Anna University Grade System Regulation 2013


S - 10 Points (91). A - 9 Points (81-90). B - 8 Points (71-80). C - 7 Points (61-70). D - 6 Points (57-60). E - 5 Points (50-56). Grade System Followed for Regulation 2013: Anna University has following this Grade System for Regulation 2013 Students. Grade Grade Points Mark Range S 10 91-100 A 9 81-90 B 8 71-80 C 7 61-70 D 6 57 – 60 E 5 50 – 56 U 0. Anna University Online Cgpa calculator. Generally CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. Anna university follows grade point calculation(GPA) from 2008 regulation batch students instead of calculating percentage. Calculate GPA manually is difficult and thus annauniversitycgpacalc.com has developed Anna university GPA calculator for all semesters.

January 22nd, 2013, 02:43 PM
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Anna University Grade System
You can tell me about the grade system result of Anna University because I want to see my grade system result of Anna University so ask you about its grade system result so if you know about this then tell me about this.
I recently took admission in Anna University and from here doing UG degree searching for some details. Will you provide details about Anna University new grade system along with Attendance Requirements?
Anna University is a state technical university in Tamil Nadu, India.
The main campus is in Guindy, Chennai
Anna University has changed the Grade system for Regulation 2017.
The new grade system of regulation 2017 is provided below.
Grade Grade Points Mark Range
O 10 91-100
A+ 9 81-90
A 8 71-80
B+ 7 61-70
B 6 50-60
RA 0 <50
SA 0
W 0
Meaning of each grade is provided below
O outstanding
A+ Excellent
A Very Good
B+ Good
B Average
RA Failed
SA Shortage of Attendance
W Withdrawal from the exam
Attendance Requirements
The student should have attendance at least 75% of the classes.
Anna University
Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, Chennai
Tamil Nadu, India - 600025
Fax: 44 - 2350397
E-mail: [email protected]
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Anna University Grade System Regulation 2013
Formula to calculate GPA for Anna University exams
The Grade Point Average (GPA)How to calculate cgpa for anna university grade system regulation 2013CgpaRegulation will be calculated for every Anna University semester exam.GPA determines the final result out of 10 points corresponding to that particular semester.GPA for Anna University can be manually calculated using a simple formula.Things you should need to know before calculating it are:

1. The credits for each subject.and total credits (this can be obtained either from the syllabus book that is given to you or here).
Anna University Grade System Regulation 2013

Anna University Grade System Regulation 2013 Pdf

Anna University Grade System Regulation 2013 Syllabus

2. Your grades in each subject that you will know through Anna University result website.

How To Calculate Cgpa For Anna University Grade System Regulation 2013

3. The following grade points are for each grade.
  • S - 10
  • A - 9
  • B - 8
  • C - 7
  • D - 6
  • E - 5
For U,W,I grades , zero point is given.
Procedure to calculate internals :
1. Multiply the credits for each subject with the grade point that you scored.
For example : If you scored 'A' grade in Engineering Physics 1 , the credit for Engineering Physics 1 subject is 3 and A grade has 9 grade points.Multiply them and we have 27 marks.
2.Add the obtained product value for each subject
For example : If i score the following grades in subjects for semester 1 , Technical english 1 - A grade , Mathematics 1 -B grade , Engineering Physics 1 - C grade , Engineering Chemistry 1 - A grade , Engineering Graphics S grade ,FOCP C grade, CPL lab S grade , EPL lab B grade , the sum of products of credits and grade points for subjects is 223 . Total credits : 26
3. Divide the sum by Total credits.
Divide the sum that you obtained by total credits .
for ex : 223 / 26 = 8.57 is the GPA
This is the general procedure to calculate the GPA for the results under Anna University.