How To Update Audi Mmi Maps


This article talk on topic how to update Audi MMI Map by youself.We highly recommend to remove the old map before you starting update MMI map.

  1. Register to myAudi.com, add your car there by entering VIN. Download map updates to SD card (for whole Europe, 32gb SD card is needed).
  2. The Audi Multimedia Interface, or MMI, is the interactive system that drivers can use to interact with the car's interior settings including climate control, stereo settings, and GPS navigation. Audi MMI is not available on every model, but is an option on many newer Audi models. Since its introduction, the MMI.

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Benefits of removing old version map:

Avoid the not removable Fault code 03175 –Invalid Data Set error

Avoid errors while copying the map(out of size,slow write speed)


No remains of the old map files on the new map

Procedures of Updating MMI Map:

Open Green Menu:

MIBNot available

Go to nav/databaseupdate

Select “Delete database (will need reboot)” and click it.

Wait until system removes the data

When it finished reboot your MMI

MMI 2GSETUP+Main(Big) Button+Top Right Button
MMI 2G(A8)TEL+Main(Big) Button+Top Right Button
MMI 3GSETUP+Main(Big) Button+Top Right Button
MMI 3GPMENU+Main(Big) Button+Top Right Button
MMI 3GP(A1)TONE+Main(Big) Button +Top Right Button
RMC(A1/Q3)BACK+Main(Big) Button+Top Right Button
RMC(A6/A7)MENU+Main(Big) Button+Top Right Button

How To Update Audi Mmi Maps

Go to nav/databaseupdate

Select “Delete Nav HDD parttition” and click it

Wait until system removes the data

When it fininshed.Wait at least 30 seconds and then reboot your MMI.


SD Size:If THE map doesn’t fit in a 32 GB SD you can use 64 GB SD(or larger).

You must format your SD in FAT32 format(not ExFAT)

Format your SD in FAT32.

How To Update Audi Mmi Maps Free

Copy the root of your map in the SD(like picture below)


Open “Engineering Menu”

MIBBACK+Top Left Button

This screen will appear

Insert the SD card with the firmware in slot 1

Press the “Update” option using the MMI Control Panel

How To Update Audi Navigation

Scroll down with the big knonb and select the source in the menu (SD 1) pressing it.

How To Update Audi Mmi Maps Download

Select map pressing the big knob once

Select “Standard”

You will see a list with all categories that map will update.Scroll to bottom and press “Start Update” or “Start Download”

Another screen appears informing you that once you start updating this must not be interrupted.Select “Start” and press the big knob

The MMI will reboot and the update process will start.

How To Update Audi Mmi Navigation Maps

After several minutes/hours(it depends that what it has to update and the speed of your SD) the firmware update will be done.

Resume with all updated modules will appear.Scroll down and press “Continue”


Select “Cancel documentation” or “Abort documentation ” and the MMI will reboot

How To Update Audi Mmi Maps 2020

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How To Update Audi Mmi Maps

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