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View and Download Fujitsu FP-410 user manual online. THERMAL PRINTER. FP-410 printer pdf manual download. Find the device from the category Fujitsu All in One Printer, look through and download the manual. Document details; Fujitsu M4097D.

Barcode printers, thermal printer, barcode reader barcode scanner zebra printer star printer fujitsu printer طابعات بار كود قارئ بار كود XPrinter طابعة باركود طابعة ريسيت طابعة ايصالات طابعة فوري طابعة محمولة اسكانر داتا لوجيك اسكانر فوجيتسو اسكانر هاند هيلد scanner Handheld. Printer: Easy Load Line Thermal (203 dpi) 260 mm/sec - one color 115 mm/sec - two colors Automatic cutter – full and semi cut.

DL3100Printer Driver and Software
Printer Driver and Software (*Note 2)
Windows Driver (*Note 2)
DL UtilityDL Utility for Dot matrix printers
CUPS driverCUPS driver for Dot matrix printers
User's ManualUser's manual for SIDM printers
Fujitsu fp 410 thermal printer cartridge

Thermal Printers

FP-2000 seriesSetup tool (User's manual & Software) for FP-2000 series
Drivers for Linux (CUPS / JavaPOS)
FP-510IIDriver & Utility Software for FP-510II (*Note3)
Drivers for Linux (CUPS / JavaPOS)
FP-32LWindows driver & Utility Software

**Note for Downloading Drivers**

  • You can check driver's versions from this list.
    Printer driver version (Rev.06 2020/12) (10 KB)
  • Please check your part number, KA020XX-BXX before start downloading the driver.
    Please download the driver from the link if you have the following partnumber's printer. DL7600Pro KA02087-B217, KA02087-B117
    DL7400Pro KA02086-B217, KA02086-B117
    DL3850+ KA02014-B136, KA02017-B336
    DL3750+ KA02013-B136, KA02013-B336
  • Setup tool for Bluetooth I/F model is added. This setup tool is for only Windows driver.

Download SDK

SDKs (Software Development Kit) for Android and iOS are provided.
- Printer Models
FP-2200, FP-2100, FP-2000
FP-1000 (Discontinued)

[ Version ]
*1 Current model is for only Wired LAN. FIT can customize for Wi-Fi model [ Version ]
*1 Current model is for only Wired LAN. FIT can customize for Wi-Fi model

Java Script Library

For FP-2000 series
Java Script Library for FP-2000 series can be downloaded.

- Printer Models
FP-2200, FP-2100, FP-2000

- Support Browser
Internet Explorer 10 or more for Windows
Chrome 13 or more for Windows
Firefox 11 or more for Windows
Safari 6.0 or more for iOS
Chrome 18 or more for Android
* Browser should have Web Socket function

- Interface
Wired LAN


Status Monitor Library API (Application Programming Interface)

Status Monitor Library API and manuals can be downloaded.



The Status Monitor Library can be used with the following printers.

PrinterPrinter Driver Model Name
FP-2200FIT FP-2200 Raster
FP-2100FIT FP-2100 Raster
FP-2000FIT FP-2000 Raster
FP-1100FIT FP-1100 Raster
FP-510FIT FP-510 Raster
FP-460FIT FP-460 Raster
FP-360FIT FP-360 Raster
FP-32L(※1)FIT FP-32L Raster
  • If a version of the printer driver is earlier then 2.41.01, the status monitor fot FP-32L needs to be activated.


the Status Monitor Library can be used with the following interface.

  • Serial port
  • Parallel (Centronics) port
  • USB port

Download Brochures

  • Brochure for DL3100 (514 KB)
  • Brochure for DL3750+,DL3850+ (748 KB)
  • Brochure for FP-2000 series (1.27 MB )
  • Brochure for FP-510II (519 KB)
  • Brochure for FP-32L (789 KB)
  • Brochure for DL7600Pro/DL7400Pro, Simple version (192 KB)
  • Brochure for DL7600Pro/DL7400Pro, Details version (1.80 MB )
Fujitsu fp 410 thermal printer cartridges

Discontinued Products

Fujitsu Components America has expanded its standalone thermal printer offering with the new FP-2000 series. Ten percent smaller than the FP-1000 series, the FP-2000 series provides enhanced data throughput, ultra-fast printing and features that reduce operating costs, making it a high-performance, cost-efficient printer for a variety of Point-of-Sale applications. Fujitsu designed the FP-2000 series to accept a wide range of paper thicknesses, 53-85 microns. Using a 53 micron paper thickness can reduce paper consumption by as much as 30%. In addition, the printer’s low, 0.9W power consumption (standby mode) further reduces operating costs. The optimum driver/firmware technology combined with print speeds of up to 400mm/second allows for ultra-fast throughput, as quick as 2.06 seconds (the speed from pushing “Enter” to the end of 1 printed receipt, 250mm in length). In addition to the industry-standard RS232, LAN, wireless LAN and USB interfaces, the optional Bluetooth interface is compatible with both iOS and non-IOS products via a simple software setting.

Fujitsu Fp-410 Thermal Printer Driver

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