronis Rescue Media Download

When booting from the Rescue Media, you cannot perform backups to disks or partitions with Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, ReiserFS, and Linux SWAP file systems.

To create bootable media:

Acronis Rescue Media Download Free

  • Run the Acronis Media Builder wizard. To do so:
    • Click Tools & Utilities in the main menu and then click Rescue Media Builder on the Tools & Utilities screen


    • Select Programs -> Acronis -> Acronis True Image Home 2011 -> Tools & Utilities -> Bootable Rescue Media Builder from the Start menu.
  • Click Next and follow the wizard’s steps.

Acronis Bootable Media Builder

Acronis Media Builder