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Google Face Recognition. This one is the part of the Google reverse image search technology which. About the reverse image search tool. This tool saves time when you are doing a reverse image search. It creates links to the most popular reverse photo search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex, Tineye, Baidu, and Sogou. We also support specialized searches like anime and manga search engines and KarmaDecay for Reddit.

Are you trying to know about someone just by having their picture where his face is visible? If yes, learning about “Face Search” will help you to fulfill your purpose. The technology has evolved so much that we can now find out about people just by using their pictures.

This particular phenomenon is achieved by using “Facial Recognition Engines.” In this post, I’m going to guide you on how to do it. So, you can easily find out about anyone you want when the only thing you know about them is their face.

Face Finder


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What is Face Search?

We have come a long way in terms of technology. Ever since the introduction of AI, the digital world has been experiencing a revolution, and facial recognition is a part of it. Face Search is the technique of finding someone by using his or her picture where the face is visible or detectable. The face recognition tools are used for this purpose. Such tools read and record the face from the picture and then scan their database to find similar samples.

After thorough scanning, you will see pictures and even profiles having a similar face to the one available in your picture. Along with the results, you will receive all the available information about the picture, such as gender, age, race, and other similar data.

A wide range of professionals such as lawyers, marketing agencies, models, and other businesses are using this new technology to enhance their services. Since it is a growing solution, you can find a lot of software vendors offering Face recognition online APIs available to integrate with apps and other utilities.

Is it possible to search for someone using his picture?

You must have seen movies or shows where the Government agencies or intelligence bureaus use pictures of a culprit to find out more about him. Earlier, it was only possible for them. But now, it is possible for almost anyone to search for someone using his picture. If you have someone’s picture and want to know about his whereabouts, you can use the online facial recognition tools to do that.

There can be various reasons to do this. For example, you can use it to verify the reality when you suspect someone using a fake profile picture or to spot scams on dating websites, or even Airbnb. You can also use the technique to find out about your old college friend, or even the girl you found on a forum. The possibilities are endless.

Reverse Image Search Facial Recognition

How to do Face Search Using a Picture of Someone?

Reverse Image Search Facial Recognition Template

As I have mentioned above, it is now completely possible to search for someone using his picture where his face is clearly visible. I’ll teach you how to do that here. To do a face search using a picture of someone, you will have to use a facial recognition engine. I’ll tell you about all the good ones later. For now, I’ll explain the method by using the most popular and simplest one, Google.

Google is now able to recognize faces in pictures and you can search for someone by uploading his picture in the ‘reverse image search’ feature. To know how to do that, follow these steps:

Step-1: Open a browser and visit images.google.com (Google Reverse Image Search). Now, click on the ‘Camera’ icon present in the search bar.

Step-2: Next, click on ‘Upload an image,’ and upload the picture you want to use. After uploading, click on the ‘Search by image‘ button.

Step-3: On the results page, type “&imgtype face” next to the uploaded image, and hit the ‘search’ icon.

That’s it. You will then see Google will present all the web pages wherever a picture with a similar face is used. This is how you can do Face recognition searching with Google. You can also use other advanced facial recognition engines for this purpose. I have listed all the good ones below.

8 Best Facial Recognition (Face Search) Engines

For searching for someone’s face using his picture, you have to rely on good facial recognition engines. There are many options available and trying to use all of them can be very time-consuming. So, I have compiled the best ones here. You can use these search engines to find out about anyone using his picture. The procedure to use them is very similar to the one explained above.

You have to upload an image, hit the search icon, and then go through the results. You will easily learn everything just by visiting them. If you get any doubts, you can contact me at any time through the comment box.

1. Google Reverse Image Search

We have already looked at how Google’s reverse image search feature can help you to find out about someone using a picture of his face. So, Google Reverse Image Search is the first engine that you can use for facial search. However, you shouldn’t forget that it doesn’t focus on facial recognition specifically, but performs detection by taking the whole image into account. That’s why sometimes it is pretty inaccurate.

2. PimEyes Facial Recognition

PimEyes is a dedicated online facial recognition search web service. You have to upload photos and it will find people with similar faces from all around the web. It will also inform where the pictures are coming from. The service goes through millions of websites and uses intelligent AI to provide very accurate facial recognition search results. You can use it instead of Google to get the best facial search results.

3. Berify Reverse Image Search

Berify is specifically a reverse image search engine to find your stolen images or videos. However, you can also utilize its facial recognition API for your searching someone’s profile as well. Its proprietary image matching algorithm is better than any other engine’s and is able to look beyond public domains. You should definitely try it.

4. TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye is another reverse image search engine with facial recognition capabilities. So, you can use it to search for anyone using his facial profile. You just need to upload your picture and hit the search icon, and the results will definitely provide what you are trying to find. It also has a browser extension that comes pretty handy at times.

5. Social Catfish People Search

Social Catfish is a dedicated search engine to find people. It is generally used to find lost connection and verify a person’s online identity. It allows you to search for someone using his name, email address, phone number, username, and image. So, if you have an image with a face, you can upload it on Social Catfish, and it will tell you about the people with similar faces.

6. Bing Image Search

Bing is often considered a Google alternative, and it also has a reverse image search feature. You just need to visit the Bing homepage, and then click on ‘Images’ to access it. Then, you will find the ‘camera’ icon that you can use to upload your image and find its similar profiles. However, just like Google, Bing also takes the whole image into account, and not just the face.

Reverse image search facial recognition

7. Yandex Face Search

Yandex is another search engine that allows you to search using images and has facial recognition capabilities. It is often known as ‘Russian Google.’ But, its facial recognition algorithm is even better and more accurate than Google itself. You should definitely try it once. Just visit it, and click on the ‘camera’ icon to upload your picture.

Google Reverse Image Search Facial Recognition

8. Pinterest Image Search

Pinterest is a popular social media platform dedicated to images. You can use it to perform any facial recognition search. To do that, you have to upload the picture as ‘Pin’ on your board on Pinterest, then you have to click on the pinned photo and then click on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon present on the bottom-right side. So, it will go through the whole database and will present all the similar images in the results.

Final Verdict

Face Search is a growing technique of finding someone by using his/her picture where the face is clearly visible. There are many tools available nowadays to do that. You can always use a facial recognition search engine to find anyone using a picture. These are the 8 best ones that you can use. If you aren’t satisfied with the results of a single-engine, you can always try multiple options to get the most accurate results.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.

About the reverse image search tool

This tool saves time when you are doing a reverse image search. It creates links to the most popular reverse photo search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex, Tineye, Baidu, and Sogou.

We also support specialized searches like anime and manga search engines and KarmaDecay for Reddit.

You can also find similar images to the one you are searching for in the most popular free stock photo sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, Reshot, StockSnap, ISORepublic, Burst, FreeStocks.org, Flickr, and PicJumbo that are indexed by Google.

Terms of use

You can not upload illegal images on the server. We log the IP addresses and will report any violations to the authorities.

All images should comply with the terms of service of DigitalOcean. You can check their Acceptance Use Policy here.

We respect our users’ privacy. The photos you upload are not stored on the server for longer than 24 hours.

We do not write any of the users’ information to a database. We use log files in plain text that log IPs against the uploaded files and are deleted daily.

If you want to store images for a longer period, use image hosting like Imgur.

Supported file types are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and the file size should be up to 5MB.

We use Google Captcha V3 for spam protection. You can see Google Terms and Policies here.

How to use the reverse image search

You can either paste a URL of an image or photo from the web or upload one to our server from your computer.

When you click on the Search image button the tool will load for you all the links to the major and specialized reverse photo search engines we have listed.

Scroll down, click on Check image or the generated links to open new windows, where the reverse search with the image will be ready for you.

Google a person by picture

You can do this with similar photo searches as well.

Sometimes if you have opened the developer tools before that or the page was idle for a long time, this will trigger the Google invisible captcha. Upload or paste the link to the image again and it should load properly.

Reverse photo search on your mobile phone

Our reverse image search is web based and mobile-friendly and can be used on any modern-phone that has a web browser and internet connection regardless of the operating system. So you can easily perform reverse photo lookup on both Android and iOS or other mobile OS.

When you tap on the ‘choose file’ you can choose a photo from your mobile phone or you can take a photo with your phone’s camera (this is useful if you want to find a product or a place you liked on the spot).

You can also use the pictures from your phone storage or paste a URL of an image you want to search for.

Reverse Image Search Facial Recognition Expressions

We have tested the search by a photo on different android phones, iPhone, iPad, Windows phones, and different tablets.

Who can benefit from the reverse photo lookup?

Photographers and digital artists: you can protect your copyrights and know if someone had used your images without permission.

Web and graphic designers: you can upload a photo or image you love and find hundreds of similar images and free stock photos that you can use in your projects.

Webmasters and digital marketers: find who has used your original images and infographics and contact them to get credit for your work and backlinks to your website. Or you can see if and when an image has been posted to sites like Reddit so you are not blamed for reposting.

Regular internet users can use the reverse photo search for:

  • shopping – to find products you like in the real world and where to buy them online
  • travel – if you have seen a beautiful place and want to visit it you can find the original source and the location
  • personal safety – you can look up the photos of people you just met in your life and you are not sure wether to trust them. You can search by photo also to identify fake accounts on social media

Usage of the reverse image search

Protect copyrights and avoid plagiarism

People often copy images without attribution. You can use the combined power of the most powerful reverse image engines to find who has copied your work without permission and contact them. Then you can use our HostingChecker tool to find where the website is hosted and contact the host with DMCA claim if needed.

Find the origin of an image or a photo

If you like an image and want to use it on your website or in your work it is always best to find the original author and ask for permission to save yourself trouble and lawsuits. You can do that by using the reverse search engines and browse for the oldest and largest entries. This is usually the original author.

Or you can upload a photo of your pet or your favorite movie star and get more information and fun facts about them.

Find fake social profiles and accounts

In the age of internet, you can never be sure if the person on the other side of the computer network is who they claim to be. Whether someone is trolling you on social media or you want to check if your date is a real person, you can use the reverse photo lookup tool to check if their photos are suspicious or posted on other places. This can raise red flags and give you more data on who you are dealing with.

Find visually similar images

Reverse Image Search Facial Recognition Tool

We have a special section under the main reverse image engines where you can use Google to limit your search to free stock photo sites and find images similar to the one you like with the rights to be used on your project.

This is a much better approach than just using photos you find with the main image search engines since they can be copyrighted or bought from the site to be used specifically there with a license.

This feature is useful to web and graphic designers and artists to use photos with open rights in their projects.

Find Products and Places

Search Engine With Facial Recognition


You can take a picture of a product you like and find e-stores that sell it or take a picture of a landscape or a place from magazine or billboard and find exactly where this is.

Reverse gif search

We support the gif format and it is supported by the majority of the image search engines. All you have to do is upload your .gif file(whether animated or not) and check the results.

A lot of the big gif platforms are moving to webp format. It is not yet supported by the big photo search companies(even by Google that pushes for it) and this is why we do not support this “gif” format yet. We will update the metasearch once the webp gif format becomes widely supported.