Networking opportunities that are often overlooked.

Networking opportunities that are often overlooked.

Networking isn't about making as many connections, it is about making the right connections that add value to you or your business. The concept of networking has been changing—technology and social media have made reaching out to others and building connections easier than ever before. We can connect with anyone around the world. We’re able to connect with people in different industries, in different roles, and in various different companies. One of the most important ways to grow your business is by expanding your professional network. 

Here are a few networking opportunities that are often overlooked.

Start where you are-

Start with your existing connections and then work your way towards launching a networking strategy to expand your reach. Reconnect with friends family and online contacts which will lead you to new contacts and strengthen your existing contacts at the same time.

Have virtual meetings-

It's not always easy to meet people especially with the busy schedules that people have. Instead, to move forward with networking you can connect with people by hosting video conferences, it helps to strengthen a new contact and you can make progress at the same time.

Raise your visibility-

One of the easiest ways to network is to be someone that others seek out and the only way you can do that is by making people realise that you are on the lookout. The best way to do this is to put yourself in front of the room, you could share your expertise as a guest speaker or panel expert at networking events.

Volunteer and serve others- 

Very few people enjoy going to networking events to shake hands and distribute business cards for such people volunteering and serving on boards is a great way to network with others who have a purpose and are passionate about the same things while avoiding superficial connections.