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Redrix's Broadsword Guide

With the release of the expansion „Forsaken“, the developers shared new information on the new weapons. Read our Redrix's Broadsword guide to know more about it.

2)Increase the Base Rockets Loaded from 1 to 2 in Certain Archetypes: This change is to revert the ideological change Rockets had from D1 to D2 to 'balance' them for the overall weaker Guardian of D2 Base Game that had Double Primaries and no Special Weapons. This ideology is holding rockets back and is no longer needed in the D2 environment. Redrix with Desperado is 540 RPM at 34 crit. A rapid fire with kill clip is 540 at 32 crit. Soooo, play a few iron banners to get the Claws, maybe get a few packages to get one with kill clip,.

This weapon is unlocked by doing a quest in the Crucible. The weapon will look like a replica of Redrix’s Claymore, which is probably the most exclusive reward from PvP in the current season of the game. You can learn about it in our Redrix's Broadsword guide.

Destiny 2 Stats! Check your profile and weapon statistics. View the top Destiny 2 players on our leaderboards and how you perform by comparison. Redrix's Broadsword. Legendary Pulse Rifle Kinetic 0: 33: 60: 340: 27: Redrix's Claymore. Legendary Pulse Rifle Kinetic 0: 33: 60: 340: 27.

If you want to be on of the lucky guys who own that weapon but you find it time-consuming or hard we can have Redrix's Broadsword pulse rifle for you with our Destiny 2 Redrix's Broadsword Boost Service.

Since the existence of Destiny 2 Redrix’s Broadsword was confirmed, fans have been sharing polarizing opinions on the matter. Some of them question the need for a weapon like this, and others wonder what it will take, to acquire it.

The developers answered that they want more of the players to have a chance of experiencing the perk combo “Outlaw/Desperado”. However, this reply didn’t satisfy players, who think that cloning the Redrix’s Claymore is unnecessary. Especially after what players had to do, to get the previous gun. It is a lot of work to do to get the Redrix's Broadsword pulse rifle.

The quest for the Destiny 2 Redrix’s Broadsword in a few steps:

1) You have to kill 200 enemies with a final blow from a Pulse Rifle in the Crucible

2) You have to get to the “Heroic” valor rank

Destiny 2 redrix broadsword drop

3) You have to earn 75 double-plays in the Crucible

4) You have to kill 150 enemies with a precision final blow from a Pulse Rifle

5) You have to kill 50 enemies with an arc final blow

You have to kill 50 enemies with a solar final blow

You have to kill 50 enemies with a void final blow

All in the Crucible

Redrix broadsword stats

6) You have to do 25 matches in “Quickplay” /rotators included/ mode

You have to do 25 matches in “Competitive” mode

Destiny 2 Redrix Broadsword Perks Destiny 2

You have to do 25 matches in “Rumble” mode

7) You have to finish 20 bounties in the Crucible

How To Get Redrix Broadsword

8) You have to reset valor rank five times during one season

9) You have to go to Lord Shaxx, to receive your reward

These are all the steps, which players have to complete in this quest. This time, it rids players from the pressure of climbing the PvP ladder. Despite that the time spent in the Crucible is essential, high-skilled players will still get through the quest faster and easier. The hardest parts should be having to reset valor rank 5 times and completing the 75 double plays.

In Conclusion - Destiny 2 Redrix's Broadsword

Even after the developers revealed the steps of the Redrix’s Broadsword pulse rifle quest, some fans remain unhappy. Mainly, it is because of the time-consuming nature of the quest.

Destiny 2 Redrix Broadsword Perks Skyrim

Developers, on the other hand, promise that better weapons will come out in the future. In the end, it is apparent that they want only for players, who are persistent and take the game seriously, to be able to own that gun. Still, only a happy few will probably get their hands on Destiny 2 Redrix’s Broadsword.