Business Networking in times of Covid

Business Networking in times of Covid

How has invitly adapted to the changing landscape of business travel during the Covid-19 crisis?

One of the unique aspects of invitly on the market has been the members' ability to connect and meet other professionals on business trips. As has been highlighted in some articles, like that of MagicStay on overcoming isolation and loneliness on business trips, invitly allowed professionals to propose events and places to meet. This was one of the ways for business travellers to feel connected to others even if they did not know anyone in the new location. 

With a decrease in travel overall, including for professional reasons, invitly has remained atop, as members can continue connecting with others globally without having to create any events or even meet in person! 

If you find an interesting profile on invitly, you can be directly in touch with the individual regardless of your industry or academic backgrounds, and if you wish so, regardless of your geographic proximity. Such openness has allowed hundreds of people to be connected during the global pandemic without risking their health or that of their close ones, whilst continuing to grow their professional network and career prospects. 

A quarter of our daily active users participated in our survey run in May. Half of the participants answered affirmatively that they feel more connected professionally during the pandemic by using invitly. Chat optionality and user profiles presented were of the most value to our members, once they found themselves in quarantine regardless of their residence location.

Loneliness is present regardless of the presence of business trips. in fact, isolation has been felt acutely by some in these uncertain times more so than before. However, with a global professional network available at your fingertips on a smartphone, you can easily be connected to hundreds of invitly members, sharpen your online networking skills, and maybe even land a new job or hire a new employee!

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