The key to job search success? Your alumni network.

Most people who are successful at landing jobs don’t flood the job market with resumes, they network! They reach out to people within their alumni network. They email friends so their name gets the look it deserves or their parents reach out to their old college friends. Getting an insider to endorse your skills and experience could be just the ticket to bagging your first job.

When it comes to getting ahead, knowing the right contact is considered more helpful than knowing all the right stuff. Perhaps the most valuable networking resource for college grads is the alumni network. College alumni networks are known best for their ability to keep their graduates connected and help new graduates understand the job market, give career advice, expand their network and most importantly - land jobs.

More ways to engage with alumni-

1.Attend College Events - One of the best ways to connect with alumni is through events hosted by the career office/alumni office for the alumni. Face to face networking is considered to have the biggest outcome.

2.Schedule Informational meetings- You must try to schedule some informational meetings with alumni at their job site as a follow-up to your interactions at events. It will make it easier for them to remember you.

3.Get questions ready - You must always be prepared with the things you want to ask so that you are ready to engage alumni at events. Devise a brief introduction which will give alumni a summary of some of your key assets, interests, and aspirations.

Since 85% of critical jobs are filled via networking of some sort, being highly networked is essential for both the job seekers and for those seeking them. In fact, most colleges market and believe that their alumni group plays an important role in helping students secure jobs after graduating. Once a graduate understands the benefits of his or her alumni association, the next step is to figure out the best way to make the most of the available resources and members.

July 8 at 9:30 am

by Ahana Machaiah