The reason why your alumni experience is garbage

Does your alma mater have an Alumni site but all you’re using is WhatsApp to stay in touch with classmates? Then you should read this.

First of all, you should be happy that your alma mater put at least something in place. That’s right, many major and renowned universities across the world hardly even have an alumni department, let alone a dedicated platform.

Before we go further, let me quickly explain what educational alumni platforms actually are and why they exist. These alumni sites are meant for graduates from the same alma mater to stay in touch, find each other through a directory, discover events, jobs and other information regarding the school. And perhaps most important: give donations. All these platforms stem from over 10 years ago. They’re desktop-focused and are paid for by the school. As all this sounds pretty appealing, many universities, schools and other educational institutions launched these sites.

An alumni platform that helps classmates connect, provide information and even push them to donate. All sounds good. Right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. While the value proposition of such platforms looks great for the university, the chances are very high that as a graduate, you never even bothered logging in. That’s exactly the problem: these platforms are built from the university’s perspective without looking at the user. It’s a collection of lots of different stuff your school finds important. No one really cares about any usage KPIs and what alumni actually want.Alumni don’t care about a 2005-looking desktop platform. They don’t care about the thousands of different features and sections the university wants to shove in their faces. Let alone the big DONATE button that pops up on every corner. It’s about time to shake up the alumni portal industry.

That’s how we got started with invitly. We wanted to build a great mobile platform that’s built from the ground up with the user in mind.We didn’t want to distract people with many unnecessary features, sections, and submenus. We focused on solving the most important and the most difficult problem: how do we engage people with one another and with their alma mater? How do we make sure alumni feel connected and empowered to reach out to one another? How can alumni get the most out of their school’s network?

After testing invitly with tens of thousands of users, we found the perfect solution that allows users to connect and engage with the simplicity of a messaging app. Besides various ways of discovering other alumni, invitly allows people to connect through themed chats, set up coffee invites to meet with fellow alumni or reach others with a simple one on one chat. Everything is engineered in such a way that members of the community are empowered to engage and connect with one another.And that’s exactly what alumni are looking for in an alumni platform. That’s the reason graduates will not just log in once to check it out, they’ll actually come back and use it over and over again.

With invitly, alumni will be able to get the most out of their school’s network. Do you wish your alma mater had an awesome alumni platform? Leave a comment below.

September 2 at 9:30 am

by Alexander Bregman