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In recent interview, the rapper/culinary wizard revealed that sample clearance was the major reason why the release of Blue Chips 7000 was delayed. “Out of 100 percent, 93 percent of the samples. Blue Chips 7000 is the third studio album by American rapper Action Bronson. It is the third and final installment in his Blue Chips series, following 2013's mixtape Blue Chips 2. 1 The album was released on August 25, 2017, by Atlantic Records and Vice Records. Action Bronson 'Blue Chips 7000' Cheat Code Album Review. Bronson's long-awaited latest picks up right where he left off—for better and for worse. By Bryan Kalbrosky. The worries pushed the blue chips below 7,000 for the first time since Oct. The credit crisis and recession have now slashed half the average's value since it hit a record high over. Blue Chips 7000 is the third studio album by American rapper Action Bronson, released in August 25, 2017 by Atlantic Records and Vice Records. Recording sessions were occurred at Thespacepit, Party Supplies Sound, Design House and Surf School Studios in Brooklyn, New York, Gee Jam Studios in Portland, Jamaica and ALC Laboratories in Los Angeles from June 2016 to February 2017.

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Action Bronson drop his new album “Blue Chips 7000” on Thursday night and you can now stream and download it on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.

The 13-track project features Rick Ross, Jah Tiger, Meyhem Lauren, and Big Body Bes. Rozay is featured on a tracked titled “9-24-7000.” Action Bronson has been working on this project for the past few years and the wait is worth it because it packs a lot of fire. Earlier this year, Action blamed the delay on the project on his label and even rant about it on Twitter earlier this year.

In his Twitter rant, he urged other artists to stay independent and a lot of new rappers have been taking note. Seems he has now worked things out with his label and now the album “Blue Chips 7000” is now available across all streaming platforms. Action Bronson also blamed some of the delays on himself for trying to get some old samples cleared. “It’s all on me honestly” he said. “When I use f***ing samples from 1974 communist Russia it sometimes hard to find the publishing company, It never stopped me tho.”

You can stream and download Action Bronson new album “Blue Chips 7000” on iTunes/Apple Music below.

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Blue Chips 7000 Zip

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Action Bronson Blue Chips 7000 Zip

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Action Bronson Blue Chips 7000 Zip

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