Cisco Ise Password Is Expired Please Reset Your Admin Password


Resetting Process

  1. We have two admin ISE nodes (VMs) and two policy service nodes. Everything (GUI and CLI) was fine for all the 4 nodes. I then changed the admin GUI password on primary admin ise node. I did NOT change password on any of the other three nodes. However, I can login to web gui of all the four nodes using the password that I changed.
  2. Symptom: Customer gets the following error: Error! Password reset is only possible from STANDALONE or PRIMARY nodes. Conditions: Issuing 'application reset-passwd ise ' from the primary admin node CLI.
  3. Cisco ISE GUI admin password expired If it is now to late and you read this post, do not worry. Quick fix is here Since only ISE GUI password expired, login via console / ssh to ISE node, provide the admin / password you set during ISE installation and issue: ISE1/admin# application reset-passwd ise admin.

A password reset is usually performed when Dashboard users lose or forget their credentials. However, password reset is a necessary step when administrators of multiple organizations/networks or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) want to add a new organization to their multi-org dashboard view. For more information on issues showing multiple organizations under a same dashboard account please click here.


In the early versions of ISE 1.0 there was no way to recover the GUI-password but since version 1.04 (see release-notes) there is a CLI-command to reset the password of any GUI user. The command is ‘application reset-passwd ise ’: Reset GUI admin-password from CLI. Cisco's Identify Service Engine (ISE) has a default password policy that locks out the admin (super admin) account after 45 days. E-mail alerts will be sent out to warn you 30 days before expiration, assuming you've setup your SMTP relay to accept mail from your ISE node.

Cisco ise password is expired please reset your admin password manager

Note: An organization admin can not reset or modify a network admin password.

Cisco Ise Password Is Expired Please Reset Your Admin Password Manager

The following instructions explain how to perform a Dashboard password reset.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard login page, at dashboard.meraki.com, and click on I forgot my password.

Cisco Ise Default Password

  1. Type the email address for which the password reset needs to be performed and click “Submit”. The text field is case sensitive, so make sure any capitalized letters match that of your registered email address on Dashboard.
  1. If the email address provided is registered as a valid Meraki Dashboard account, a password reset confirmation email will be sent to this email address with a password reset link. This link will expire after one day. Follow the link provided to enter and confirm a new password.

Note: You can set a previously used password. This is useful for users that perform the password reset with the only purpose of adding new organization to their multi-org view and not to change their password.