Htc Wildfire Android 2.3


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HTC Wildfire S Android smartphone. Announced Feb 2011. Features 3.2″ display, Snapdragon S1 chipset, 5 MP primary camera, 1230 mAh battery, 512 MB RAM.

i have not got the update please guide me.........

Device’s Operating System. Android 2.3.5., HTC sense 2.1. What type of account do you have. Space left on your device. Space left on your SD card (if applicable) 14.58GB. Space left on your External SD card (if applicable) N/A. Is your device rooted? Are you using a custom ROM, if so which one. I'm using an htc wildfire S with Android 2.3.3 to debug my app. But every time I deploy it, I get message: 2011-08-01 16:10:48 - motodevpckafv Failed to install motodevpckafv.apk on device '.

Htc Wildfire Android 2.3 7.0

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fazi, 14 Jun 2012my phone not update from this manner setting> about phone> software. plz guide me probably its not yet available in your country...they dont release the update all at the same time.

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  • fazi
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Htc wildfire android 2.3 8.0

my phone not update from this manner setting> about phone> software.
plz guide me

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2.3.3, when checked for updates, comes up with nothing. Bosnia

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  • kirca
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Currently my operating system is 2.3.5 software number 2.13.401.3. updated two months ago.
Two days appear FOTA system update about 24,7 MB in Macedonia. Because I was hurry and I quit for later. But after two days is gone and I hope will come back again. I guess that was a system update with a newer software version (2.14.401.1 - or any newer??)
If anyone has more release info about version 2.14.401.1 or any newer? let us say about his experiences if there are any improvements, deterioration, etc..

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I am using HTC Wildfire S in that there is a bug with unlocking and call answering. My android version is 2.3.5. Also the cell gets restart automatically during the call.

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got updated to 2.3.5

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It's amazing

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Google Play Store update to newer version 3.5.15
Missing Market App/Getting Google Play
Android Market is now part of Google Play - Google Play brings together all your favorite content in one place that you can access across your devices.
Missing the Android Market/Google Play store app from your Home screen
If you no longer see the Android Market or Google Play Store app shortcut on your Home screen, you'll need to re-add the icon. From your device's app launcher, find 'Play Store' (it looks like a white shopping bag with a colorful sideways triangle) from your device's app launcher, and long press (press and hold) to add it to your Home screen. Note that the icon will be under 'P' alphabetically, not under 'G.'
Missing the Play Store app from your app launcher
If the Google Play Store app doesn't appear in your app launcher, turn your device completely off (you'll need to power down - just turning off the screen is not sufficient). When you power the device back on, check the app launcher again.
Issues first launching Google Play
If the Google Play app disappears or force closes upon first open, please reboot your device (turn it completely off and back on), and try opening the app again.
Who will receive the update from Android Market to Google Play?
If your device can be updated, the Android Market app will automatically update to the Google Play Store app. Once you have it, the Google Play Store app automatically updates itself when new versions become available. This is a silent update, which means you will not see a notification and will not be prompted to update.
If your Android Market application has not updated to Google Play, try the following:
1. Make sure your device is Android operating system (OS) 2.2 or above
* To determine what version of Android your device is running, visit your phone’s Settings. Tap “About phone,” then tap “Software information.” The OS version number will appear under the heading “Android version.”
* If your device is running Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) or below, your device cannot be updated to Google Play, and you’ll continue to see the Android Market app. Older versions of the Android operating system aren’t compatible with the Google Play update. You’ll still be able to browse and buy apps in the version of Android Market available on your phone, and you can check out Android phones running the latest Android operating systems at www.google.com/phone.
2. Ensure you have the latest system update from your carrier or device manufacturer
* Additional system updates may be available from your carrier or device manufacturer in the coming days and weeks, so continue to check your device for new updates.
3. Some Android devices may require an additional system update from the device carrier or manufacturer to get Google Play. If you are running Android 2.2 or above, and have installed the latest system update, please contact your carrier or device manufacturer for more details
* Check the list of supported devices for your phone or tablet. The Google Play Store app is an application created by Google that is only made available to devices that pass Android’s compatibility requirements. In addition, manufacturers must obtain a license from Google in order to install Google Play on their devices. If you don’t have the the Google Play Store app, and your device is not listed here, that means your device is not supported for use with the Google Play Store app at this time. Contact your device manufacturer for additional details.
How do I know what version of the Android Market/Google Play Store app I have?
To check the version of Android Market/Google Play on your device:
1. Press Home, press Menu, and touch Settings
2. Touch Applications
3. Touch Manage applications
4. Touch the All tab (Android 2.2 or higher), or press Menu, touch Filter, and touch All (Android 2.1 or lower)
5. Scroll down and select Market/Play Store
The version number appears below the Market/Play Store title.

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  • Hazzard
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mizero, 23 Jan 2012Hi, My HTC Wildfire S has received the update, and now its upgraded to 2.3.5 with HTC Sense... moreHey Mizero which carrier do you have? I also live in Pakistan but didn't get any updates yet. I am on telenor. Please guide me.

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  • warch
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how did you get it update on 2.3.5 i am from Pakistan nothing yet, is it cause my phone is from Telstra?!?

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  • Raj
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g, 13 Mar 2012Atleast guide us how did upgrade? It wud b a great help dude...Goto
Settings -> About phone -> Software updates.

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  • Imteaj
  • Kh2

Got the update last year ! .. From Bangladesh

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  • mayank
  • vIa

just i update our device htc wildfire s. its very 2

Unlock htc wildfire
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  • kriston50
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Just got an update in Trinidad and Tobago

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Htc wildfire android 2.3 ghz
  • Sooty2k
  • wvM

I have just got the update and I am in New Zealand

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  • Anonymous
  • nsj

I got update and i am from Germany... :-)

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I didn't get the update and how do you update it?

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Jord (india), 16 Feb 2012I received the android 2.3.5 update for my HTC wildfire S smart phone and i'm loving it, the U... moreAtleast guide us how did upgrade? It wud b a great help dude...

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Hi All...just to update you, I just now upgraded my HTC Wildfire S to Android 2.3.5...and it seems to be much better, although would be able to get to know all the benefits in a day or two when I use it.....

Android Phone Htc

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Root Htc Wildfire S A510e Android 2.3.5

Htc Wildfire Android 2.3

Htc Wildfire E2