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Redrix’s Broadsword is an upgraded version of Redrix’s Claymore (which was released as a pinnacle weapon in Season 3 for Competitive). It’s a high impact frame weapon which means this weapon has a slow rate of fire. Broadsword comes with a unique perk called Desperado “Reloading while Outlaw is active increases your rate of fire.

D2 redrix broadsword


  • Claymore is shelved on the 4th. (Twitter)
  • #Destiny2 #redrixbroadsword #destiny2news Redrix explains tips and tricks how to boost your progress for this weapon Fast & Easy!! Enjoy:):)Please Remember.
  • Redrix only heard it when he felt it, every atom of his body dissolving as a bolt from the blue sky blasted a crater into the earth. His emerging fireteam was caught in the wake. Their ghosts brought them all back in staccato bursts of Light. 'On the ladder and in the fight, momentum is the answer.' — Redrix-3 slid past roaring tracers.
  • Rodrix broadsword is mediocre, especially considering the amount of effort it takes to earn it. It's not that powerful and it's suuuper slooow. My opponents are constantly getting away right when I've got them on the last sliver of health, or they get killed by someone else. And the sights are poorly designed.
  • 10, Bungie will delete a good chunk of content from Destiny 2, sending it into the Destiny Content Vault. On Thursday, the studio previewed everything going away when the Beyond Light.


  • SBMM isn't on in Quickplay. (Twitter)


Hey all,
Yesterday, we announced the goal of removing time pressure associated with Glory ranks, and that Pinnacle Crucible rewards will be awarded via quests starting in Season 4.
Redrix’s Claymore will remain exclusive to Season 3. The Redrix’s Broadsword will be available through a pinnacle weapon questline in Season 4 offered by Lord Shaxx. To set expectations, here are the quest steps that must be completed in order to acquire Redrix’s Broadsword:

Step 1:
• In the Crucible. Defeat 200 opponents with Pulse Rifle final blows.
Step 2:
• Reach Valor Rank “Heroic”
Step 3:
• In the Crucible. Earn 75 Double Plays.
Step 4:
• In the Crucible. Defeat 150 opponents with precision final blows from any Pulse Rifle.
Step 5:
• In the Crucible, defeat 50 opponents with Arc final blows
• In the Crucible, defeat 50 opponents with Solar final blows
• In the Crucible, defeat 50 opponents with Void final blows
Step 6:
• Complete 25 Crucible matches in Quickplay (Rotators count)
• Complete 25 Crucible matches in Competitive
• Complete 25 Crucible matches in Rumble
Step 7:
• Complete 20 Crucible Bounties
Step 8:
• Reset your Valor rank 5 times within a single season
Step 9:
• Visit Lord Shaxx and claim your reward. (Forums)

Q. Does resetting your valor rank counts retroactively. For example if i reset the rank 2 times before the step does it count for the quest step or no?

Nope. (Twitter) (See below under 'Kevin' for more on this)

D2 Is Redrix Broadsword Good

RedrixDestiny 2 broadsword quest steps

Redrixes Broadsword Questline


  • Valor Rank resets only count during the season in which you have the quest in your inventory. Past resets will NOT count towards this. (Twitter)
  • Any rank related objective can be completed anytime during the season and will count once you hit a step that requires it. Making Valor progress during the early steps still makes progress towards the later step. So capitalize on those booster weekends and the changes to Valor win streaks in Competitive. If you keep grinding Comp you’ll get a full Valor streak and keep it even on loss.(Twitter)

Q. Does this mean that if I reset my valor twice while working on the quest it’ll count towards the later step? Believe you said no in this case? Just kinda confused with this.

It will still count so long as all 5 are done in the same season. This is only the case with the rank objectives. (Twitter)

Q. Am I right in thinking that theoretically if I am at the reset valor stage but do not complete it in season 4 I can do it in season 5?

Reforging The Broadsword

Correct! (Twitter)

Q. Let's say while a player completes step 1, does that produce progress on step 4 once they reach it? Or is it a clean slate for each step?

Clean slate. Earn it. (Twitter)

Q. Are all quest steps available to complete? or do i need to complete step 1 to access step 2?

D2 Redrix Broadsword Quest Steps

Step by step. (Twitter)


Q. After getting my Claymore I went into comp solo and am now at 2090, I take it I'll still get the emblem tied to getting the Claymore/reaching fabled or do I need to get back to 2100?

D2 Redrix Broadsword God Roll

Just getting Claymore and hitting Fabled is enough. Deranking will not hurt that. (Twitter)