Magic Item Table C

Dnd5e random magic item table

Dnd 5e Magic Item Table C

The DMG, in Chapter 7, presents random magic item tables.
Can anyone offer any insight into how these are constructed? What determines whether an item goes in Table B, versus Table C, versus Table E?
For example, I can tell that Table A is strictly common or uncommon items, mostly expendable items like scrolls and potions, with a small chance of select utility (non-combat) uncommon items.
EDIT: I think I roughly hacked the design of the magic item tables...not perfect, but perfect enough...
Table A. small table = common potions with small chance of select uncommon potion (greater healing), common scrolls (cantrip-1st) with small chance of 2nd level scrolls, small chance of select utility (non-combat) uncommon magic items.
Table B. uncommon potions, uncommon scrolls (2nd-3rd), uncommon items (including magic armors without +1 bonus), +1 ammo (NOT +1 weapons), Water breathing/swimming items.
Table C. rare potions (including Flying), rare scrolls (4th-5th), rare items that are either utility or limited-use combat (necklace of fireballs, beads of force), +2 ammo.
Table D. very rare potions (including Invisibility), very rare scrolls (6th-8th), select very rare / rare items (e.g. bag of devouring, horseshoes of a zephyr, portable hole), +3 ammo.
Table E. small table = a few very rare potions, very rare/legendary scrolls (8th-9th), very rare/legendary expendable items (e.g. sovereign glue)
Table F. NO potions/scrolls, weapon +1, shield +1, wand/rod +1, Flying items (broom of flying, winged boots), uncommon instruments, uncommon decks, stat-boosting items (gauntlets of ogre power), uncommon rings, uncommon staves, weird mix of uncommon items (e.g. boots of elvenkind)
Table G. NO potions/scrolls, weapon +2, shield +2, wand/rod +2, armor +1, rare rings, rare ioun stones, Flying items (cloak of the bat, ring of levitation, wings of flying), CR 5 Summoning items (brazier of commanding fire elementals), Teleportation (helm of teleportation), mix of rare items, figurines of wondrous power
Table H. NO potions/scrolls, weapon +3, shield +3, wand/rod +3, armor +2, rare staves, very rare weapons (sword of sharpness), very rare staves, very rare rings, very rare ioun stones, Flying items (carpet of flying), Planewalking items (amulet of the planes), CR 11 Summoning items (efreeti bottle), Permanent stat-boosting items (tome of leadership and influence)
Table I. NO potions/scrolls, armor +3, legendary items

Dnd 5e Magic Items Table

Magic Item Table C. D100 Magic Item; 01–15: Potion of superior healing: 16–22: Spell scroll (4thlevel) 23–27: Ammunition, +2: 28–32: Potion of clairvoyance. Possessing a certificate for your magic item, in many cases, unlocks the ability for you to trade the item – the certificate even has a trade log right on it if you'd like to trade it to another player's character. Each tradable item can be traded up to two times in total.