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I've been st̶a̶l̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ looking through your blog lately and I really, really. really. love your blog! I'm new to the whole male yandere craze and im having fun sinking deeper and deeper :'D I'm looking for more drama cds *cough*specificallyr18*cough* with yandere guys. Is there any you could recommend? ;)

Otome Drama Cd Translation. Aisaresugite xx Sarechau is a CD series where you are 'loved too much by your' boyfriend. There are two versions for each release – a sweet version and a more twisted version. Both versions start the same and have similar situations, but are slightly Vol.2 has Hirai Tatsuya (Hirakawa Daisuke) as your boss at work.

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Aisaresugite ×× sarechau translation

I don’t do Drama CDs but since you asked nicely I tried my best to compile two CDs that stood out to me with a bunch of links.


- Soko ha Kurutta Yume no Fuchi
Here’s a link to the CD: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-782982335/sets/soko-wa-kurutta-yume-no-fuchi
Here’s a link to the translation: https://otomeoshiete.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/drama-cd-review-soko-ha-kurutta-yume-no-fuchi/#more-875
* SHORT DESCRIPTION (quoted from translation site): “You were raised as a foster daughter by the Mamiya household. Nurtured with care, you grew up to be a kindhearted young lady. After that, ten years has passed since then. One faithful night, in your dream you were sullied by your older brother.”
WARNING : “This CD triggers things related to non-consensual, rape, suicide and yandere. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.”

- Aisaresugite xx Sarechou series
Here’s a link to the CD: https://m.soundcloud.com/rrrrrrrran/sets/aisaresugite-xx-sarechau
Here’s a link to the translations: https://www.google.com/amp/dramacdtranslations.tumblr.com/post/57640740934/aisaresugite-xx-sarechau-cd-cv-ousaka-ryouta/amp
* SHORT DESCRIPTION: “A series where you’re loved too much by your boyfriend”

Here’s a giant list of male yandere drama CDs: https://www.google.com/amp/s/remy911.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/male-yandere-list-otome-cds/amp/

Here’s another badass list of male yandere EVERYHING (including cd dramas): http://yanderemales.blogspot.com/p/master-list.html?m=1

A tumblr blog with a bunch of R18 drama CDs with a few male yanderes sprinkled around!: https://www.tumblr.com/search/drama%20cd%20r18

If you have a soundcloud— here’s a link to two giant male yandere playlist drama CD (or at least I think it is): https://m.soundcloud.com/user-218124490/sets/r18-drama-cds-with-yandere

Sorry for not being too useful! I’m gonna be honest, I barely listened to much of the CDs to have an opinion on them. So this is going through the words I read through and a simple search on google, however I hope I helped you out, even by a little.

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However, the only ones who really show it was Ichigo and Rihito. But I do like that bad boy point of his. Some games have a strong MC but even stronger LIs and I usually try to keep away from those games lmao. Eternal are the Bonds!! Errr… this whole story is just weird. Maybe there are some more, but they just haven’t been labeled in VNDB. She’s one of the strongest Otomate MCs out overseas but her story is less about romance than adventure. I’m honestly just relieved that someone is interested because I’m worried about the main character being unlikable due to her aggressive style of flirting and managing men in her life.

Pledging just once to get all the current available content is fine as well! The premises of the entire story was that the mc went back to her home town after 10 years to finish off her high school years, since he parents moved oversees. Sometimes that means you can choose to tease or be nice. Lack of research perhaps? The last guy is a dom as well as a major asshole according to reviews but you can always skip him lol. They invite the reader to enjoy a story that usually consist of a series of choices throughout the game. Some games have a strong MC but even stronger LIs and I usually try to keep away from those games lmao. Have you read his story??

You also don’t have to pledge monthly if you don’t want to.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Kagiriaru Jikan Yomei Kareshi 2.

They should be arriving soon. Tsukiuta Solo Series 3rd Season: Gentle or sweet would be better words for it.

Any otome game with dominant female lead? : otomegames

K Project Drama CD: Aisaresugite xx Sarechau CD. Unfortunately, his main story in In Your Arms Tonight just fell short of my expectations. Also, check out the Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa series. The only thing is, Mo hope the game doesn’t equate “kind” with “submissive”?

But I think the plot line will probably turned out into that type of cliche type of story. I cried a river reading his main story.

voku Thanatos no Futago I think there are quite a few examples of the type of MC you’re looking for. The last guy is a dom as well as a major asshole according to reviews but you can always skip him lol. But in otome games, they often turn out to be the sweetest character once you enter the raburabu love love stage of the game. This blog compiles links of translations of drama CDs, audio dramas, mini dramas, ect.

Have you played Fukushuu no Kisu wo anata ni?

Tsumi no Shitone Mo Cou Yoru. Messages will be ignored or told to read the FAQ if you ask one of those questions. I know of sites that have translated it in Chinese, but not in English… and you want it for free… that is extremely difficult.

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Aisaresugite Sarechau Translation

He knew that she was poisoning him, but did nothing to avoid it. Whose route is the best among them?

I believe the lady enjoys my presence. Ho are over priced and usually lack content. Hiiro no Kakera was a PS2 game I played a while back.

Things are kind of cliche in his main story, imo. That just totally baffles me.

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Aisaresugite ×× Sarechau Translation

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Just only in Japanese audio. Aisaresugite xx Sarechau CD 2. Hehe, lemme know how you like their POV. Avoiding spoilers, I would have to say that you cannot really skip interacting with the last guy in the common route in Jooubachi peisode Oubou, Kaguya-hen, so it can’t be recommended on those grounds. I’m engllsh just relieved that someone is interested because Episde worried about the main character being unlikable due to her aggressive style of flirting and managing men in her life.

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Beauty and the Beast —————————————————————————————————————————— Zettai ni Kudoka rete ha Ikenai Kyoushi ji 1. Unfortunately he’s on the 5th order of being completed, not a lot of people like that sort of type.

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