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You can not remove a photo on someones else's facebook. You can only remove your tag. To remove your clothes on CP, just click on them on your profile and they should go away. Under Body showing figures Girls with camera simulator is the app to make fun to your friends with body photo. A lot of fun when you show SX girl body figure 😜.You can remove clothes of the entire body as a joke of your any friend. Keep in mind it’s a Girls Body parts prank app just for making you happy 🤗 and laugh 😂. Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot. This application for iOS devices will help you to play your friends. Easily remove unwanted objects from photos on Android, iOS. There are moments when an extra object in a picture can really throw off the balance. Maybe you're on vacation and taking a picture.

Xray clothes app : Hello Friends, In this post we are going to share with you see through clothes app. Which you can easily use in your android and iPhone. If you need an app that can be seen clearly across clothes. So here we are providing the best list of such xray clothes scanner for you.

All these apps work together with your phone’s camera. And then it shows through the clothes of anyone who comes in front of the camera. Many people also call such apps as clothes remover app. So friends now we are providing you the list of all these apps in the post below. You can easily download them from here.


  • See Through Clothes App 2020

Xray Scanner to Seen Under Clothing

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S.No.Xray Clothes Scanner
1Camera body scan
2Sexy Booth iPhone App
3X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator
4Audery camera simulator
5Body scanner camera

See Through Clothes App 2020

1: Camera body scan

This app allows you to see through girls clothes. You can download and use this app in your android phone. This is an xray clothes app that is made only for fun, which you can try on girls only. With this app you can prank with your friends and show them that through this app you can see inside their clothes.

When you scan a girl with this app, then this app will show you that it is scanning the clothes of the girl but it will not be real. After scanning it shows you the undergarments of the girl who is completely fake. You can use this app only for fun.

Download:Cloth Scanner Simulator

2: Sexy Booth iPhone App

If you have an iPhone and you want to see through clothes then you must download this app. With this app you can see anyone naked in front of you with the help of xray clothes scanner. All you have to do is open the camera and turn to your friend. Then boom, your friend will appear naked on the screen of your phone.


Now let me tell you that this app will do this but it looks nothing real. This is a fake app. Which is designed for entertainment purpose only. This app shows you picture of men and women models.

3: X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator

This is another popular xray clothes scanner for android. More than 1 million people have installed this app in their phones on the play store. From this app also yo u can scan and look through anyone’s clothes. You can scan your friend and click on his body photo very easily.

If you are thinking that with this x ray body scanner you can see inside someone’s clothes, then it is not true at all. This is just a prank app with which you can make someone’s prank and have fun. You can scan your friends with this app and tell them, I have scanned your body and seen the whole body. #HAHA

Download:Cloth Scanner Simulator

4: Audery camera simulator/Girl x ray

Girl x ray app has also been downloaded by 5 lakh people on the play store. This app is also like the app given above. If you want to prank with your friend then this app will be best for you. This app also works like a body scanner and allows you to scan anyone’s body.


You do not need internet to use this app and you can also capture images from its camera. Xray Scanner simulator is entertaining app. You can use this app only for fun, it does not scan in real.

Download:Audrey body scanner


5: Body scanner camera

This is a body camera scanner app. If you are bored and have nothing to do. So you can have fun with your friend through this app. This app is just for fun and entertainment purpose only. If you scan a boy with this app, then it shows you his body. It is quite easy to use this app. You have to download and open it and scan anyone. This is a good app to enjoy. Must download it

Download:Cloth Scanner

6: Audrey body scanner

If you want to know how to make clothes see through on android then this app will help you a lot. If you want to fool your family members and friends, then you can download this app on your phone and prank it with everyone. This cloth remover app is designed to bring joy to everyone’s face, you can just prank it. You can’t look through clothes.

App that can remove clothes

Download:Body scanner remover

7: Xray Ghost Scanner Prank

If your friend is afraid of ghosts, then you can prank him through this app. Xray ghost scanner is an app from which you can find the source of ghosts from your phone. This xray clothes app was developed strictly for entertainment purposes. To use this app, open it and click on the scan icon. The following features have been provided to you in this xray app.

  • Easy to use.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Addictive app.
  • You can easily use this app on both phone and tablets.

Download: Xray Ghost Scanner

App That Can Remove Women's Clothes

8: Xray Alien Scanner Prank

This app converts your Android device into an alien detector scanner. Download this app on your Android device today and have fun. To use this app, first open it in your phone. Then place your phone in front of you and then click on the scan icon. This app is made for entertainment purpose only so that you can prank with your friends. And it doesn’t hurt you either.

Download: Xray Alien Scanner

9: Girls Cloth Remover

This is another popular see through clothes app for android. This app has over 1 lakh downloads on Playstore. If you want to prank with your friends, you want to tell them that I can remove your clothes, then you can use this app.

Using this app is very easy, all you have to do is click your friend’s photo and then by scratching that photo you can remove your friend’s clothes and show the photo to your friend without cloths. You can use this app on both your male and female friends.

App That Can Remove Clothes Quickly

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