Canon 1120 Driver Windows 7 32 Bit


Canon 1120 Driver Windows 7 X64 Canon Laser Shot LBP 1120. Download the latest drivers for your Canon LASER SHOT. The latest version of Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1120 drivers. 32 bit, Windows 8.1 32bit, Windows 7. DEAR I need the drivers for Cannon lasershor LBP 1120 FOR. Driver for Canon Lasershot LBP1120 PRINTER FOR. This free PC program is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 environment, 32-bit version. The program lies within System Utilities, more precisely Device Assistants. This free software is an intellectual property of Canon Inc.

In themy networkI have been expandedoldCanon LBP-1120on a computer withWindows xp,andIwanted toprinton itfrom the laptopon whichwas alreadyof Windows 7x64.It appears this isnot something that isnot easy, butit is almost impossible, because the64-bitdriversundersevenare notreleased, andis definitely notreleased.

The problemI have decidedand madethis notefor myselfas a keepsake.

After some inquirieson the forums, still found asolution to the problemseems to be– http://habrahabr.ru/post/112404/but it’sa decisionI did not like. It providesserver-sideshared folderfor incomingPDF-files and a scriptthatfeedstheirprinter.

The following solutionseemed to methe mostbeautiful, itIbeganto feel– http://habrahabr.ru/post/63440/.Butit was not sosmooth –it wasin an articleabout printingon a Mac, and I could not findthe driverusedthere“Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS”,but becauseI had topick up another, whichwould havealso workedin32and 64bit versionssystems.Adjustedstep by step instructionsis as follows:

1.DownloadingGhostscript –PostScript emulatorprinter. Setin thefolder“C:gs”,whilelookinglike asubfoldercalled, in my case“gs8.64”,Iwroteitincanon.rspbelow(in bold).

2.DownloadingRedMon – Redirection Port Monitor.Unpackin the“C:gsRedMon”and runsetup.exe.

3.Createthe configuration fileC:gscanon.rspwith this text:

Parameter“-mono”isa monochromeprinter, remove itwhensetting upa color printer. The name ofthe printer(in bold) toadjusttheir own.

4.Put thevirtual printer.For this:

  • Runthe standardAdd Printer Wizard(Add printer wizard),click“Next”.
  • Choose “Local Printer” (local printer attached to this computer),click“Next”.
  • Choose“Createa new port“, the port type“Redirect port”,Click “Next.”
  • The port nameis left asit is,this is usually“RPT1:”,click “OK”.
  • Select thevirtual printerdriverpreviouslydownloadedourUniversal Print DriverHP PostScript (the name ofthe driver file sp39176.exe). Install the driver, while creating anew printer, the courseshows himportRPT1:(Redirected Port)
  • Specify thename of ourVirtual Printer(in my case, “Canon”)
  • Rassharivatprinterin the usual way(againpointing outthe name of the“Canon”)


Driver Printer Canon Lbp 1120 For Windows 7 32 Bit

  • Open theproperties ofthe newly installedvirtual printer.
  • Goto the tab “Ports” and choose created by us“RPT1:”.
  • Push the buttonto configurethe port andin the«Redirect this port to the program»gswin32c.exetospecify the pathin this caseis C:gsgs8.64bingswin32c.exe
  • In the line«Arguments for this program are:»specify the pathto theconfiguration fileformatprinterGhost: “C:gscanon.rsp -“
  • In theSELECT«Output»choose«Copy temporary file to printer»,andthe printerputa real printer– ourCanon LBP-1120.
  • Alsoexhibitingat the bottom ofthe window, “Hiddenso as not tojump outthe any window whennetwork printingandfinallyclick “OK”.

6.Put thenetwork printerto the computerwith Windows 7x64or Windows8in the usual way, but the driveruseThe universal64bit printer driverHP PostScript (the name ofthe driver filesp39327.exe). Launchand setthe network printer.

Canon Lbp 1120 Driver Windows 7 32 Bit Download

P.S.The methodre-examined andslightlyamended07.30.2015.