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3 W

We put the 1.6 GHz N270 to the test against the 1.65 GHz E 450 to find out which you should buy, the older Intel or the AMD. The N270 is good enough for Windows. After things are loaded into RAM from the Slow SSD the processor does a good job. I remember running Windows on a 350 MHz Pentium 2. I had to upgrade to a 450MHz Pentum 3 to run DivX movies. The N270 is equivalent to 800 MHz. Based on 5,577 user benchmarks for the Intel Atom N270 and the Celeron N4100, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 1,276 CPUs. UserBenchmark USA-User. Can read 4 gb of ram memory the cpu n270.

Intel Atom Cpu N270 Specs

1600 MHz

Atom Cpu N270

Cpu n270 64 bit
BGA 437
The Intel Atom N270 was a mobile processor with 1 core, launched in June 2008. It is part of the Atom lineup, using the Diamondville architecture with BGA 437. Thanks to Intel Hyper-Threading the core-count is effectively doubled, to 2 threads. Atom N270 has 512K of L2 cache and operates at 1600 MHz. Intel is making the Atom N270 on a 45 nm production node using 47 million transistors. The multiplier is locked on Atom N270, which limits its overclocking potential.
With a TDP of 3 W, the Atom N270 consumes extremely little energy.
The SSE4 instruction set is not supported, which can cause problems with modern games, as they require that capability.
Socket: Intel BGA 437
Process Size: 45 nm
Transistors:47 million
Die Size:26 mm²
Frequency:1600 MHz
Turbo Clock:N/A
Base Clock:133 MHz
Multiplier Unlocked:No
Voltage:1.1625 V
Production Status:End-of-life
Release Date:Jun 3rd, 2008
Memory Support: unknown
ECC Memory: No
# of Cores:1
# of Threads:2
SMP # CPUs: 1
Integrated Graphics:N/A

Cpu N270 64 Bit

Cache L1: 64K (per core)
Cache L2: 512K (per core)
  • MMX
  • SSE
  • SSE2
  • SSE3
  • SSSE3
  • Intel 64
  • XD bit
  • HTT

I7 3770 Passmark

C0 Stepping