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How to Make PS1 Games Change to Eboots for PSP Usage: Hi i will show you how to make PS1 games work on a PSP. FIrst have a PSP with CFW. Mine is 6.35 PRO-B9 beta. I have the same problem, tried a couple of programs to convert my ff9 ps1 discs for gaming on the psp. I made a ccd copy using alcohol 120%, then converted to iso using Magic ISO (a little complicated, maybe there are some easier ways), then tried to use psx2psp but the same problem, Unable to open BASE.PBP.

Psx To Psp Iso Roms

  • PSX2PSP v.1.4.2 info:
    * Bugfix, iso.ccd and iso.cue files where not deleted after extracting iso.
    PSX2PSP v.1.4.1 info:
    * Fixed bug that made single disc games not work.
    PSX2PSP v.1.4 info:
    * Added some more multi disc stuff and changed how multi disc games are selected.
    * Added support to change multi disc games. So now you can modify pictures and even add isos to already converted pbp files.
    * Added multi disc support to batch mode. The program will search from these file names: ' cd','-cd',' disc','-disc',' cd ','-cd ',' disc ','-disc '. So if you got 'test cd1.img' and 'test cd2.img', they will get converted into the same PBP file.
    * Added support for extracting isos from multi disc PBP files.
    * All PBP files, even multi disc, support CDDA.
    * ZLib should now be compiled into the popstation.dll file.
    PSX2PSP v.1.3 info:
    * Added support for 80x80 icons.
    * Added support for multi disc games.
    * Added some new colors to the default theme.
    PSX2PSP v.1.2 info:
    * Fixed bugs in popstation.dll.
    * Added effects to customized icons. Check theme pic below.
    I've attached pics.zip. It contains Theme_white.psd and cIcon0.psd.
    I've also attached Theme_editor.zip. It contains a simple theme editor and src for the theme editor. (When using the theme editor, save often and take backup of layout.ini)
    Src might be released some time in the future.
    Customized images by others:
    Auto Generate Pack by SiTWulf.
    v.1.1 info:
    * Added batch mode. Check pic below.
    * Added command line support. Info below.
    * Added a new Customized image for icon0.
    * Fixed 'The application failed to initialze properly (0xc0150002)' bug.
    * Fixed bug that made prog check for snd file instead of a at3 file.
    To start batch mode run 'Batch mode.lnk'. (Only available after PSX2PSP.exe have been started at least once)
    When converting in batch mode, all .iso, .bin, .img and .pbp files will be converted. The program will check in every subfolder for theese files.
    Command line:
    PSX2PSP.exe /theme Opens program in theme mode.
    PSX2PSP.exe /clasic Opens program in clasic mode.
    PSX2PSP.exe /batch Opens program in batch mode.
    PSX2PSP.exe 'c:file.iso' Opens c:file.iso.
    Icon pack and design of icons courtesy of matriculated: (Original torrent by l337h4l)
    If you download and extract files to '.picspic1' most games from USA will show the game cover as shown below.
    Megaupload link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XMJE8ZWN
    The icon pack contains 1400 icons and is about 150MB.
    v.1.0 info:
    * Source code have been rewritten from scratch.
    * Added theme support. (Check pic below)
    * Using popstrip and popstation in one DLL file so converting files is much faster .
    * Program can create custom images. Check Default Icon0 profile for a example.
    * Supports cdda from both .cue and .ccd files.
    * Can save toc to both .cue and .cdd when extracting iso from pbp.
    * Can use any type of pictures (.jpg,.bmp...) for icon0, pic0, pic1 and boot.
    * Converting PBP files in one pass. (Can even PAL fix already converted PBP files)
    * And some other stuff...
    Place base.pbp in files folder. If you are using 3.03 OE-B or below, you will also need keys.bin in the files folder.
    Theme mode: (Icon0 in below image was automatically generated by the program. The pic was also automatically resized to fit the screen.

  • Old change log:
    v.0.2 info:

    * Fixed some bugs and added error reporting.
    * Possible to also add ICON1.PMF and SND0.AT3 files.
    * Modify PBP files that have already been converted by popstation.
    It is only possible to modify PBP files from popstation that have not been changed by any other program. If the file have been changed, images will look ok but save info will be wrong.
    v.0.3 info:
    * Changed the way the program changes title and save ID. Hopefully it fixes the problems some people are having.
    * Added some more tags to saveID.
    v.0.4 info:
    * Added option to extract ISO file from already converted PBP files.
    * Fixed some bugs.
    v.0.5 info:
    * New name.
    * Handles already converted PBP files better. It is now possible to change title, game id and all other info in allready converted PBP files.
    * Preview option.
    * Extracts save ID from ISO file.
    * Gets game title from DB.
    * Separate game title and save title. Multidisk games can have different game titles but with one save title.
    * Shows what region the game is from.
    When changing stuff in a already converted PBP file all images have to be added again.
    * All save ID's should now be detected.
    * Fixed bug that made memory stick led flash to much.
    * Added PAL 2 NTSC fix. (Based on info from CoNsOlEmOdDeR, thanx)
    * PBP files can now be Previewed.
    * Dont have to re-add all pictures when editing PBP files.
    * PBP files are now 100% editable. All info in them, except the iso, can be changed.
    * Can automatically add pictures based on Game id. Add pictures in Pics folder. (Check readme for some more info)
    * Can use bigger pictures and sound files, in bytes, then files converted with only popstation.exe.
    * Fixed a bug with PAL 2 NTSC. If you used to big pictures/sound it did not always find code to patch.
    * Added Abort to both Extract ISO and Convert PBP.
    * Fixed bug with converting ISOs. Now there should not be any 'PBP file don't contain a ISO.' errors when converting ISO files.
    * Added support for warning screen.
    * Added options. Now you can set default images and folders.
    * Added command line support. Ex: PSX2PSP.exe 'C:name.iso'
    * Added support for compression in 3.03 OE-A.