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  2. Conclusion: Chanel Egoiste is a mMn already exceptional fragrance. It smells strong, powerful and has a certain old school touch, although it is quite modern. A fragrance more for leisure time, for me less for work. Possibly, but I personally.
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Contextual translation of 'egoiste' into English. Human translations with examples: selfish, tribe (2003), soit pas egoiste, waterproof (4:26).


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Egoiste Translation

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selfish egoistic egotistical self-serving self-centered self-centred self-seeking
egoist selfishness
selfish man
selfish woman
selfish of you


[Gagging] - [Harold] Steven, that is so selfish.
Vous dédaignez la liberté dans votre isolement égoïste.
It's funny that you mock freedom... here in your selfish isolation.
Le comportement de l'égoïste est un investissement.
The behavior of the selfish individual is like an investment.
Lorelei could be selfish at times, but not cruel, not like that.
I should have known how selfish and thoughtless you can be.
Patricia Goddard was just so selfish and so self-absorbed.
Phil est positivement répugnant, irréfléchi et égoïste.
I am positive that Phil is disgusting, inconsiderate and selfish.
J'aurais été égoïste de vouloir rencontrer Darcy.
I thought it would've been selfish of me to seek an encounter with Darcy.
Egoiste translation
What kind of a selfish, self-centered person dumps their kid...
I have been totally going through this selfish phase.
But if you think about it, there's nothing more selfish.
I've got to learn to be selfish.
You rub our noses in it in a completely selfish way.
All right? I was the one being rude, selfish and disrespectful and I'm sorry.
Still the same selfish pirate, as always.
Une société égoïste est une contradiction fondamentale».
Perhaps you are right, I have been selfish.
On peut difficilement imaginer attitude plus égoïste.
When one becomes a millionaire, one becomes selfish.
Ses sympathisants glorifient M. Chávez comme le défenseur des pauvres assiégés par une élite égoïste et comploteuse.
His sympathizers glorify Chávez as a defender of the poor besieged by a selfish, coup-plotting elite.
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