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Capture unlimited photos, photo booth strips and videos with special effects - Preview your photos in the Photo Gallery, and share on Facebook, Twitter or OneDrive - Build even more photo strips with an intuitive user interface. While the pictures can be interesting themselves, it is in the nature of man to get bored easily, so Apple has included photo booth effects to help keep us entertained. Standard Effects: Apple includes a number effects with Photo Booth that lets you quickly and easily modify the images taken by the software.

Jamoyan wrote:
Ok.. I've been having problems using the backdrops effects on my Macbook Pro. Every time I use the Photo booth and tried to use the backdrop effects, it does not work.. even though I follow the prompt... am I doing something wrong?

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OK.. Yes, you must be doing something wrong.
Do you have enough light in the room?
Perhaps you are not stepping out of the picture until you see the the “Background Detected” message?
Have you searched PhotoBooth > Help for hints?
You don't specify what's wrong, but here are a couple of other common problem solutions:
(0) If you cannot add a snapshot or video to make your own backdrop, see
(1) If you see 'holes' in the background image or the image is not stable, see
EZ Jim
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Dec 9, 2009 9:52 AM

Hello jeffmdeen
I don't have any iNtel Mac, so I verify try this, but, if you don't get better help here, try using an image editor app like PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements to open or create the image you want to use.
Make any desired changes and cut out the openings wherever you want.
Then use the File > Save As menu to save the file as a 'transparent' GIF or PNG file. See Help in your image editor software If you need details instructions for saving the 'transparent' file.
EZ Jim
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