How To Use Photo Booth Effects On Mac


You can apply funky special effects to your Mac Photo Booth Picture either just before or after snapping the picture. You can make it look as though the picture was taken with a thermal camera or an X-ray or drawn with a colored pencil. You can turn the image into pop art worthy of Warhol or make it glow radioactively. Photo Booth is an incredible tool if you want to snap a few pictures with friends, do your makeup with your MacBook camera, record videos, play around with effects, and so, so much more. Here's everything you need to know about using Photo Booth on your Mac!


How To Use Photo Booth Effects On Mac

Macbook Photo Booth Effects

Nov 22, 2007
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St louis

How To Use Photo Booth Effects On Mac Computers

When we use the photo booth effect with the backgrounds, like Eiffel tower or roller coaster, parts of the picture are blanked out, its almost like parts are missing. Like part of my shirt for instance.It happens with still pics and video. I see this kind of thing happen when the weather man on tv wears a certain color tie, his tie acts like a green screen. That is what happens with my photo booth. I do step out of the frame, and get back in frame when its ready. Why does it do this? Is there any way to adjust this? It takes the fun away from using these cool effects