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The arrear exams for engineering students in Tamil Nadu found itself in the eye of a storm on Tuesday leaving many confused. In a day of major developments on the matter, the State government has defended its decision in the Madras High Court to cancel arrear exams for college students in the state.

Meanwhile, AICTEChairman Anil Sahasrabuddhe has asserted in an informal but strongly worded email to Anna University, on August 30, that the council may be constrained to withdraw the varsity's approval if the arrear exams were not conducted. The Court was hearing two PILs moved by former Anna University VC E Balaguruswamy and advocate Ramkumar Aditiyan challenging the government's order cancelling arrear exams in the state.

The arrear confusion
On July 23, the government announced the cancellation of April-May2020 semester exams for all but final year students and on August 26, Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami further ordered the HigherEducation Department to issue detailed guidelines on the cancellation of all exams barring end semesters. The government, in neither occasions, explicitly mentioned the word arrears in the orders that cancelled the various exams. However, on August 26 evenings, commenting on the cancellation of arrear exams in a press conference, higher education minister KP Anbalgan said, 'The government wanted to give a chance to all students who applied for the exam by passing them. If they had paid fees for the arrear exam, it means they were prepared to write the exam, but circumstances have prevented them.'

How to clear m2 arrear in anna university student

The decision was welcomed by many in the State and students praised the government for being sensitive towards them during the pandemic. Many students had even taken to social media to say that the ruling government had even 'won their votes' by taking this decision. Since then, the issue has also gained political importance.

Hard for you to clear 25 arrears at one go, make sure you check Exam schedule, there will be times where you have to write two exam at same time, inform COE to make sure you can write all the exams. How To Clear Arrears Papers in University Exam How To Clear Arrears Papers in University Exam Actually, Anna University Examination are Very Easy To Pass, It is Not a Big Deal to Pass the Examination.It very simple and easy to pass, I am going to tell you step by step procedure to get passed easily Let’s start from the beginning. How to Clear Anna University Maths Arrears. Trick 1: Take Notes regularly. Yes, Without taking notes from your class teacher, It’s very difficult to understand from note books. If you failed to take notes means just borrow your friend notes and make a copy of xerox. CHENNAI: Anna University has decided to give one last chance to students who have exhausted the maximum chances to clear their arrears, to complete the course, university Vice-Chancellor MK.

The legal battle while cancelling the regular semester exams was not challenged, cancelling the arrears and graduating the students has caused concerns among educationalists. Appearing on behalf of the state government, Advocate-General Vijay Narayananargued in the high court on Tuesday, 'The government order has been passed under the Disaster Management Act exercising the powers vested with the state disaster management authority under the legislation. Even the Apex Court has upheld such rights and powers of the state authority under the act if it does not conflict UGC guidelines.'

Advocate E Vijay Anand, counsel for petitioner E Balaguruswamy, former VC of Anna University and a well-known educationalist, argued that only universities have such powers and the state government can not interfere in these matters. 'Supreme Court has held that the UGC is the ultimate authority in such issues. UGC has advised the states only to promote the students keeping the backlogs. But the arrear exam itself cannot be cancelled,' he added. Universities do not conduct exams and give results based on 'whims and fancies' of students and politicians. -'Universities are highly autonomous bodies and their syndicates, senates and academic councils have all powers and authority and they can only decide about the conduct of exams and passing of results,-' said Balagurusamy, in a statement recently.

Vijay Anand argued further that if the decision of the Tamil Nadu government is not quashed then students across the country would claim cancellation of arrears as a right. Recording the submissions, a division bench of Justice M M Sundreshand Justice R Hemalatha directed the state to file a detailed counter and adjourned the plea to September 30.


The AICTE stance
The AICTE is the national-level apex advisory body to survey the facilities available for technical education and the council's approval is required by universities to run technical courses. Sahasrabuddhe in his email remarked that he found it surprising that final year students, who had failed in various courses in the earlier semesters, are being passed without conducting examinations. 'This is not acceptable to award marks without conducting any examination and graduating the students. Such students will not be recognised by industry or by other universities for higher education,-' he said in the mail. Sahasrabuddhe further asserted that 'AICTE will be constrained to withdraw the approval of Anna University'.

While the state has defended its position in the Court on Tuesday, in a telephonic conversation with Express on Tuesday morning, Sahasrabuddhe claimed to be informed otherwise. He said that he had discussed the issue with the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu. 'He (Chief Secretary) also said that there is some misunderstanding...we are not waiving off exams for the failed students. It is somehow a wrong interpretation by people based on the circular which was issued which was very clear that (said) all AICTE UGC guidelines shall be followed,' he elaborated adding, 'Which means the exams will be undertaken.' He further said that the council will not be withdrawing the varsity's approval if arrear exams are held. 'How can someone with backlogs be passed?' he wondered.

Sahasrabuddhe further said that the remarks in the email will be meaningless if the state had not waived off the arrear exams. Will the arrear exams be cancelled?AICTE has not issued any official letter, it was an email, MK Surappaclarified to Express. When asked if Anna University issued any notification that waived off any arrear exam, Surappa said, 'We have not issued any circular like that to students.' He did not want to comment further on the issue. Principal Secretary to the Higher Education Department S Apoorva was unavailable for comments through repeated calls. 'We will follow whatever direction the court gives,' higher education minister KP Anbalagan told Express on a telephone call. Vice-Chancellors of some varsities too have expressed the same position on the matter.

(Inputs: SV Krishna Chaitanya)

Chennai: To address the concerns of engineering students, Anna University has decided to allow students under 2017 regulations to write arrears (reappearance) immediately following semester exams.

The academic council of Anna University which met here on Monday approved these changes and it would come into immediate effect once the Syndicate of Anna University approves them.

How To Clear M2 Arrear In Anna University Diploma

According to the new changes, the students will be allowed reappearance immediately following the semester. They also would be permitted to appear for exams in which they failed in the previous semesters without a maximum credit limit.

“To give more opportunities to students to clear their arrears, the academic council has decided to allow the students to reappear in the subsequent semesters. There will also be no maximum credit limit in the semester,” said M.K. Surappa, Vice-Chancellor of Anna University.

How To Clear M2 Arrear In Anna University Degree

Students should pass all papers in first semester

He added that if a student who failed to clear a subject in the first semester, would be allowed to reappear for the subject in the second semester itself.

How To Clear M2 Arrear In Anna University

As per 2017 regulations, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was introduced in affiliated engineering colleges during 2017-18. Under this system, students who failed in the theory course could only reappear along with regular students when that course was offered the next time. It meant that if a student could not clear a course in an odd semester, he or she could only reappear for the exam when the course was offered next year.

Further, the total number of credits that a student was allowed to register per semester could not exceed 36. However, to improve the quality of engineering education, the university plans to introduce a new rule from the next academic year.

“The students who don't have any arrears in the first semester alone will be allowed to study in the fourth year or seventh semester. The students need to clear all arrears in the five opportunities. This is to ensure a minimum quality,” Professor Surappa said.

How to clear m2 arrear in anna university admission

How To Clear M2 Arrear In Anna University College

Opposing the reappearance rules, engineering students across the state protested at several places including in front of Anna University's main campus on January 18.

The affiliated engineering colleges witnessed a steep decline in their November 2018 semester results and the students feared they could not finish their course within four years under the existing regulations.

After holding discussions with senior academicians and the board of studies, the standing committee of Anna University suggested changes in the 2017 regulations and the university has convened an academic council meeting to discuss the issue.

Sources said the academic council also approved the open day revaluation for the students studying in the university departments. “To bring transparency in the revaluation, the answer scripts would be re-evaluated in front of students. It would be applicable only to the students studying in the four campuses of Anna University including College of Engineering, Guindy, Madras Institute of Technology, Chromepet and Alagappa College of Technology,” sources added.


How To Clear M2 Arrear In Anna University Online Application

What do 2017 regulations say?

As per 2017 regulations, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was introduced in affiliated engineering colleges during the last academic year. Under this system, if a student could not clear a course in an odd semester, he or she can only reappear for the exam when the course is offered next year. Also, the total number of credits that a student is allowed to register per semester cannot exceed 36.