Et 312 Estim


Some erotic e-stim accessories have a pair of contacts built in. We call these “bipolar” electrodes and they usually have an attached leadwire that plugs directly into the ET312B or they have two (2) connections points. Other electrodes only have a single connection. These are called “monopolar” electrodes. These must be used in pairs. The ET312B is powerful yet precise. Feature-rich and intuitively easy to use. There is no other power unit like the ET312 anywhere. Mention the ET312 to anyone into e-stim. They'll know what you're talking about. I use both the ET312B and ET232 units a few times a week and have had some amazing sessions over the years.

While you may never have a problem with your ErosTek ET312B, after a many years of use, some things may wear out. Like the output level pots. Or the battery. If it’s within warranty, let us know. Here’s a list of the most common repair parts and their sources:

Rechargeable Battery Module
Part: ET312B-BATT available from ErosTek
– Includes mounting bracket and instructions.

Output Potentiometers (Level A and B)
Part: RP302 available from ErosTek
– Replace if output levels become erratic or unreliable.

Battery Charging IC (U13#)
Part: LM2941CT available from DigiKey
– Replace whenever battery fails to charge.
– Connecting the wrong AC adapter is a normal cause of failure of this IC.
– Observe ESD precautions for handling static-sensitive components.

Output Transistors (Q3, Q4)
Part: IRF9Z24N available from DigiKey
– Replace both to resolve “Failure 20” errors.
– Observe ESD precautions for handling static-sensitive components.

Tact Switches (Up / Down / Menu / OK switches)
Part: TL1100CF160Q available from DigiKey
– These switches are rated for 100,000 presses but not if liquids get inside 🙂
– Replace as needed

For the more parts, visit our Spare Parts section.

Hi, please bare with my English
EstimIm trying to make this as good as possible but I know there will be miss spelling and I wont be able to see it.
So I thought I should share my point of view and perhaps it can be some headline/info for you who wants or is interested of the Estim System 2B and the ET312.
Now, im not an expert, im just an amateur, a beginner. I have been playing from time to time with estim for about three years. So this means I have not gone in to the advance settings and played with that on the devices.Et 312 Estim
I know ofc how to change settings but I havnt really 'tweaked' anything. I want to have it simple. Connect me to the device and take a ride.
I have had three 2B and three Et312 during these three years. Why?
Well Im having a hard time to decide. Yes, they are both that good. So what differs them for me? Are they two different kind of boxes? Which one would I choose and why?
Can they compete against each other?
First of all, Can they compete against each other?
No, they are two different units, different specs. I would like to compare them as two different sex partners.
I do the same thing to them, and they do the same thing to me. But it feels abit different. Just like two different women or men.
Are they two different kind of boxes?
Which one would I choose and why?
Well, im actually have come to the conclusion which one I like more than the other, I will write this as a last note in this thread.

Et 312 Estim Machine

So these two boxes, well you can start right away and have a good time, but they are two advance boxes. So give it time and explore it. You actually have tune in with it. Just like you do with a sex partner. What do you like and what can she/he do to you, and what can you do with her/he so you are having a very good time together, same with the box.
You have to learn what the box can do for you.
Both have different routines, waves, strokes, split, audiomode etc..
The Et312 have three routines called Phase 1, phase 2 and Phase 3. The 2B doesnt have this.
Phase routines are specially made for a triphase setup. Combining one lead from each channel to make a third lead. This will make a third signal that feels like three different sensations.
Channel 1 - First (red color)lead/troad connected to a ring/pad under the glans
Channel 1 - Second (black color) lead/troad and Channel 2 - Second (black color)lead/troad 'COMBINED' to a ring round the base and scrotum
Channel 2 - First (red color) lead/troad connected to a plug in the anal.
And there we have a triphase set up.
You can of course make this setup in any routine on both boxes, but the ET312 have specially made a routine for a triphase setup. But it actually feels really nice in any routine I have tried on both boxes.
Both boxes have audiomodes/stereo processing. So you can hook up to SS4 Smartstim software to enjoy audio or to audio files on a MP3 player. There are different kind of audio files to try and play with.
So a simple explanation to get you going on what you can play with in an easy way.
The controls on the 2B:
Channel A and Channel B intensity, changes the power, the output signal to you.
Adjust, change the speed on the routines. How quick a pulse or a wave is ticking. Like a hearthbeat, bum --- bum --- bum, or bum - bum - bum.
Select comebined with Adjust change the sensation, example smoothing it or make it less smooth to more aggressive.
The ET312:
Level A and Level B adjustment (same as Channel A and Channel B intensity on the 2B)
Multi Adjust (same as Adjust on the 2B)
Select Mode, this is abit different than the 2B but you enter the advance settings and can change valuables in the routines, actually like the 2B (combined Adjust and Select).
But in the ET312 you can find a setting you really want and save that settings so you dont have to change it again.
And now it got more advanced and you might loose interest cause maybe it will be to much information.
So back to more easy information.
The 2B have more adjustement regarding the speed on the routines.
The wave modes and strokes, etc can be adjusted to really quick speed.
Its easy to change the sensation on the routines.
It have stereo mode for audio.
The box is small and handy.
Great warranty actually lifetime and a very good customer service.
There is an ongoing devolepment on the 2B.
The ET312 have a very smooth sensation in all routines.
The Phase modes are phenomenal (my experience)
It have a ramp feature which is amazing.
Its very easy to handle and you can adjust it and get it more precise like you want.
It have stereo mode for audio ( three different kind of audio modes)
The box is not small but easy to controll.
Very good customer service.
Which one do I choose?

Estim Et 312

Well for me, Im going with the 2B, and why?
I like that I can easily change the sensation and the speed in the routines. And I often like a very quick pulse, stroke almost like a vibrating feeling and the 2B can give me that by just turning the knob.
I think there is more variations to reach in the routines, from very strong to almost nothing and more output.
The audio is working good.
Et 312 estimIts small and can be easily stored without taking much space like in a drawer (which is important to me cause I want this to be a secreat)
The warranty is for life and the customer service is 100% great.
They are always working on the 2B to even make it better.
So is the ET312 bad for me?
I want both, but cant have both.
On a scale from 1 to 10 I give:
Et312 - 9
The 2B - 9
So why do I choose the 2B?

Et 312 Estim

The potential on the 2B. They are still working on it and making it even better. So thats why I choose it.

Et 312 Estim Machine For Women

Regarding stereo mode on both of them.
I have tried a homemade stereostim device. The ET312 and the 2B cant give that precise accurate sensation as a Stereostim device. They are good but not as good as a 'true' homemade Stereostim device (just my opinion).
I hope this can be a good read and information for someone.
Take care!