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Hey guys today just doing a quick tutorial on how to download and resister the League of Legends PBE clientLeave a like and subscribe Road to 100 subs!!! Download the PBE client Windows Mac. Once you're in, we welcome your feedback! To give feedback to our developers, please visit our PBE forums here. To provide bug feedback, check out the in. PBE Download Center. Download our tech sheets, brochures, and more.

Do you want to play on PBE to try new skins, champions and don’t know how to download the PBE client ?
Don’t worry, we got you!

First we need to download the PBE client installer by clicking here. The installers size is about 100MB.

#1 – After download is completed, go to “Riot Games” folder (“C:Riot Games”), and put the downloaded file there.

Pbe Servers Lol

#2 – Now double click the installer and select yes on the next dialog. The installer is now launched.

#3 – Press “Next”, then tick “Accept the Terms” and press again next.
Now League of Legends PBE Client is installing on our computer (the installing process will roughly take 1 to 3 minutes depending on your computer).

#4 – After installer completes its job, you will see one last dialog. You either have to tick the box about starting the PBE client now (as shown in the picture below) or untick it to start the PBE Client Later.


When you open the PBE client from the installed folder (“C:Riot GamesPBELeagueClient.exe”), PBE will begin to download the latest PBE updates.
The first time you are updating your client, you will have to download more than 5GB of data. After that, every PBE update is about 50-200MB.


Create a PBE client shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking your “LeagueClient.exe” which is within the “C:Riot GamesPBE” folder and click “Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)”.

Download Pbe Client

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Today, April the 9th from 15:30 GMT until 19:59 GMT

Lol Pbe Server Download

DEV-server will be open for public testing of upcoming Update 1.39

Tank battles will be available in Events mode for CBT members!

Pbe Server Download

Download Dev server installer here

Major additions:

  • New aircraft and missions
  • Tank battles in Events mode for CBT members
  • Squadron battles in Events mode, player’s duel rating
  • Players’ rating (“ladder”)
  • User generated content support
  • Progression system has been adjusted: new aircraft of the same rank take less time to unlock
  • “Schräge Musik” available
  • Separate fire control for the weapons of different calibres
  • Significant improvements for AI behaviour

War Thunder team