D2 How To Get Redrix Broadsword


Redrix’s Broadsword is for sure the best PVP Legendary Kinetic Pulse Rifle (Kinetic slot). This product gives an opportunity to receive the Full Orientation Legendary Ques t or select manually quest steps you need by choosing the option “Custom Orientation Legendary Quest”. You will get Redrix’s Broadsword weapon. Boost takes 4-14 days. Complete the quest steps and valor ranks to earn the exclusive Legendary Pulse Rifle “Redrix’s Broadsword”. Choose any individual step, or choose to complete them all (except Valor Resets). The final step of this quest requires valor ranking to be reset 5 times in a single season. We offer individual Valor Rank resets if desired.

The full details have been revealed as to how Destiny 2 players will earn the controversial Redrix’s Broadsword in the game’s upcoming fourth season that begins with the release of the Forsaken expansion. As explained by developer Bungie in its blog this week, Redrix’s Broadsword will be unlocked by way of a Crucible quest, rewarding players with a basically identical version of the Redrix’s Claymore, the current season’s most exclusive PvP reward.

Redrix Broadsword God Roll

Ever since the announcement of the existence of Redrix’s Broadsword, Destiny 2 fans have launched into a debate about the fairness of such a weapon existing, as well as wondering what it will take for players to get their hands on the unique weapon. Amidst the controversy, Bungie decided to share the full details of the quest that will unlock Redrix’s Broadsword. And it looks to be quite the grind.

Step 1:


In the Crucible. Defeat 200 opponents with Pulse Rifle final blows.

Step 2:

Reach Valor Rank “Heroic”

Step 3:

In the Crucible. Earn 75 Double Plays.

Step 4:

In the Crucible. Defeat 150 opponents with precision final blows from any Pulse Rifle.

Step 5:

In the Crucible, defeat 50 opponents with Arc final blows

In the Crucible, defeat 50 opponents with Solar final blows

In the Crucible, defeat 50 opponents with Void final blows

Step 6:


Complete 25 Crucible matches in Quickplay (Rotators count)

Complete 25 Crucible matches in Competitive

Complete 25 Crucible matches in Rumble

Step 7:

Complete 20 Crucible Bounties

Step 8:

Reset your Valor rank 5 times within a single season

Step 9:

Visit Lord Shaxx and claim your reward.

While these steps take the pressure off of players from having to climb Destiny 2‘s competitive PvP ladder (which was required of players to earn the original Redrix’s Claymore during Season 3), there is a still a significant time commitment for those wanting to get their hands on Redrix’s Broadsword. The difference in many ways is that the requirements of this quest are much more about time played in the Crucible over rewarding high skill in PvP; albeit, skilled players are going to get through this quest much faster than lower-skilled players.

The biggest hurdle of the quest could be the last step—resetting one’s Valor rank five times within a single season. Although, if Bungie keeps up with occasional double and triple Valor weekends, that grind could speed up for players.

Even with the reveal of the significant time commitment it will take to get Redrix’s Broadsword, many fans are still unhappy. Bungie had referred to Redrix’s Claymore as a weapon that would only ever be available during Season 3 and yet a better version is on the way. Still, others are bemoaning the length and commitment of this quest, so there are perspectives on all sides of this argument.

Interestingly, before the quest’s details were revealed, even one of Xbox’s executives got in on the action, criticizing Bungie for adding Redrix’s Broadsword into the game at all.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie


Bungie started rolling out Pinnacle weapons with Season 3 of Destiny 2. With the first weapon be Redrix’s Claymore, players went in hard in Competitive to acquire this weapon. After that, every season came with three pinnacle weapons – one for Crucible, one for Vanguard and the last one for Gambit (a PvP-PvE hybrid activity).

Pinnacle Weapons in the Crucible

Currently, there are a total of 7 Crucible pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2. Below you can find how you can acquire these weapons with complete quest guide:

Redrix’s Claymore

The first one on the list is Redrix’s Claymore. A powerful pulse rifle which a very few players managed to acquire. At that time, reaching Fabled rank inside Competitive was very difficult due to the lost streak. The unique perk on this weapon was Desperado (reloading while Outlaw is active increases rate of fire).

Redrix’s Broadsword

Redrix’s Broadsword is just like Redrix’s Claymore with some extra perks under its belt. To acquire this weapon, you need to go to Lord Shaxx and get the quest Orientation.

  1. 200 Pulse Rifle final blows
  2. Heroic Valor Rank
  3. 75 Double Plays
  4. 150 Pulse Rifle precision final blows
  5. 50 kills with Arc, Solar, and Void
  6. 25 matches in Quickplay, Competitive, and Rumble
  7. 20 Crucible bounties
  8. Reset Valor Rank 5 times

Redrix Broadsword D2

Luna’s Howl

This and the next hand cannon was one of the best weapons in PvP until Season of Opulence. Bungie nerfed these two legendary hand cannon because of its massive usage inside the Crucible. To acquire this weapon, head over to Lord Shaxx and collect the pursuit Remembrance.

D2 How To Get Redrix Broadsword

  1. Complete 10 Competitive Crucible matches
  2. 150 Hand Cannon kills in Competitive
  3. 200 Solar kills in Competitive
  4. 3 Rumble matches
  5. 100 Hand Cannon precision kills in Competitive
  6. Reach Fabled Glory Rank

Not Forgotten

This was the better version of Lina’s Howl. Everything on this weapon was the same as the last one except one thing – Range, which made this weapon a must-have for PvP players. To acquire this weapon, you need to get kills with Luna’s Howl and reach Legend rank inside Competitive playlist.

The Mountaintop

The Mountaintop is a legendary grenade launcher released in Season 5 of Destiny 2. This is one of the most difficult weapons to acquire inside the Crucible (after Not Forgotten, obviously). Visit Lord Shaxx and collect the pursuit, The Ascent.

Redrixs Broadsword Steps

  1. Reach Brave Glory rank
  2. Complete the Triumph “In Pursuit of Honor”
    1. Grenade Launcher final blows
    2. Rapidly defeat enemies with Grenade Launchers
    3. “Calculated Trajectory” Grenade Launcher medals
  3. Reach Fabled Glory rank

The Recluse

The Recluse is a top-tier SMG used heavily in both PvP and PvE these days. Its main perk is called Master of Arms which increases its damage for a short duration. To acquire this weapon, you need to complete the Triumph, The Stuff of Myth.

  1. Win matches in Crucible
  2. Reach Fabled Glory rank


The last pinnacle weapon on this list is Revoker. It’s a legendary Sniper Rifle used mostly inside the Crucible due to its perk. Revoker’s main perk is the Reversal of Fortune which returns the missed shot to your magazine. To unlock this weapon, Visit Lord Shaxx and collect the pursuit, In You Sights.

Redrix Broadsword Review

  1. 300 Sniper Rifle final blows
  2. 50 Sniper Rifle precision kills
  3. 3,500 Glory earned

How To Get Redrix Broadsword

These are currently every Pinnacle weapon for the Crucible as of now. Stay tuned for our PvE and Gambit pinnacle weapons guide soon!