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  1. Think of the PlayStation BIOS file as the activation key for the emulator. Without it, the emulator won’t work, but as soon as you have the BIOS, you’re good to go. Scph5500.bin download.
  2. SCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.nvm; SCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.rom1; SCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.rom2; Step-by-Step Instructions Step 1. Download the BIOS file below and extract the ZIP file. (Look above) Step 2. Unzip the the file(ps2bios.zip) and place whatever BIOS file you need (this has them all) in the same folder the PS2.

Once more DO NOT ASK where to get these files, since they are part of the BIOS too. I linked you directly to this in your other thread regarding this. Found 6 results for Scph10000 Bin And Rom1 Bin. Full version downloads available, all hosted on high speed servers! Space Channel 5 Ps2 Iso Files.

All About the PlayStation and its BIOS!

The PlayStation is one of the most fascinating things any kid could dream off! Often known as PS or PS1, the PlayStation is configured with many powerful features and characteristic traits. Originally, the PlayStation comprises of a 32 bit console, which was first release in Japan during late 1994! As time passed, it was identified as PSX even when there were plenty of confusions on how its title should be. Consequently, Sony identified the device as PSX and this became its name in the end. Regardless of what you call the device as, it is one of the best-selling gaming consoles in the market. To be much more precise, it is one of the very few consoles to ship more than 100+ million units. The PlayStation is truly a popular and amazing creation.

The Bond Between PlayStation and Emulation

PlayStation continues to become extremely popular through emulation. This is one of the most versatile and powerful consoles that can be emulated on Android platforms easily. The way in which Xbox and PlayStation 2 works is totally different; however, each device has a way of flowing. It is extremely nostalgic to see how the gaming consoles function. From Metal Gear Solid to Final Fantasy Series to Spyro to Crash Bandicot to Resident Evil, every game feels and appears different in the gaming environment.

A Venture into 3D gaming

When PlayStation ventured into 3D gaming, it took away the hearts and minds of gamers. This was one of the most intuitive innovations of all time. Even without the help of analog sticks, PlayStations were able to delight users with a never-like-before 3D gaming experience. This can be attributed to the steps taken by Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems that designed a common controller for PlayStations. To offer higher levels of stability, the company came up with shoulder buttons, namely L1, R1, L2 and R2.

Sooner, it was Sony’s time to come up with its fair share of innovation. It introduced the controller line into PlayStations. The DualShock line was a treat to all gaming aficionados. The DualShock line amended the use of analog sticks. And, all emulators are designed to support input from them. According to experts, this is one of the major reasons why analog sticks were able to be removed from the picture completely. Today, many PlayStations don’t rely on analog sticks at all. The design has grown in leaps and bounds. You will have the wit to enjoy a unique kind of gaming experience, without the traditional analog concept.

An Amazing World, A Puzzling Experience

Regardless of these amazing controller changes, the PlayStation left engineers puzzled. This can be attributed to its tacky console and internal controllers. If you are pondering on how the actual control of a PlayStation is, look no further. This article will give you a comprehensive insight into scph1001.bin. Those who are hearing this term for the very first time – it is nothing by the PlayStation BIOS file. It acts as the heart and soul of your gaming device. An efficient BIOS file can do wonders to your ultimate gaming experience. With this being said, here is quick walk through PlayStation BIOS – scph1001.bin.

Three Critical Elements

You require three important things to emulate a PlayStation on any kind of device. May it be a mobile device or a computer, all that you need would be a ROM, PlayStation BIOS file and an emulator. The BIOS file is required to get your device working. To be much more specific, it will trigger the emulator and kick start the overall functionality of your PlayStation. The way your emulator works depends on the BIOS. Hence, a truly functional emulator will make sure you have a scintillating gaming experience. Above all, you can choose from a wide range of PlayStation ROM options.

Setting Up the BIOS the Right Way!

Have you ever come across a ROM and an emulator that doesn’t sync or work properly? Well, have you ever wondered why the PlayStation is not functioning as expected? Technically, some emulators are sold with the default BIOS file. These emulators will not function properly in other PlayStation emulators. Try to think of the BIOS as a simple activation key, which has to be correct for the device to function. BIOS files for PlayStations are classified into several categories. The files you have are divided based on the region the PlayStation was released. Three important release locations would be Japanese, Europe and America. You need a BIOS from anyone of these destinations for proficient functionality. PlayStation BIOS – scph1001.bin is the American version of emulators. More than 60% of PlayStation users tend to game with this BIOS. In order to make use of PSK BIOS/FPse BIOS, you should download the file and unzip it in your computer. The BIOS has to be copied to the same location where the ROM is present. This is because the ROM requires the BIOS to boot (just like how conventional PCs function). The moment the emulator starts off, you will see a prompt for the PlayStation BIOS file. In case you don’t see this prompt, you must select the required BIOS file from the ROM selection screen that is present in the emulator.

Always remember that the BIOS you download will have a sturdy impact on the PlayStation’s ultimate functionality. Here are few points to be remembered while downloading the PlayStation BIOS – scph1001.bin file:

  1. Initially, you should verify the region your PlayStation belongs to. European and Japanese BIOS are totally different from the American ones.

  2. Choose a reliable web source for the BIOS file. There are plenty of locations with the PlayStation BIOS files. As potential users, you should choose from an authentic and idealistic destination.

  3. Verify if the BIOS is compatible with your ROM. This is a random check that should be done to prevent unforeseen issues. After all, there are separate BIOS for ps1, ps2 and so on!

Ps2 Bios Bin


Download SCPH1001.bin



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  • You cannot legally find those anywhere unless you have the PS2 to get the BIOS from.
  • You cannot download it from the net for free because it's copyrighted! Go buy the console.

Bios Scph10000 Bin Download Free

  • I found PSX and PS2 BIOS files and some other stuff at http://sfynx.uw.hu You can download in the Download subpages.
Epsxe bios download scph1001 bin
  • to get scph 10000 bakien.free.fr/Games/PS2/PS2_Bios_SCPH10000.zip its a French website but this is a direct link so you don't need to know a thing about French once you have it copy the file scphxxxxx.bin but rename it erom.bin
  • go to emule and search for SCPH39001.BIN ... youll get the bios
  • pcsx2bios.cjb.net/ go there and download should begin. once you download this file unzip it and copy it in bios directory.

Bios Scph1001 Bin Download

  • www.best-satellite-tv.info/4-room-direct-tv/SCPH10000.BIN.html
  • PS, PS2 & Xbox Bioses: http://www.geocities.com/luxman_filez/index.htm
  • U can download bios from www.ps2guru.125mb.com
  • I've found a prog. wich called 'TRUTSY FILES' it's like ARES but it searchs in 3 networks .. download the prog. and search for PS2 bios and there's tons of bios files.
  • Login to IRC through an EFnet server, now join channel #pcsx2 .. now talk to anyone except the Operators (the ones having an @ in front of their nicks are dangerous, so dont talk to them) .. ask anybody in private window for a bios and they'll give it to you .. P.S. Get the bios only if you own the original console as it is copyrighted by Sony corporation .. you'll get punished legally if you download it illegally that is if you dont own the console and still keep it.
  • The link I used and succeded with is: http://members.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=50715 if this doesnt work, you can do two things, either sign up for the site (its free) and search for 'ps2 BIOS' and it should find it, i've had alot of luck with this site, its also good for not giving bad stuff, no viruses so far, but obviously, check ya files anyway.
  • THE ONLY SOLUTION YOU NEED! download a program called ARES its all free you can get everything you need from there just search for ps2 bios it should bring up around 10 to choose from(you could also download full games like redalert2 warcraft1,2 and 3 themehospital DOOM3(any game you can think of new or old) movies souch as the creep oceans12 ect. ect its briliant software mp3's ive had it for months and months it never lets me down and you dont have to be a IT expert to set it up just install :) have fun!(P.s if you hover the mouse over the file you want to download make sure you read the comments section, people who have downloaded it will make a comment some of them say this dosent work for me , or even worse this is a virus so READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE DOWNLOADING ANY FILE. SAFETY FIRST!
  • The drivers guide site is correct, but your links didn't work and searching for PS2 bios will give over 17 pages of results. To get the PS2 bioses: 1. go to www.driversguide.com (the site doesn't like Opera, but works on IE) 2. Sign up. 3. Go on 'simple search'. 4. Search for SCPH10000 (the code name for one of the bioses). 5. Download/ There was only the one (correct) result when I did this, but it should be obvious which one to choose.
  • Here's the link for the BIOS. It's a 3-pack version. http://members.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=345307 (Driver Guide requires free registration then do a basic search type the file your looking for and bam.)
  • You do not really need to sign up for DriverGuide.com, They'll only keep your email address on a mailing list and send you the same login and password they send everyone else.
  • You can download the Ps2 Emulating software and BIOS from http://pchelpsite.co.nr Click on the EMU link at the top of page. It works trust me.

Bios Scph10000.bin Download

  • The PS2 bios is not free and cannot be downloaded freely over the internet.
  • You can download them at http://hem.passagen.se/bonassa/data/ps2bios.rar (6.34 MB)
  • I dont know if this is the right one but theres one for PS1 on http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/mmx/340/emulator/psx.htm
  • www.geocities.com/luxman_filez/bios.htm