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A while ago DotA 6.80 was released and within 24 hours another map is released in the form of DotA 6.80b. Newly released version is having a two line changelogs which is kind of surprising for the fans but it was due to the betterment of the DotA. Hopefully this map will be the stable one. So have fun playing DotA.

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Description: The bug fix version DotA 6.80 series.
Changelogs:DotA 6.80b Changelogs.
Filesize: 7.9 MB
Release date: 2nd March, 2014
Language: English, Chinese, French etc..
For Warcraft v1.24e & v1.26a

Dota 6.83c Download

Dotabuff is the leading statistics and community website for Dota 2. OGA Dota PIT S3: EU/CIS; ESL One Germany 2020 OQ#2; OGA Dota PIT S3: EU/CIS CQ. 6.80 (b c) 6.81 (b c d) 6.82 (b c) 6.83; 2013: 6.77 (b c) 6.78 (b. 6.80 patch engine error? Posted by 6 years ago. 6.80 patch engine error? As an old dota player, today i checked my old matches. I found that 5-6 years ago,in a ranked match i blamed someone for being noob. It's looks like he improved himself.


  • DotA v6.80b.w3x (mirror 1)

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Português (Portuguese)

Français (French)

Dota 1 6.80 Changelog

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Dota 6.85 Ne 14

  • Before adding this map into your the game, please check the map file has .w3x file entension.
  • Unzip the file with the Winrar or any Rar extracting software (If required).
  • Put the map in
  • Always keep backup of original Warcraft III DotA folder just to be on safe side.
  • Enjoy playing!
In within one day, IceFrog push out 3 updated map. Thanks to icefrog for his fast works to fixed the bugs. Based on my research, there were many bugs in DotA 6.80 and even in DotA 6.80b another bugs occured. Different from what we expect from the hidden quests on DotA 6.79. No new heroes in this maps, just another balancing updates. So here are the download link and the complete changelogs of DotA 6.80c :
DotA 6.80c Changelogs :

  • DotA 6.80c Maps Download (Playdota)

Dota 6.80 C Free Download

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Dota 6.80 C

Dota 6.80 Cheats

Dota 6.80 C

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