Cisco Break Sequence

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  2. Cisco Catalyst Break Sequence

Complete these steps to simulate a break key sequence: Connect to the router with these terminal settings: 1200 baud rate No parity 8 data bits 1 stop bit No flow control You. 1200 baud rate No parity 8 data bits 1 stop bit No flow control You no longer see any output on your screen, and this is. Join the discussion today! Connect to the Cisco router using your console cable, then go to the Serial options and change the settings to the. Turn the power off on the router, then power it back up. Immediately, hold down the SPACEBAR for about 30 seconds, then release.

In a previous post Serial Console on OS X I wrote about how to connect a USB-Serial converter to console into Cisco router and use the ‘screen’ command.

To perform a password recovery on a Cisco router you need to issue a “terminal break” character to interrupt the boot process. The Cisco page on terminal break shows a lot of break sequences.

The break sequence for “screen” is to use Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-B. The Ctrl-A shifts the focus back to the screen process (away from the serial console) and the Ctrl-B issues the break sequence.

Cisco Break Sequence Putty


Cisco Catalyst Break Sequence

You may need to break more than once. This is done by Ctrl-A, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-B.