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Welcome to the Rigs of Rods Repository! Here you can find vehicles, terrains, tools and more to enhance your Rigs of Rods experience. For help installing mods, see the General FAQ. More content may be found on the Repository and Forum archives. Something missing? Bus Body Manufacturer: Bluebird Corporation Model: All American D3 RE Operator: Mung Daal County School District (Fictional) Bus #: MD-4111 Year: 2011 Engine: Cummins Diesel ISB-10 Transmission: Allison Automatic 6-Speed Brakes: Air Brakes Service Door: Air Operated Entry Door Passenger Capacity: 69 Passenger Heat: Driver and Passenger Heat System A/C: Passenger & Driver A/C Mirrors: Large.

Bluebird vision school bus rigs of rods download

Here are a few websites and channels you should go check out if you want more bus videos or bus information!


School Bus Web

  • The most active school bus website on the internet. It features lots of pictures from Kentucky (where it's based from) and lots of fan pictures. It also contains a very large and active forum.

School Bus Land

  • A good resource for bus pictures. Most were professionally taken at Midwest Transit, and has a large selection of pictures. It has unfortunately suspended from updates, but will remain on the internet.

West Coast Transportation Archives

  • A beta project featuring bus pictures from California.
  • A school bus magazine website with a forum.

School Bus Fleet

  • Another school bus magazine website with a forum.

Flickr Photostreams




Rigs Of Rods School Bus Bluebird

Carpenter Fan



Georgia Blue Bird





Nashawn 03-12

Ohio Motor Transit Photos

OSBE- Transportation Archives






YouTube Channels


  • 'We are geared to suit School Bus fans like me. I post videos of my 3 buses as well as other buses I may drive every now and then.'


  • 'My Channel is about Hot wheels, School buses and every thing and anything with wheels or that floats!'
  • txstreetman owns the only school bus with 2 shifters- a 1987 Thomas International. He posts videos about the changes he makes to his bus and driving videos!
  • Bus Battles is an old channel of mine where me, buslover333, bluebirdfreightliner, and busboy501 discuss why our states specs looks better on buses. We also did a few discussion videos, not active as of now.
  • Yet another old channel of mine, busboy501 and I paired up to make short informational videos about old buses. We are not active on it anymore.


  • A Kentucky school bus fan who gets videos of various different buses from his district.


  • You never know what you will get from Tyler's channel. He has various different bus walk arounds with some pretty entertaining commentary to top it off.

Thomas Byrd

  • 'Hello everyone, my name is ThomasBlueBirdIC, but you can call me Thomas for short. I am a school bus fan from Florida and I also am a fire truck and general vehicle enthusiast.'


  • 'I play Rigs Of Rods (a lot). I own my own server for Rigs Of Rods, and administrate on many. And I mod cars in Rigs Of Rods.'
  • 'I make trucks and various vehicle mostly for Rigs of Rods, a free soft-body simulator.'


  • 'Pc gamer for dayz i post games for fun and enjoyment for everybody pm for games for me to try out'


Rigs Of Rods School Bus Bluebird

  • A personal friend of mine, ForInfinate makes short clips of various different PC games.

School Bus Rigs Of Rods Org


School Bus Mod For Rigs Of Rods

  • 'Hi guys my name is Nashawn. I love school buses as you might of noticed from my channel art. You also might have noticed pictures of Dolly Parton, I am a really big fan of her, I just love her. I do mostly real life route bus videos but i do also do Rigs of Rods videos. I drive school buses on Rigs of Rods multiplayer and if you want me to test a bus out feel free to ask. If you want be to do a video review of a bus for RoR feel free to ask. My favorite bus make is International/IC bus thats mainly what we have in my district so that's mainly what your going to see videos of. My favorite bus is Bus 03-12 which is a 2003 IC CE200 with a T444E in it'