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Ferodo Racing is major supplier of the Lotus Cup Japan Rd4 Motegi series. Car #2 is factory car from Lotus Car Import that is demonstrating the performance of Ferodo Racing pads. Rd5 will be final race at Fuji on 17th Nov! Lotus Cup USA is excited to embark on its ninth season of competition in North America. Our 2019 schedule, run in conjunction with the United States Touring Car Championship, is below. ROUND 1 // LAS VEGAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY APRIL 20, 2019 - LAS VEGAS, NV.

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The Exige V6 Cup is the high powered, low weight, dedicated track car for North America made by Lotus. The lightweight V6 Cup is powered by a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine that drives through a 6-speed close-ratio gearbox.Adjustable race suspension and both front and rear anti-roll bars are employed in conjunction with the 4-way adjustable DPM (Dynamic Performance Management) package to provide the Exige V6 Cup with crisp handling that works with the driver. All in all, this car wasn't built to drive on a track, it was made to own it.

*U.S. Spec Model increases HP output from 345 to 355 per Lotus Cars USA.


  • Max power: 350 PS (345 hp) at 7,000 rpm*
  • Max torque: 400 Nm (295 lbft) at 4,500 rpm
  • 0-60 mph: < 3.8 seconds*
  • 0-100 km/h: < 4.0 seconds
  • Max speed: 170 mph (274 km/h)
  • Fuel consumption mpg (I/100 km): Urban 19.5 (14.5)*, Extra urban 37.3 (7.6)*, Combined 28.0 (10.1)*
  • CO2 emissions: 236 g/km


Lotus Cup Usa Racing School

  • All alloy, 3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVT-i, 24-valve, equipped with Harrop HTV 1320 supercharger utilizing Eaton TVSTM technology
  • Baffled engine sump
  • Mid-mounted, transverse, rear wheel drive
  • Multi-point sequential fuel injection and direct ignition system
  • Lotus Electronic Throttle Control system
  • 6 speed manual gearbox with sports ratios
  • Constant mesh helical gears and open differential
  • BOSCH Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)


Lotus Cup RacingLotus

Lotus Cup Racing

  • Lightweight, extruded aluminum bonded chassis structure
  • Fully independent double wishbone suspension with front and rear anti-roll bar
  • T45 steel roll hoop and A-frame
  • 2-way adjustable Nitron dampers, front and rear
  • Two-piece high performance brake discs with red calipers
  • Lotus/BOSCH tuned ABS system
  • 4 mode Lotus Dynamic Performance Management (Lotus DPM) system including launch control
  • Exhaust bypass valve override switch
  • Optimized suspension to suit the Trofeo tyre characteristics

Lotus Cup Racing Onboard Videos Youtube

Lotus Cup Racing


  • Aerodynamically optimized front splitter, rear diffuser and wing
  • LED front day time running lights with integrated direction indicators
  • LED rear lamps with integrated direction indicators
  • Gloss black, cast alloy wheels (17' front and 18' rear)

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