Outlook Mso Dll Crash


This article is on the mso.dll error. In this article, you will find relevant information regarding this topic. This article will help you to provide all the necessary solutions to fix the dll file error. Along with that with the latest information, the table is formed by which you can get to know about the basic info on this particular dll file. Scroll down to read more about this article.

  1. Outlook Mso.dll Crash
  2. Outlook 365 Mso.dll Crash

Well i copied over the mso.dll file and word editor is not being used for editing, sorry to say this now how do i get Outlook started with out going into safe mode, if i say no it just asks if i would like to restart Outlook. I have upgraded her to Office 2003 not only outlook, after that only Event ID 2000, 1000 is logged. Thanx again for the time. Microsoft Outlook is immediately crashing worldwide when users start the application, with 0xc0000005 errors displayed in the Windows Event Viewer. These crashes started occurring over the last.

MSO.dll File

Type of file:Win32 DLL
File size:9.53MB - 16.51MB
File version:4 versions available
Product name:Microsoft Office XP
Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Copyright: Copyright© Microsoft Corporation 1983-2001

What Can Cause The MSO.dll Error?

The reason behind the cause of the dll file is as follows. As there are 4 basic reasons behind the cause of the error.

  1. The file is missing from the actual location of your computer.
  2. The files got corrupted due to virus or the system is not able to read the file.
  3. While registering the dll file you must have made a mistake.
  4. Hardware issue or due to the oldest version of the dll file.

The image above has shown is the image of the pop-up error that appears on the screen and it can come using any name or sentence as shown in the below list.

“mso.dll Not Found”

“This application failed to start because mso.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

Cannot find [PATH]mso.dll “

“Failed to load mso.dll “

Unable to find mso.dll entry point”

“The file mso.dll is missing.”

“Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: mso.dll . Please install [APPLICATION] again.”

Hence, this was all about the cause behind the dll file. The next section is about the methods to solve the missing dll file. The methods contain.

Methods To Fix The mso.dll Error

According to research, we get to know that there are various methods to solve the dll file error. Some of the methods are followed which will surely be helpful to you to solve the all dll file error. The methods are as follows:

Outlook Mso.dll Crash

Method 1: Restart Your Computer

This method is known as the precautionary method because when the error appears and the dll file and registration everything is proper then the error can be a fluke. So, when such things happen close all the running programs and restart your computer. Then run the same program you were operating before restarting the computer. If still the error occurs then follow the next method which is as follows.

Method 2: Scan For A virus

While working on the system or while surfing the internet at that time the virus can appear into your system device. At that time by just restarting the computer will not be a better option to solve the dll file error. For that, you have to run an anti-virus scanner and wait till it does not show anything. When it shows the virus, click on the remove the virus and it will help you to remove the virus. Then restart your computer. But still, you think something is missing then go for the last method.

Method 3: Install The mso.dll File

This is the last method of installing the dll file. Know about the latest version of the dll file. Then go for the download options to down the dll file. Save it to its original location of the dll file. Then install the dll file. Register the location name of the dll file. Restart your device and operate the same program.

Hence, all the above-mentioned information was presented for you to solve the dll missing file error. So, here our main fragmentation ends by following the above-mentioned steps. The next part is about the dll file articles.

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This ends our article here with all the necessary information. The mso.dll error could pop-up on your screen for various reason and the major cause behind the dll file is due to 4 issues mentioned above. I hope all the overview of providing the information was helpful to you. You can freely ask questions to us. If you wish to share your experience with us then comment in the below-given box. Thank you.