Nikon Nexiv Vmr 3020 Manual


VMR-3020: NEXIV VMZ-Rシリーズ VMZ-R3020. ウェハキャリア測定機 NEXIV VMR-C4540 -. 生産終了品一覧は、2019年12月1日現在の情報を掲載. Now, thanks to the speed, accuracy and precision of the Nikon Nexiv VMR-3020 pattern search, edge detection and through-the-lens laser auto focus system for critical height measurement, we can make the necessary checks while the machines are running at full capacity and analyse the data in time to effect any adjustments. The NEXIV VMR-3020 maximum magnification module achieves measurements of finely machined workpieces. Perfect for measurements of topical MEMS parts, high-density PCBs and semiconductor packages.The combination of the maximum magnification module and high-precision stage enables accurate measurements of large geometry workpieces as well as. A high resolution lens system featuring large 300mm range and laser height measurements. An ideal general purpose 3D coordinate measuring system with 300 x 200 x 150mm stage travel, the NEXIV-3020 handles a variety of measurement tasks including those for mechanical parts, molded parts, stamped parts and various other workpieces.

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  5. Nikon Nexiv Vmr 3020 Manual

Nikon Nexiv Vmr 3020 Manual Driver

High precision, high-speed and easy measurement of various samples

Designed for middle size components and/or series measurements of multiple pieces on the stage, including mid-size mechanical parts, molded parts, flat panels and PCBs.

Standard magnification zooming heads: Type 1, 2, 3

Type 1, 2 and 3, have Nikon 15× zoom optics with a long working distance, wide FOV and a high NA 0.35. They come with LED episcopic and diascopic illuminators, as well as an LED 8-segment ring illuminator with three incident angles.

High magnification zooming heads: Type 4 and Type TZ

Type 4 and TZ have Nikon 15× and 120× zoom optics with higher magnification and a higher NA 0.46. Type 4 comes with LED episcopic and diascopic illuminators, as well as an LED 8-segment ring illuminator with a 50-degree incident angle. TZ has LED episcopic, diascopic (for higher magnification) and darkfield illuminators.

Wide field-of-view zooming head: Type A

Nikon Nexiv Vmr 3020 Manual Transmission

Type A features Nikon 10× zoom optics with the widest FOV, the longest working distance and the highest NA 0.11. It comes with LED episcopic and diascopic illuminators, as well as an LED 8-segment ring illuminator with an 18-degree incident angle.

Magnification vs. Field of view (mm)

Standard magnification zooming heads

Type 1
Optical magnification0.5×7.5×
Total magnification18×36×72×144×270×
Field of View (mm)9.33 × 7.014.7 × 3.52.33 × 1.751.165 × 0.8750.622 × 0.467
Type 2
Optical magnification15×
Total magnification36×72×144×288×540×
Field of View (mm)4.7 × 3.52.33 × 1.751.165 × 0.8750.582 × 0.4370.311 × 0.233
Type 3
Optical magnification16×30×
Total magnification72×144×288×576×1080×
Field of View (mm)2.33 × 1.751.165 × 0.8750.582 × 0.4370.291 × 0.2180.155 × 0.117

Nikon Nexiv Vmr 3020 Manual Download

High magnification zooming heads

Type 4
Optical magnification16×32×60×
Total magnification144×288×576×1152×2160×
Field of View (mm)1.165 × 0.8750.582 × 0.4370.291 × 0.2180.146 × 0.1090.07 × 0.068
Type TZ
Optical magnification7.5×16×32×64×120×
Total magnification36×72×144×270×576×1152×2304×4320×
Field of View (mm)4.7 × 3.52.33 × 1.751.165 × 0.8750.622 × 0.4670.291 × 0.2180.146 × 0.1090.073 × 0.0550.039 × 0.029

Wide field-of-view zooming head

Type A
Optical magnification0.35×0.6×1.8×3.5×
Total magnification12.6×21.6×36×64.8×126×
Field of View (mm)13.3 × 107.8 × 5.84.7 × 3.52.6 × 1.91.33 × 1
  • *Total magnification is that of a video window with 640 × 480 pixels on a 24-inch WUXGA monitor (1920 × 1200 pixels) recommended for the VMZ-R series.

Designed to detect the surfaces of thin transparent materials, the TTL Laser AF offers high speed and high accuracy.

  • *Not available for Type A

Standard magnification zooming heads (Type 1-3) come with 8-segment LED inner and outer ring illuminators, as well as episcopic and diascopic illuminators. Light intensity can be easily adjusted by changing the illumination angles of the 8-segment LED Ring Illuminator.

Nikon Vmr

  • *The angles of the 8-segment ring illuminator for Type 4 is 50 degrees and for Type A is 18 degrees.

High rate of data transfer combined with fast illumination control provides faster throughput.

5-step high-speed zoom with a zoom ratio of 15x allows both wide field-of-view at low magnification and high-resolution observation at high magnification (available for Type 1, 2, 3, 4).

Nikon Nexiv Vmr 3020 Manual


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Nikon nexiv vmr 3020 manual

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