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All the parts can be ordered from SprinklerWarehouse.com


Rain Bird has designed this service to give homeowners, like yourself, the advice you need to plan and install the perfect sprinkler system. We have all made unnecessary trips to the store because we bought the wrong materials, too much of one thing, or not enough of another. With this design service and planning, putting in your own sprinkler system will not be one of those projects. Rain Bird will send you a computer drawn sprinkler system plan, customized to meet your yard’s requirement.

What You Give Rain Bird:

  • Print the Design Form.
    Homeowner Sprinkler System Design Request Form (PDF: 361 KB) -- ENGLISH

    Formulario de solicitud de diseño para los propietarios de casa (PDF: 649 KB) -- SPANISH

  • Draw your property on the graph paper and complete the questionnaire.
  • Mail, fax or email the sketched plan and questionnaire to Rain Bird.

    Rain Bird Sprinkler Design Service
    2498 Roll Drive, Suite 925
    San Diego, CA 92154 USA
    Fax: 800-862-4927
    Email: [email protected]

  • Your personally designed system will be sent to you via the option of your choice. (Not all options are available in all areas).

Option 1: Free Service*

Your design will be processed and sent to you in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format via email. Please make sure your email account has at least 2 MB of free space to receive the file. Turn around time is usually 10 business days.

*Not available in all states, provinces or territories.

Option 2: Standard Service (Free after rebate)*

WANT IT FASTER? For just $29.95 ($69.95 for Texas residents), you'll get full color computer-drawn 8 1/2' x 14' printouts of your design package sent via mail WITHIN 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS! You also have the option of recieving your design via e-mail.

*Prices and services available may vary due to state, province or territory.

Option 3: Rain Bird Rapid Response Service

WANT IT REALLY FAST? For $49.95 ($89.95 for Texas residents), we can design your plans within 3 BUSINESS DAYS. Not only will you recieve the printed sprinkler system design mailed to you, an installation DVD will also be included. You also have the option of recieving your design via e-mail.

*Prices and services available may vary due to state, province or territory.

What Rain Bird Gives You:

A complete design package consisting of the following:

  • Color-coded sprinkler head placement and spray patterns
  • Color-coded layout of zones, valves, pipe, timer and wire
  • A valve-by-valve parts list for easy installation
  • An itemized shopping list of all the parts you will need

What Sprinkler Warehouse Gives You:

(NOTE: Sprinkler Warehouse only carries Commercial part numbers. The parts list that Rain Bird sends you is comprised of Residential part numbers. Sprinkler Warehouse has provided a conversion chart to help you find the items you need for your design quickly and easily! Please click HERE to view the conversion chart)

Whether you are designing or installing your own sprinkler system, you will find all the help you need here! Download one of the Planning and Installation Guides for all the answers to your questions. Or you can have Rain Bird or Toro Designer Center Professionals design your sprinkler system for you!


Want to design your new system yourself? Download the complete Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Planning & Installation Guide (PDF file) for all the help you will need. From planning and designing to installing and testing both sprinkler and drip systems, this guide covers it all!


This manual was prepared at the request of numerous individuals who either wished to learn the basic techniques of landscape irrigation design or who are teachers of the subject. Intended as a very basic text for irrigation design, this manual proceeds as if the reader has no prior knowledge in the subject. As you use this manual, be sure to review the practical exercises at the end of each section. In some cases, new information and tips, not covered in the previous section, are found in the exercises.


This booklet is intended to be used when designing and installing small single family residential sprinkler systems. Hunter recommends contracting the services of a professional irrigation designer when planning large residential or commercial projects.

This handbook is provided in PDF format. You must have the free Adobe Reader to view and print this file.

English Handbook (1 MB)English Graph Paper for Design Handbook (24 K)
English Metric Handbook (844 K)English Metric Graph Paper for Handbook (144 K)
Spanish Handbook (1.3 MB)Spanish Graph Paper for Design Handbook (125 K)

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Sprinkler System Layout Diagram

Providing you with professional advice and planning assistance direct from the industrys leading manufacturer, this comprehensive sprinkler design service co. Rain Bird Homeowner Sprinkler Design Service Get Your Free, Professional Sprinkler System Design Just tell us a little about your yard along with a sketch of your property and our expert designers will take care of the rest.