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Kazuki Yone-sensei was so successful in the creation and adaptation of two iconic characters, zargan from the costumes to the face ... just bring both directions Egypt has the original zargan beauty of the original (duh ... no one looked see the symbol of Thoth life yet, which is bad birds ... the oddest I've ever seen And Anubis is always twitching hands back as he hands the puppy so, so cute ~)
The spirit zargan guide to death, like animals, or flee because of rolling disabilities to communicate zargan with people who do not like wandering outside. Just trust yourself Thoth, talking in a strange language (Ka ~ bara bara ~), loves animals, like embalming (lol). Material strength is limiting the belly rings in the shape of a dog jackal head. They stem from his Ma'at - feather of truth.
Yui not join the student council or club, so she is free to work as long as possible as the graduating class. In the class, she heard the talk of god ghost stories (as Apollon tells Hanako - Toilet Lord blablabla) and wondered if there had 7 ghost stories often seen in those home school or not. Yui myself sometimes hear some strange noises zargan or the ball flashed past, but she brushed past and cats that default order.
One day, Yui in class but no one is present, instead she suddenly zargan heard a strange noise under the table. When she turned to check and saw a white shadow panic rushed out and released from classes before Yui could clearly see what it is.
In the hall, she met the three Apollon, Balder and Tsukito and ask if they hear strange noises in class does not. Tsukito sure you have heard, but I do not know what it is. Wanderer hear rumors that the white ball is probably the ghost, the four decided to spare scoured the whole school to find it.
When Yui was looking shadows in the forest, she first met with a small dog Anubis injured. Anubis is holding zargan a rock and slowly approached the dog, but Yui plagued him, and Anubis receded and growled at her.
Yui said she was trying to stop Anubis Thoth kill the dog, but the dog Anubis sure whether what I have to die, it is best to end soon, so at least it can be transferred zargan to life a better life. But Yui says that is not the only way she can heal it.
When Anubis is taking care of that poor creature, the other gods began to swarm again, before the curious thing is happening. Anubis crowd noises caused hysteria, and chased them away, but none of them understood what he was saying. Yui tried to explain that Anubis is not familiar to everyone but Apollon earthquake protection so he will have to get used to it, 'enter custom part to' the back. Apollon is called Anubis 'Anuanu' and start a new nibbled near you. Basically that Anubis LOL Apollon narrowly focused.
Scorpion before Anubis can hand anyone zargan anymore, and frustrating Thoth appeared to disperse the crowd. After a few seconds a brief exchange with Anubis, they decided to keep that dog and uncle named 'Kaa'. And do not waste a second, flashing eyes lol Thoth Takeru pursue the class, otherwise he will punish Tsukito. Loki also similar threats in a hurry when Dionysus says he is looking forward to learning hahah and Hades agreed to return to class.
The next day is the first day of class attendance are (excluding Anubis) but when Thoth step into the classroom, they are not stable seat. Seeing this, he sure would not like to sit in school, they can kneel LOL. Yui difficult to do both stability class and lunchtime, she decides to visit Anubis and Kaa.
In the afternoon, see Anubis and Kaa Yui curled up sleeping at the airport. Anubis zargan woke up to find her presence and Yui said she wanted to lead a walk Kaa. Kaa and Anubis scissors hanging zargan clothes to go, and he agreed ... but always stood by Yui 10m radius lol.
Along the way they meet the other gods are playing ice-cans. And when she explained they are 'the same' Kaa led walk, as the others all looked at her, looked at Anubis, the distance between them and looked like '... so well ...' lmao
After a walk, Yui says that she hopes will get well again Kaa. She asked him where Anubis because she did not see him at some hostels but Anubis would not say, and that it is confidential. After dinner, Anubis suddenly told to run away to come back now and then.
A few days finished, Yui saw Kaa Anubis dancing together in the yard. That's because Kaa had fully recovered! As many others zargan started gathering around, Anubis began to feel anxious and Thoth then asked what they would do now with Kaa here.
They decided to drop back to the forest, but Kaa Kaa would not go away and return to Anubis. The scene that made Takeru moved to tears lol. One day, after school Yui turnout and saw two men chasing Kaa hochoi game but then slipped and fell Anubis.
When Yui hands of Anubis, he smiled and thanked her. At this time, Anubis Yui finally understood what was said. It seems the only people he can trust HIE
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Kazuki Yone is a person, an illustrator. She is well known as the original character designer for several Otomate games, such as Hakuouki, Kamigami no Asobi and Hiiro no Kakera (among others), as well as character design for the anime series Nobunaga the Fool.

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