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Download the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK with Mod Menu from the below downloading link mentioned in this article. This article is all about the various upgrades in the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK. Surely, you will not get these features in the original version present in the Play Store, so you have to download the mod version of Adobe Photoshop from the download link present in this article. In this article, I will share about the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK, features that are unlocked, mod menu upgrades, and every information that you need about Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK. So let’s start with it.

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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK v9.9.9:

Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK is well-developed photo editing application and got developed to offer you unlimited options to make the photo clocked more attractive. It is a fantastic platform where you can aces complex editing feature. From amazing color filters to tools and drag bars you can easily use everything to edit the picture. The APK file is available for both Android and iOS users who can use it in their devices easily. You can make changes with objects and insert or remove them easily as per your choice.

Details about Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK:

APK nameAdobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK
Apk Version9.9.9
Apk Size23 MB
Lastly, Updated on4 March 2020
Android SupportYes

Direct download. Effects Video 1.8.40. Adobe Illustrator Draw 3.0.39. Award-winning app for editing and creating artwork and images. Create visual effects faster in Adobe® After Effects® CS6 software with Global Performance Cache, which optimizes and keeps your previews so you can beat deadlines instead of waiting for frame.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK v9.9.9:

The APK file of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod gets beautifully designed, and you will find many features worth trying. Here are some of the fascinating parts of the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK, and you can witness others by downloading the file.

1. Color changes:

All the users who opt for this apk file will be able to change the color of different objects in the photo you want to edit. Simply change the color without affecting the objects or chang the color of the clothes you are wearing or accessories. Directly click the area where you want to make the changes and adjust the colors to blend well in the photo.

2. Add objects:

The APK will bring you to add anything and everything in the photo that you want. From simple objects to adding a person you can do anything with this APK file. You can merge photos and make then one single picture to look.

3. Effects:

With the APK file, all the users can change their image into a portrait or add acessories like funny hats and objects in the background. Users can go for the apk to use the tools to look more realistic even after adding the effects and editing the picture.

4. Background changes:

The apk will help you make changes in the background of the picture. You can easily remove all the unwanted things in the background then you can remove it all make the photo perfect.

5. Make additions :

With the help of this mod apk file, you can not only add the extra accessories and objects but can also got for adding texts in the picture. You can mark copyright with it and also can use the feature to add a simple text that goes with the picture well.

Steps to download and Install the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK v9.9.9:

Method 1: Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK for Android

  • Delete the previously existing Apk file of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK.
  • Download the latest Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK from the available third party link.
  • Look out for the corrupt file. If yes, found then, delete immediately.
  • After downloading successfully, search for all the viruses if downloaded by mistake.
  • Once done, downloading and removing the virus, install the apk on the device.
  • Now open the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK on your device. You will see a mod menu there on the phone.
  • Click on the mod menu to activate your favorite feature in the apk and enjoy Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK.
  • Done, you have successfully installed Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK on your Android Device now.

Method 2: Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK on PC

  • First of all, download and install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC.
  • Now Download Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK on your PC
  • Install Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK on your pc using bluestack Emulator App
  • Open the mod apk on your PC using Bluestack Android Emulator
  • Now Enjoy hack features of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK on your PC
  • Done, you have successfully installed Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK on your pc

FAQ regarding the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK v9.9.9:

1. Is the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK free file?

Answer: Yes, you can access this apk of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK worries as it is free of cost.

Adobe After Effects Mod Apk

2. Will, the file of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK, show any ads?

Answer: No, users can go for this APK of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK sure, as there will be no annoying ads in between.

3. Is it safe to use the Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK?

Answer: You can indeed go for this APK of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod as it is entirely free from any virus attacks and malware, so no worries.

Conclusion :

Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK is a renowned APK file and is one of the most installed photo editing app, too, by many users out there. It gets downloaded by so many Android users who like to make heir photo look realistic even after editing them. Users who wish to experience such a fantastic interface can give it a try. As the demand for the file increases and the downloading rate of this Mod APK of Adobe Photoshop Touch also increases, we bring to you many unique upgrades that get efficiently utilized for sure. The article gets provided with a downloading link and the steps to download the file of Adobe Photoshop Touch Mod APK.

Download Photoshop Touch mod APK

After Effects Pro APK— powerful software for creating animated graphics and visual outcomes. Popular among artists and graphic designers. It features an impressive library of plug-ins for working with 3D objects. Now let us represent its pros and cons after downloading it on Android.

Opportunities of Adobe After Effects APK for Android

  • Built-in Dynamic Link to work with Character Animator;
  • Professional video and dynamic image processing in real time, static editing;
  • Ability to add necessary digital actions toolkit
  • Splash creation;
  • Frame Stabilization with Warp Stabilizer VFX;
  • Add music videos, photos and text labels;
  • Support of RAW images captured on Camera Digital Red (R3D);
  • Support of common multimedia file formats;
  • Face tracking (lip movement, eye blinking, eyebrow tilt) using the Face Tracker option when producing animation;
  • New Live 3D Pipeline tool to use Maxon Cinema 4D scenes;
  • Integration with other Adobe products (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro) to implement full video editing.


Adobe After Effect Apk Download

In After Effects APK for Android, you can find the next advantages:

Adobe After Effects Apk Mod

  • Lack of commercials;
  • OpenGL 2.0 and higher support;
  • Motion smoothing tool;
  • Use of QuickTime features;
  • Open access to Adobe Stock services;
  • Adding 2D and 3D animations;
  • Making digital video impacts from scratch;
  • Compatibility with high resolution 1280×1080 and 4K;
  • Support of Avid DNXHD and DNXHR compression formats;
  • Quick installation through the Creative Cloud application;
  • Intermediate rendering and three-dimensional rendering options;
  • Controls for colors, sharpness and contrast;
  • Detailed guide to Shape Layers and Motion Graphics;
  • Increased performance with a graphics processor.

Adobe After Effects Apkpure Download


After download you may also face with some disadvantages:

  • High system requirements;
  • App requires a lot of free hard disk space;
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC installation is required to encode footage using hardware acceleration;
  • The Adobe Effects program in the trial version was limited to a 30-day period.

Unfortunately, from a recent time it has become impossible to download this application on Android devices. Instead, we can provide you an opportunity to download another project from the same company called Lightroom CC. It has nearly equal opportunities but the main thing is that you can find this app on our website absolutely for free.