Hollywood Brass Free Download

Hollywood Brass Free Download


The library was created by a quartet of Hollywood heavy hitters. EastWest supremo. Play version 2.0.Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition full Cracked Download.Posts about Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition full Cracked Download written by Cracked DownloadEastWest Hollywood Strings - Diamond Edition (Windows Hard.Only at Sweetwater! Running on the new PLAY 6, Hollywood Brass will run flawlessly on your system along with Hollywood Strings. This is also exciting news for current Hollywood Strings users, as PLAY 6 and the new Hollywood Strings program update are free to all users. Hollywood Brass ships on a hard drive and is approximately 150 gigabytes of pure Hollywood magic.

With hardly a thing missing and more to love than any composer could desire, this red-hot virtual ensemble is sure to be an award-winning hit.

The playing and capture is really excellent and getting players of that calibre, in a studio which sounds that good, can be very pricey. So this alone makes Pop Brass look like a bargain, even more so when factored into the ComposerCloud option, along with the wealth of other EastWest content.

If you’re looking for a horn section that can deliver pop brass sounds without the expense and logistics of a real horn section, you can’t do better than Hollywood Pop Brass.

Hollywood Pop Brass picks up where traditional orchestral libraries fall short, by delivering convincing and dynamic live brass band performances with great-sounding recordings. The perfect package, really.

EASTWEST is excited to announce the release of HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS, your new go-to product when you need a tight, bombastic, and dynamic brass section to make your next track pop, sizzle, and soar.

For this project, producers DOUG ROGERS and NICK PHOENIX recorded one of the top horn sections in the industry in EastWest's famous Hollywood studios, and brought in multiple Grammy award-winning engineer MOOGIE CANAZIO to craft a sound that's larger than life. MOOGIE CANAZIO has recorded music icons Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Sergio Mendes, Diana Ross, Luis Miguel, Michael Buble, Melody Gardot, and many more. He's been nominated for over 35 Grammy nominations and has won 7 Grammys and Latin Grammys.



HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS features a 4-piece brass ensemble for all multi-sampled articulations that includes 2 trumpets, a trombone, and a saxophone that alternates between a baritone, tenor, and alto saxophone depending on the note range; and a 5-piece ensemble for all phrases and licks that includes 2 trumpets, a trombone and 2 saxophones that alternate between a baritone, tenor, and alto saxophone depending on the instrument voicing. It includes incredible sounding multi-sampled ensemble sections recorded in the famous Studio 1 at EastWest Studios ('the best brass recording room in the world' according to Michael Jackson engineer Bruce Swedien) as well as stylized phrases and licks in multiple keys recorded in Studio 2, a favorite of many Latin artists going all the way back to Tijuana Brass by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. These phrases will simply blow you away with how easily they slide right into your track, and cover many genres from pure pop to rock, funk, soul, and many distinctive rhythms and melodies from the Latin world.

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HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS was created for one simple reason - there's just nothing else out there on the market that instantaneously gives you that fiery, punchy pop brass sound that made songs like Uptown Funk such mega hits. The great thing about this library is that there's something for everyone - whether you want to build deep and detailed compositions with one of the world’s top horn sections, or if you just want to 'plug and play' using licks and phrases that will inspire you and bring that 'it' factor to your song. It's the ultimate ensemble pop/Latin brass collection that will leave you screaming, hollering, and begging for more.

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HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS is now available for purchase and as a free addition for all subscribers of ComposerCloud, the #1 subscription service for music creators.