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Bellman Espresso & Cappuccino Maker Parts & Instructions

Bellman Parts

Modeled on the original aluminum Vesuviana, and known at various times as The Bellman, Xcell’s Via Veneto CX-25, Benjamin & Medwin’s Caffe Espresso, Elebak (different exterior shape, same parts) Stovetop Stainless Steel Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

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Bellman Use & Care Instructions


This Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee maker, model CX-25, is a stovetop type intended for household use only.

This machine has a charming, classic appearance with heavy 18/8 stainless steel construction, safety valve, and heat resistant bakelite.

The Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee machine makes espresso using the steam pressure method. The espresso is prepared by forcing live steam and hot water, under the pressure of boiling water, through dark-roast coffee grounds, extracting all of their pure flavor and aroma. Since boiling destroys some of the natural elements that make espresso’s flavor and aroma, espresso connoisseurs prefer using the pressurized steam-vapor method. The remaining water is used to produce steam. “Cappuccino is the name for a hot coffee consisting of approximately 1/2 to 2/3 cup espresso and 1/3 to 1/2 cup of hot, frothed milk. You may add sugar, a light sprinkling of powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, or grated orange peel, or top with cream and chocolate, according to taste.

Espresso is served in a 2-1/2 oz demitasse size cup.

9 demitasse cups equal about 15-17 oz of espresso.

You can make 3, 6 or 9 cups of espresso by using the brew basket “reducer” in this machine.



A) When it is New

Before using for first time, rinse all parts thoroughly with hot water. No soap or scouring is necessary. After all parts have been rinsed, follow the directions for preparing espresso, except do not load any coffee into the brew basket. After the coffee valve has been steam-cleaned, close it and then open the steam valve for a few moments. This procedure may be repeated periodically if it appears that either of the valves have become partially blocked.

B) Regular Cleaning

1) Remove coffee maker from heat source.
2) Open the coffee and/or steam valve, releasing all the pressure, and wait until the machine is cool.
3) Unscrew and remove the tightening knob.
4) Remove and rinse the top lid.
5) Take out the brew basket and reducer, if used. Discard coffee grounds.
6) Rinse the boiler, brew basket, and reducer with hot water. No soap or scouring is necessary, and might leave a residue which could affect coffee taste.
7) Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on the surfaces, since permanent scratching may result.

NOTE: For easier cleaning, clean off both the coffee and steam valves immediately after use.


A) Before operating, you will need to prepare:

1) Clean espresso maker
2) Finely ground espresso coffee
3) Espresso cups and clean carafe
4) Leveling spatula

B) Brewing procedure:

1) Unscrew and remove the tightening knob (A17).

2) Remove the top lid (A03).

3) Remove the brew basket (A10) and reducer (A06).

4) Rinse inside of the boiler, brew basket, and reducer, with hot water.

5) Fill water in the boiler up to the water level marking for the desired number of cups. The water level marking plate (009) is on the inside of the boiler (A02), attached to the safety valve (A15).


6) If you desire 9 cups, remove the reducer from the brew basket. For 6 cups, insert the reducer, short end down, into the brew basket. For 3 cups, insert the reducer short end up.

7) Fill the brew basket (A10) with coffee up to the rim, pack it down and level it off with a spatula or spoon.

8) Clean off excess coffee from the brew basket rim and silicon O-ring (gasket) in order to guarantee a tight seal.

9) Put the brew basket (A10) onto the main shaft (A08). Make sure the O-ring is resting against the underside of the brew basket rim and on the boiler.

10) Replace the top lid (A03) onto the main shaft (A08) with the coffee valve (A12) opposite the handle.

11) Screw down the tightening knob (A17) clockwise as tightly as possible.

12) Close the steam valve (A16) by turning it clockwise.

13) Open the coffee valve (A12) by turning it counterclockwise.

14) Place a carafe under the brewing spout (326).

15) Place machine on the stovetop, at the highest heat that can fit under the machine, without flames coming up the sides.

16) After 3 to 10 minutes (depending on the heat source and amount of coffee being made), the water will come to a boil and the espresso will begin to slowly drip out from the brewing spout. The stream of espresso will become stronger until it is mixed with sputtering bursts of steam.

(If you wish a stronger brew, turn off the coffee valve for 30 to 60 seconds as soon as the espresso begins to drip out, then reopen it to let the espresso stream out.)

17) Close the coffee valve when the stream of espresso has been replaced by sputtering, dripping steam.

18) If only espresso is desired, remove the carafe of coffee and turn off the heat. If cappuccino is desired, leave the heat on and allow another 3 to 5 minutes for steam to build back up.

19) Pour the espresso into demitasse cups for serving.


A) Before you begin, you will need to prepare:

1) Espresso
2) Cold whole milk (preferably extra rich)
3) Frothing pitcher
4) Cappuccino cups (regular coffee cups can also be used)
5) Carafe

B) Operating procedures:

1) After preparing espresso, close the coffee and steam valves.

2) Allow the machine to continue heating for 3 to 5 minutes until the pressure in the boiler is sufficient for you to steam the milk.

3) Meanwhile, fill the pitcher with milk to the desired level, but not more than one-half, since the milk volume will double with steaming.
Estimate the fill quantity through the desired serving proportions of: 1/2 to 2/3 espresso to 1/3 to 1/2 milk.

4) Place the pitcher under the steam tube so that the tube tip is under the surface of the milk.

5) Slowly open the steam valve until you get strong and steady steam.

6) Move the pitcher slowly from side to side, and slightly up and down. The milk with swirl and become steamy hot and frothy.

7) Continue until milk foam fills the pitcher, but do not allow milk to boil. (Producing rich milk foam can be a bit tricky and may require practice.)

8) Close the steam valve.

Benjamin & Medwin Cast Iron

9) Remove the pitcher from the steam tube.

10) Remove machine from heat.

11) Turn off the heat source.

12) Clean the steam tube of any excess milk (which can clog the opening as it dries), by opening the steam valve with the tip facing down until all the steam has been released.

13) Pour 1/2 to 2/3 cup of espresso into each cup, adding sugar if desired. Pour in steamed milk and top off with a couple spoonfuls of milk froth.

14) Sprinkle on a dash of cinnamon, crushed chocolate, or nutmeg, and serve.


For espresso and cappuccino, we recommend using dark roast coffee beans, generally called Italian or French Roast, however you might test lighter roasts to learn what suits your palate the best.

If kept refrigerated, coffee will stay fresh for 2-4 weeks in an airtight glass or ceramic jar, provided it was freshly roasted when you bought it. Large quantities can be frozen in multiple small airtight glass or ceramic jars, then allowed to reach room temperature to prevent condensation before opening.

In making the best possible cup, the coffee should be fresh and ground to the correct fineness.

If you want to further enhance the flavor and aroma, grind the coffee immediately before preparing. The beans should be ground very fine, but not to a powder. Using a burr grinder will give you the most consistent results.

Grinding the coffee too coarse and large produces watery and bitter coffee. Too fine and powdery, and it can clog the coffee filter. If no coffee comes out at the right time, remove from the heat source and open the steam valve to release the pressure before opening the lid to replace the grounds.

Only coffee grounds and water should be used inside this machine. Other substances can clog the valves and leave a lasting taste in the machine.

Clean milk off the steam valve as soon as possible, to prevent it from drying and clogging the tip. After frothing, open and close the valve for a couple shots of steam to clean off any milk that got inside. If it is already clogged and this doesn’t work, wait for the machine to cool, then use a pin to clear the opening.


· Close supervision is necessary during brewing!

· Be very careful when opening the steam valve after heating. The hot steam can scald you.

· Only open the machine after all the steam has been released and the machine has cooled.

· Never cover the hole of the safety valve when filling the machine with water.

· Use the appropriate size burner on your stovetop, and keep the heat under the machine.

© Fante’s Inc

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Tassimo T65 - Tassimo T20 - Keurig B70 Platinum Comparison
SOLVED: Using Tassimo T65 CUL & T300 T-Discs in Standard Tassimo T65
Coffee Pot and Equipment Manuals

The following table is sortable, just click/touch on a column header. Click/Touch here to restore original sort.




a moka pot - 6 cup


Brass Turkish Coffee Grinder

Used for years as a pepper mill before the turning handle broke.

20040513: one of these days, I plan to replace broken handle with a round faucet handle, clean it up to remove the remaining pepper, and use it for Turkish coffee!


Melitta Aroma Art

thrift shop*

Melitta Mill & Brew

I bought 2 of these because I enjoyed the fresh ground coffee.

Unfortunately the grinders of both machines failed fairly quickly.

2010/09/01: I gave the 2 machines away with the caveat that the mills were not working.


Caffé Espresso Benjamin & Medwin Stovetop

thrift shop*

Melitta #2 Drip actually my unit is black

thirft ship*

Drip pots

20032 Vietnamese coffee filters (drip coffee maker)Vietnamese Supermarket*

Fresh Roast Model 201 coffee roaster

thrift shop*

Mr Coffee blade grinder

(Note: part of intro package but coffee was very poor quality)

Smiles Coffee

Silex vacuum pot(s)


Filtron Cold Water Extractor

2003/12/20 a

Additional moka pots -1 cup & 9 cup

2003/??/??Connaisseur Home Concepts Coffeemaker?*
2003/12/20 b

White Porcelain Espresso Set with Stand 13pc








22oz stainless steel frothing pitcher

Caffé Calabria

Vintage Glass Vacuum Coffee Maker

2004/01/17 a

Taylor & NG Cappuccino Maker (Bellman CXE27)

Taylor & NG(Bellman) CXE25/27 parts & instructions:

http://www.fantes.com/bellman-electric.html appears to be discontinued.

2004/01/17 b



FE-AR La Peppina Cappuccino/Espresso lever-style machine

The following were provided by Linda Scott (2004/03/31):

FE-AR La Peppina manual 1.jpg
FE-AR La Peppina manual 2.jpg
FE-AR La Peppina manual 3.jpg
FE-AR La Peppina recipes 1.jpg
FE-AR La Peppina recipes 2.jpg
FE-AR La Peppina recipes 3.jpg


Case of 8 1-cup Bodum French Presses

2 for me, 6 for eBay.

Actually, seem to be 2 cup presses.


3 cup moka pot with ceramic top (with roses)


Two vintage coffee pots (smaller pot is Chemex CM-210 (2-10 cup) in original box with instructions)


Italian Neapolitan flip drip coffee maker


Espresso Set 14pc

New in Box - Made in Japan
14pc. Deluxe Espresso Set

Lacquer ware tray, 6 cup aluminum espresso maker, 4 porcelain cups, 4 porcelain saucers, 4 stainless steel demitasse spoons, Benjamin & Medwin manufacturer.

In original box.


Bodum Milk Frother





20040324 it speeds up the process if the water is preheated which can be done by leaving the lower pot plugged in on WARM.

It helps to make the upper pot empty back into the lower pot when the coffee has brewed long enough to add a bit of cold water to the upper pot but it will still take a couple of false starts with water hitting the hot bottom pot before the upper pot drains (I will now use 56 oz. water in the lower pot and reserve 8 oz. of cold water to stop brewing when making a total of 64 oz.).




2 Melitta Clarity 10-Cup Coffee Makers (one for backup)

Brewing temperature: ? Warming temperature: 175-180 F

20040401 Clarity* = modified

Graveyard Mall


Ibrik 6oz

a gift from Jim Lane*

Bodum 5500-03USA Ibis Cordless Electric Water




Wilbur Coffee Saver 2 cup


Espresso Machine

JC Penny

Colador De Tela Para Café (Cloth Coffee Strainer with Wooden Handle)


Jara Chocolatera to use with Colador or to make hot chocolate (aluminum 1.7L)


Swissgold French Press Pot

NY Skyline Embossed, Gold Foil

Brand New (Limited Supply)

eBay* *

Rancilio Stainless Steel Rocky Espresso Grinder (20090731 - fantastic grinder!)


iRoast Coffee Roaster

iRoast Settings - (I was going to collect and provide settings for various roasts using the iRoast but SweetMarias's is already providing a lot of information).

Sweet Maria's FreshRoast Tip Sheet


Krups 468-42 Moka Brew

8 cup Coffeemaker

2009/01/20 - I use this pot more than any other coffee maker!

2010/04/28 - Tassimo T65 now used the most but Krups Moka is still my favorite for ground coffee.


2 Krups 468-42 Moka Brew 8-Cup Carafes


Back to Basics Hot Cocoa or Coffee Latte Maker


Aerobie AeroPress

1-4 Cup Coffee and Espresso Maker

Cup under Aerobie is not included; but as advertised: the coffee is very rich in flavor and smooth, less acidic, brews 1-4 cups in a minute, and easy to clean.


Zarafina Tea Maker Suite (with Ceramic Tea Pots, Cups, and Serving Tray)


Primula Flowering Tea Set

with 40-Ounce Pot with Glass Lid

2010/04/28: flowering tea is a bit weak but flowering is interesting!


Back to Basics Hot Cocoa or Coffee Latte Maker 32 oz.

2010/04/28: minor problem is that chocolate tends to stick to bottom making cleanup a little tedious, otherwise works great.


Tassimo T65

The Tassimo is my preferred coffee maker because it heats up faster and uses a bar code on each T-Disc to select the appropriate brewing characteristics and cup amount with a button to get more water if desired to weaken the brew. The Tassimo also seems to work with more pressure which I suspect is much better for espresso-like coffees.

2010/04/28: may replace the Krups Moka as my favorite coffee maker!

2010/12/08: it is my favorite fast individual cup coffee maker.

See the comparison with the Keurig below.

Having a Tassimo and a Keurig will allow faster brewing of individual drink preferences for dinners/parties.

2011/08/01: The unit died and Tassimo says it is too old and cannot be repaired. I am looking for a Tassimo T20 (or a Bosch T10 which is the same machine) at a reasonable price.

In the meantime, I will use the Kerurig even though it takes 5 minutes to brew the first cup.

2011/08/14: I have won 2 new T20s on eBay...soon to be delivered!


Keurig B70 Platinum Coffee Maker

The package deal included a My-K-Cup, a couple water filters and a good sample of coffee, hot chocolate, and apple cider K-Cups.

I got this one even though I already had a Tassimo because the Keurig will allow me to brew single cups of my own roasted and ground coffees.

The Keurig has temperature and cup size options and a larger selection of Keurig K-Cup coffees/teas/etc. than of Tassimo T-Discs.

See the comparison with the Tassimo below.

Having a Tassimo and a Keurig will allow faster brewing of individual drink preferences for dinners/parties.

2015/??/??: I have obtained several Keurig B70s, B31, and other B?? from eBay as backups. From Amazon, I am now using Grove Square Cappuccino Variety Pack, San Francisco Bay OneCup, French Roast, and several other K-Cup varieties. Mary can easily use the Keurig coffee maker while the Tassimo coffee maker using the Pro discs is too complicated for her to use.


Ariete Welbilt Cappuccino Plus Model 7100

thrift shop*

Toddy Cold Brew System - Model T2N


Tassimo T20

My machine is white.

The T20 has a smaller footprint than the T65 which is better for my limited counter space but it does not have the LED display nor the water filter, otherwise, it seems to be essentially the same in functionality.

The 'templates' I made for the T65 work work in the T20.

2011/08/22: Second white T20 arrived today from another eBay seller.

2013/07/19CBTL (The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ) Americano Coffee Machine 1003
I like it and it has a smaller footprint than both the Tassimo and the Keurig!
The following is not the actual user guide for the Americano but it is essentially the same: CBTL® Kaldi Manual.pdf

Benjamin Medwin Espresso Maker Instructions

Tassimo T65 - Tassimo T20 - Keurig B70 Platinum Comparison
Feature/FunctionTassimo T65Tassimo T20Keurig B70 Platinum
power switchfront - on/off switch; IMHO much more convenientsame as T65back - push on, push off; IMHO can be inconvenient
water heating time from power upalmost instantlysame as T65up to a minute?
footprint12' D x 8' W x 10' H...IMHO much better for limited counter space12' D x 7.88' W x 10' H...IMHO even better for limited counter space11.75' D x 10' W x 11' H...IMHO worse for limited counter space
water reservoir capacity60 oz. (about 7 cups)51 oz. (about 6 cups)60 oz. (about 7 cups)
water reservoir ease of fillingIMHO very easy remove and reinsert using a built-on handle; reservoir lifts straight upIMHO very easy remove and reinsert using a built-in grip; reservoir lifts straight up, however, the fit of the reservoir is a bit looser than the T65 and sometimes rattles a littleIMHO can be a bit clumsy to remove and reinsert; no handle and close fit; must tilt reservoir to remove and reinsert
hot waterrequires using the provided cleaning disc; maybe an empty T-Disc could be made (could use a template as I described below)requires using the provided cleaning disc (but unlike the T65, it does not require removing the water reservoir to access the cleaning disc so it easier to to get to than the T65 making it easier to make hot water!)available just use without a K-Cup
brewing temperatureuses T-Disc barcodesame as T65setting available
brewing timeuses T-Disc barcodesame as T65depends on cup size
brewing strengthuses T-Disc barcode; can push button for more water (weaker strength)same as T65cup size setting...4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. and 12 oz
brewing pressureuses T-Disc barcode variablesame as T65claims to use proper pressure but IMHO there is no way it can vary the pressure!
special brew: cappuccinouses 2 T-Discs, one for coffee and one for the milk; the milk T-Discs are shelf stable.
I am not really impressed with this brew.
same as T65 uses one K-Cup. I do not know how the milk is provided, maybe powdered milk? I have not used this K-Cup.

able to brew ground coffee of your choice

no, although some folks have tried to make a modified T-Disc to allow this functionality.

same as T65yes, using My K-CUP or similar devices such as Solofill
other considerations

Using Tassimo T65 CUL PRO & T300 T-Discs in Standard Tassimo T65/T20

Using Tassimo T65 CUL PRO & T300 T-Discs in Standard Tassimo T65 & T20

2011/07/31: I recently bought 640 T-Disks on eBay which were accurately described as being for a Tassimo Pro machines only.

I looked up the Tassimo Pro machines on the Tassimo site and saw the T65 CUL. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the CUL part of the model number and it turns out that the T65 CUL uses different T-Discs which do not work in the T65.

However, I managed to make the T65 CUL T-Discs work in my T65 using the following technique(s):

I made 2 templates:

1) I carefully trimmed all the plastic off the top of a regular coffee T65 T-Disk which was very tedious but works well BUT with tiny leak

2) I copied the top of a regular coffee T65 T-Disc in black & white on my printer/copier which was much easier than trimming off the plastic and works well BUT template gets soggy (2011/07/00: covered with 'scotch tape' and seems to stay dry)

Placing a template in the T65 and placing the T65 CUL T-Disc on top of the template; pressing the Start Button, it brews as usual!

Note: Appropriate templates can/will be made for different kinds of CUL PRO T-Discs, e.g., espresso, tea, hot chocolate, creamers, etc.

Area for holding cup is smaller than the T65 which prevents using some larger cups.

manufacturer linktassimodirect.comtassimodirect.comkeurig.com

Coffee Pot and Equipment Manuals
Bellman CX25 parts & instructions for Bellman Cappuccino Maker
Keurig B70 Platinum Coffee Maker Keurig_Platinum_B70_Use_and_Care_Guide.pdf

Melitta Mill & Brew

I have given these away because the Mill function ceased to work.

Tassimo T65 CoffeemakerTassimo TAS65 USA EN 081112.pdf
Tassimo T20 CoffeemakerTassimo T20 Manual.pdf