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While Tumblr tends to keep things minimal, sometimes you're just dying to post a widget on your site that relates to what you discuss, or maybe you just want to share something with your readers.

The 20 widgets we've gathered below are not meant to be used en masse on Tumblr blogs, but one here or there might enhance what it is you're trying to communicate to your readers. Why not share a podcast, photography, or maybe even a great work of art? With the right combination of Tumblr theme and widgets, you can maintain the platform's minimalism and bring your readers more value at the same time.

What are some of your favorite widgets for Tumblr?

Communication Widgets

Chat Box Blogger Widget

Cara memasang script CSS Widget ini ke blog Untuk menginstal widget ini ke blog sangat mudah, baik blog anda dengan flatfrom blogger, wo. Aplikasi Chatting Di Blog Di bawah ini ada beberapa aplikasi chat box yang bisa di tampilkan di blog atau website kita. This live chat to text software is a simple piece of code you install on your website. As such, it’s incredibly easy to use. And the live chat widget is fully customizable to match your website and branding. However, it’s what happens behind the scenes that makes Webchat unique. Olark Chat Widget. 1 platform for chat widgets. Olark chat widget has been installed into.

Jaxtr - Let your readers give you a call on a phone number they can't see.

Meebo Me - Place a little chat box in your sidebar that allows readers to communicate with you when you are logged into Meebo, or they can leave you an offline message.

MSN Messenger - Add a web-based version of MSN Messenger to your sidebar to chat with your site's visitors.

Skype - Allow your visitors to see if you are on Skype from your sidebar. They can even call your Skype number depending on how you have it configured.

Html Widgets For Blogger

Music Widgets

Free chat box widget

Chat Box Widget

Flash Mp3 Player - A great Flash-based MP3 player that allows you to create a whole playlist from Mp3 files, XSPF playlist or RSS/Atom feeds.


Hello Kitty Flash MP3 Player - A Flash-based MP3 player shaped like Hello Kitty that is perfect for your sidebar.

MP3 Player - A Flash-based MP3 player that can play any MP3 located anywhere on the Web by simply entering its URL.

Tumblelog MP3 Widget - Enter the URL of a Tumblelog you wish to play MP3s from, and you're done. If you wish to play from more than one, simply separate their URLs with commas.

Weekly Free iTunes Downloads - If music is a main focus of what you discuss on Tumblr, then this is the perfect widget for you. Updates weekly with the available free downloads from iTunes.

Social Networking Widgets

LinkedInABox - You can place highlights of your LinkedIn profile in this Flash widget, allowing people to see things such as your specialties.

Share on Facebook - Slip this little bit of JavaScript into your Description field and then people can share your Tumblr with all of their friends on Facebook.

Shout List Icons - Overwhelm your friends with up to 40 different social bookmarking icons so that they can add your Tumblelog to just about any social site you can think of.

Twitter - You can choose either a Flash stream that will show your last several Tweets, or choose a badge that shows only the last message you sent out on Twitter.

Best Widgets For Blogger


Yelp - Share all of the reviews you have written on Yelp with your visitors with this handy piece of 'bling.'

Miscellaneous Widgets

Chat Box Blogger Widget

CNN - Display the latest and most popular news from CNN.com in your sidebar. Great for any Tumblr that is about current events.

Daily Painters - Possibly the winner for the longest widget code ever, Daily Painters will display a different famous work of art each day in your sidebar. Despite the long code, it is the perfect widget for art intensive Tumblelogs.

Flickr - A badge that displays 12 of your selected Flickr images at a time, making them larger as people roll over them. They can go to your Flickr page by clicking on an image.

SmartLinks - With just a bit of JavaScript, any links you post to sites like Amazon, IMDB, Wine.com and more on Tumblr get smarter by putting a little box next to it with more information your reader can obtain. All of this happens within the page so that they are not leaving.

ShareThis - The popular green button can be added to your Tumblr sidebar, allowing people to share and send your blog to others that might enjoy it.

Weather Widget - Show off the weather for wherever you live with this little widget that will fit snugly in your sidebar.

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