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A collection of some of the most commonly asked Total War questions – please check here first!

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Advancing this to rome consider Generals are members of the ruling family, wouldnt really make sence if they lived forever. On the other hand at only 2 turns per year recruting a good unit (2 turns) have it live only another say 20 years affter that, later in the game all your good units suddenly start dying off, not a 'fun' situation. Sign in to get personalized help for Rome: Total War. What problem are you having with this product? It doesn't work on my operating system It's not in my library I'm having trouble with my retail CD key Log in for more personalized options.

Where can I go to get involved in the Total War community?

Take a look at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or pay a visit to our official forums.

I’m a YouTuber or streamer and want to make Total War content – can I work with you?

Head over to our influencers contact page or alternatively get in contact with our influencer relations manager Josh Williams via Twitter at @Joshingetorix.

Educational Use and Licensing

I’m an educator – can I use Total War games to teach my students about historical events?

Yes, of course!

If you’re intending to use Total War games not for profit in an educational context, we think it’s fine to do so. In fact, please tell us about it here because we’d love to hear about your experiences!

We have also taken part in multiple educational events in association with the Ashmolean Museum, having contributed to the Storms, Wars and Shipwrecks summer exhibition as well as illustrating War in the Time of Alfred with the help of Thrones of Britannia as part of the 2018 Festival of Archaeology.

Can I license Total War content, or use your games in a profit-making context?

Please contact our licensing team at SEGA here for further details. If you’d like monetise content on video sharing sites such as YouTube, please refer to the Community section of this FAQ.

What is Total War Access?

Total War Access is our Total War account sign-in that gives you access to exclusive content and free giveaways like game content, money-off deals, audio tracks, ebooks, and anything else we think you might enjoy.

You can also agree to us sending you regular email updates about Total War through it (but you don’t need to do that to get the free stuff).

We’re planning on expanding Total War Access over time to offer even more benefits in exchange for the opportunity to tell you about the latest Total War news and offers – find out more here.

Ultimately, being able to contact you directly is really valuable to us as it helps us tell you about new games and products we have coming up. In exchange, we’ll give you some great freebies and exclusives – even if you’d rather opt out of our mailing list. However, we hope our emails will prove so useful to you that you won’t want to opt out, so we’ll keep working on that to make them as entertaining and relevant as possible.

Do I have to sign up for Total War Access?

A Total War Access account is required for certain onlineand free-to-play games, like Total War Battles: KINGDOM, and to log on to ourofficial forums.

I’m having technical issues – where can I get help?

If you’re having technical issues with your game and need toget in touch with Total War support, you can do so at the Total War support homepage or by making a ticket withSEGA support.

Please make sure to disable all mods before contactingsupport.

How do I report bugs?

The best place to report a bug is in the relevant gamesection of the official Total War forum,for example:

What should I do if I have any post-purchase problems?

For any purchase-related issues – including non-functioning product keys – please contact the retailer that you bought your Total War game from.

What’s the plan with Total War?

In recent years we’ve beenreally well supported by our publisher SEGA, with the aim of delivering moreTotal War games to more players across the world.

What’s important is that wecontinue to make really high-quality Total War games, but we also want to growour capabilities to deliver more post-launch content, explore new and differenttypes of Total War games, and support them for as long as we can and playersenjoy them.

In recent years you’ll haveseen free-to-play and mobile games, as well as us releasing fantasy-themedgames for the first time. We want to bring more Total War to more people, butwe always want to make our games as good as possible – because then we get tomake more. We think that’s a good thing, because we love making strategy gamesand making the Total War series the best it can be.

The core historical epic-sizedstrategy game will always be at the heart of what we do, but you’ll see uscontinue to add new Total War experiences alongside that in the future – muchas we have for the last six or seven years.

What’s the difference between Era, Character and Saga classes of Total War?

  • Era class Total War games are our big AAA main releases. They herald a new era in time as well as for the Total War series, and are a leap forward in both tech and feature sets for the franchise. Era titles include THREE KINGDOMS, EMPIRE, ROME, and WARHAMMER.
  • Character class Total War games are standalone follow-ups to the Era main titles. They typically follow on closely from the timeline depicted in those games, or are a prequel to them. Most importantly, they are themed around a notable character, telling the story of their life or being set in a time dominated or heavily influenced by them. Crucially they are expansions on the time, themes, and features of the preceding Era game. So, while there will be a host of new content and features, you can expect to see some familiar visuals and systems from the title they follow on from. Character titles include NAPOLEON and ATTILA.
  • Saga class Total War games are smaller standalone titles that focus on a flashpoint of history – one of those powder keg moments in time in which anything could have happened. Typically covering just a few years or decades, Sagas aren’t intended to have the scope and scale of an Era Total War game but rather focus on that pivotal moment, exploring all the potential angles and interesting new features for the series at the same time. Our first Saga title was THRONES OF BRITANNIA, and we have since welcomed FALL OF THE SAMURAI to the Saga family.

What’s the difference between the various types of DLC (downloadable content) that are available for Total War?

Rome Total War Language Changes

We often refer to DLC that’sfree for owners of the main game as “Free-LC”. Aside from general updates andimprovements to the main game, Free-LC is sometimes released alongside normalDLC and can add a range of things such as new units, characters, and playablefactions as well as entire new races and expansions. Any available Free-LC foryour Total War game will be marked as free in the DLC section of the relevantSteam product page – make sure to check it out and pick up any you might be missing.

With a few exceptions, DLC forTotal War most commonly comes in one of two types: Faction Packs or CampaignPacks.

  • Faction Packs (also known as Culture Packs or Lord Packs) typically add new ways to play through the main game. Depending on the title, these could be new playable factions or characters, and can include new campaign or battle mechanics, new units, and other new elements in support of the general theme of the pack. Typical examples include Empires of Sand and Slavic Nations for Total War: ATTILA, The King & The Warlord and The Grim & The Grave for Total War: WARHAMMER, and Pirates & Raiders and Nomadic Tribes for Total War: ROME II.
  • Campaign Packs typically add new expansive areas, entire new playable races, and/or new campaigns to the game. These will be particularly large expansions to the main game and will feature a considerable amount of new content. Typical examples include Hannibal at the Gates for Total War: ROME II, Age of Charlemagne for Total War: ATTILA, and Curse of the Vampire Coast for Total War: WARHAMMER II.

Why do you release Blood Packs for some Total War games? Why isn’t it just free?

Blood Packs (where available)are DLCs that add additional gore and blood effects along with additional mature-ratedelements to game for those players of an appropriate age who wish to add them.

As released, Total War gamesare typically ESRB Teen or PEGI 16+ rated (or equivalent based on the localterritory’s age-rating requirements). With up to a quarter of our player baseunder 18, we’ve no plans to increase the age rating for future Total War titlesand prevent those players from enjoying our games.

Instead, as we appreciate someplayers might prefer a bloodier battlefield, we put extra work into creating aBlood Pack for some titles, which can be purchased by those who wish to addmore claret to their games.

We don’t make Blood Packsavailable for free as, while technically it would then increase the base agerating of the game and so defeat the point, the main reason is that it costs usto make it in the same way as any other additional content.

We do understand that someplayers like to have blood in their games as soon as possible, so in recentyears we have prioritised the DLC effort to start on blood effects soon afterthe main game is completed, shortening its arrival after launch.

Is working on the development of one game slowing down the development of another?

No – as you can see from all the new Total War games and DLCin the past few years, we’re able to get you more Total War content than weused to.

As a studio, we’re now ten times larger than we were when wemade ROME: Total War. We’re one of the biggest in Europe, and we’re still recruiting.Each Total War project has its own team, and you can check out what they’re upto by reading our blog.

What is your patching policy?

There’s no specific “patching policy” for Total War. It’sgenerally efficient to patch the game as we release new content, though we doissue hotfixes and independent patches depending on the circumstances. We doknow that players would like to see more frequent patching and balancing, andthat’s something we’re looking into in great detail for future titles.

Why do you offer pre-order incentives?

We obviously want our games to be played by as many peopleas possible at launch, so it’s useful and very effective for us to reward earlyadopters.

We could promote the game’s launch through advertising inother ways (like buying adverts on websites) but we think that spendingmarketing budget on creating content for the game that can then be offered forfree is also a good way of promoting it.

Why isn’t the collector’s edition available in my country?

Whether a collector’s edition is available in your countrydepends on both local retailers and market conditions, something that isunfortunately beyond our control.

Why do you make DLC?

At launch, a Total War game is a vast and epic experience,and we always strive to make the best possible game we can.

But, given the scale of our vision, we can’t realisticallyfit everything we want to into a single game while also asking a reasonableprice for it. We could theoretically make a game twice as big for twice theprice, but that would make us very nervous as not everyone would want that andwe couldn’t expect to sell as many copies – it would be a significant risk tothe studio. We would rather provide players with thousands of hours of possiblegameplay at launch and then continue to add to that in interesting and variedways post launch that players can pick and choose from.

As such, for the last ten years we’ve been adding additionalcontent to Total War games after launch. Sometimes this is free content andsometimes it is paid for, but all helps us deliver more gameplay and choice tothe player than we ever managed before.

We’ve learnt a lot in the last decade about DLC and, whilesome DLCs are seen as better than others, all have been very successful andenabled us to continue to make more content and more games. We do read andanalyse all player feedback about DLCs, including what you would most like tosee next, and have changed our plans in the past in order to match thoseexpectations.

Have you released DLC for DLCtitles?

This is something we haven’t done previously and currentlyhave no plans to. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of us doing soin the future.

What is a mod?

As their name suggests, mods are modifications to existinggames. These fan-made add-ons are usually not officially supported by gamestudios, and can potentially alter almost every aspect of a game.

How do I get a mod?

The easiest way to download a mod for your game is to headto the Steam Workshop for the game in question (here’s WARHAMMER II’s,for example), where you can browse through the mods others have uploaded. Ifyou find something you like, hit subscribe and the mod will be downloaded. Ifyou no longer want the mod, click unsubscribe and it will be removed.

How do I activate or deactivate a mod?

When you launch your game, the game launcher will pop up. Onthis launcher, click the Mod Managerbutton to see a list of all the mods you have installed. Activate mods byclicking the checkbox next to them – a tick in this box means they’re enabled.Deactivate them by clicking again to remove the tick. Now when you play thegame, the selected mods will load up and modify your game. If there’s anexclamation mark in the box, this means that the mod is out of date.

Are mods safe?

Mods are safe to install, but please note that in most casesthese are fan projects made by one or a handful of individuals. As such, theyare not subject to the same degree of testing and balancing as the base game.Because of this, when you use mods you may encounter bugs caused by them orhave gameplay experiences that are very different to what you are used to. It’sbest to keep experimenting until you find the right mods for you.

Can I use more than one mod at once?

Yes. However, be aware that some mods may change the same thingand clash, so always read the mod description to see what it is and isn’tcompatible with.

Can I play multiplayer with mods?

There are many mods that can be used in multiplayersituations, both in battles and the campaign map. However, there is a higherrisk that things will not work as intended in this situation. A good rule ofthumb is that all participants in a multiplayer session should be using theexact same mod list.

What should I do if I have feedback on a mod?

The Steam Workshop gives you a place to make comments on amod and talk to the author directly. Be polite, constructive, and don’t forgetto thank them if you enjoyed it – making a mod can be quite a laborious process,and a little kindness goes a long way!

Can I make a mod?

Yes, and we’ve provided the modding community with a number of tools to make it easier to do so.

The Total War Assembly Kit (TWeAK) allows you to make edits directly to .pack files (which hold all the information in the mod “packed” up into a single file, hence the name).

For example, you can download TWeAK for Total War: WARHAMMER II by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Library drop-down menu in Steam
  2. Go to Tools
  3. Find Total War: WARHAMMER II – Assembly Kit BETA in the list
  4. Right-click and select Install Game

TWeAK includes:

  • DaVE (Database Visual Editor) – Mostaspects of the game are stored in tables, whether it’s the cost of a unit, theturns it takes to build a structure, or the conditions that need to be met foran event message to pop up on the campaign map. These are all things that canbe edited, deleted, or added to the game database through DaVE
  • Terry (Terrain Metadata Editor) – Thistool allows you to create custom battle maps, giving you control over theenvironment, the objects in it, and the rules that define how battles takeplace within it
  • BOB (Build in One Button) – Whetheryou’re making a map, creating images, writing scripts, or making edits to thegame’s database, BOB takes the edits you’ve made and builds them into a packfile ready for the game to read

Are Total War games historically accurate?

The term we use in our approach to history and itsrepresentation in our games is historical authenticity. We aim to create gameswhich evoke the feel and spirit of an age as much as the events that actuallyoccurred in it, and this is influenced by many things: chiefly our research andreading around the period of course, and we consult closely with leading periodhistorians.

But we are also influenced by media portrayals, in cinemaand TV for example, as these are also important cultural touchstones for thepeople who’ll be playing our games. These may affect the colour palette wechoose for a game, or the visual direction we take. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS’design language, for example, blends ancient Chinese ink-brush techniques withmodern aesthetics. It’s not historically accurate overall, but is designed togrant a sense of authenticity to today’s sensibilities.

When it comes to Total War, accuracy is a granular term. Youcan apply it to parts, but not the whole. We actually aim for accuracy withmany elements of the game: arms and armour, tactics, fighting styles, andhistorical events which occur during the course of a campaign, for example.These elements help to make the overall experience more authentic, and accuracyis therefore a very important part of the mix.

At the outset of a historical Total War campaign, we aim fora relatively accurate starting point, with all the major factions, cultures andcharacters portrayed as best we can in the year the game begins. But the momentthe player moves their first army, the experience immediately becomesahistorical. Player agency in the historical sandbox is the major foundation ofthe series. If we were to force players down the road of a linear historicalnarrative, it would cease to be a Total War game.

And ultimately, Total War is a computer game. It is not designed to replace history books or documentaries. It’s designed to entertain people in today’s age. This doesn’t stop us aiming for accuracy in certain aspects, and nothing thrills us more than hearing from players whose fascination with history began with playing a Total War game. In the final count, if an aspect of history prevents us making an enjoyable game, we take licence and design with fun as the objective.

How do I get my 30th Anniversary Regiments of Renown?

You can download your 30th Anniversary Regiments via the Total War Access dashboard.

Rome Total War Language Change Ppt

For more information about the 30th Anniversary Regiments ofRenown, check out theblog post.

Do I need to have Total War: WARHAMMER installed in order to play the Mortal Empires campaign in Total War: WARHAMMER II?

No – as long as Total WAR: WARHAMMER is in your Steamlibrary, you don’t need to have it installed in order to play the MortalEmpires campaign in Total War: WARHAMMER II.

Is Total War: WARHAMMER a trilogy?


Everything that has an army book in 8th editionis fair game for potential inclusion, and we intend to make a complete trilogywithin the limitations of the source material.

None of these answer my WARHAMMER question!

We’ve got more information in thisAMA with the developers – your question may very well be answered there.

What is Total War: THREE KINGDOMS?

The latest major historical title in the award-winning Total War PC strategy series, and the first to be set in Ancient China. The game begins in the year 190 CE, and charts the events and conflicts that began with the collapse of the Han Dynasty and led to the formation of the three kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu. To learn more about the game, head over to its Steam page.

How do I get started playing the game?

THREE KINGDOMS overhauls many existing Total War gameplay systems and introduces many new ones. For new players, we recommend first playing as the warlord Cao Cao, whose campaign is relatively forgiving. The early turns of the campaign will provide you with some scripted guidance to help you get to grips with the game.

We’ve also produced a number of tutorial videos – and acomplete glossary of terms – to help you understand the game, from the basicsof how to generate income, raise armies, and go to war to advanced espionageactions and managing character interactions. From launch onwards, you’ll beable to find guidance on all such matters over at the Total War Academy.


Can I play THREE KINGDOMS on Mac or Linux?

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is available on both Mac and Linuxvia Steam,and is also available on the MacApp Store.

Can I make or download mods for THREE KINGDOMS?

We announced modsupport for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS in July 2019.

Where can I learn more about the Three Kingdoms period?

There are many online resources to learn about the ThreeKingdoms period, such as itsWikipedia entry. We also highly recommend Oversimplified’s excellent,easily digestible video history of the period on YouTube.

Our webcomicalso provides a nice visual dramatisation of events, and for detailedbackgrounds of some of the key personalities of Three Kingdoms China – who alsoappear in the game as playable faction leaders – check out our warlord profiles.

These are the factions in Rome: Total War. A general overview of the four Roman factions can be found here.

The House of Julii

The Julii are one of three playable Roman families in Rome: Total War. Based in Northern Italy and tasked with dealing with the various barbarian tribes of the North, they obey the Senate's orders with a vengeance - for now.

In the onset of the Imperial Campaign, the Julii are still very high-ranking, but perhaps not as prosperous as they once were. The opportunities presented by the current age of aggression offers a wide venue for the Julii to vie for power. Under the skill of your leadership, the Julii can accomplish great things for Rome - and themselves. After all, there is no one today who has not heard the name Gaius Julius Caesar, who is a member of this Roman family.

As with their sister-factions, the Julii command a faction that is populated by Roman legions. Their benefits are generally their infantry, and their cavalry selection is modestly impressive.

For more information on the Julii check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.

The House of Brutii

The Brutii have dignified Rome with their history of service. Their origins can be traced back to the revolt against the Etruscan kings of old. Brutii were also responsible for dethroning the dictator Caesar, and many other events that Rome owes them for, greatly. They're not the most finesse faction, but they have every possibility of being, simply, the best.

They have the responsibility of eliminating the threats to Rome's east, and restoring the glory of the Republic to a new high point. By the hand of a Brutii, of course.

For more information on the Brutii check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.

The House of Scipii

The Scipii are the third great Roman family, and their main duty is to wipe the Liby-Phoenician scum that is Carthage off the map. They are somewhat different from the other factions, appreciating the old-world elements of Greece. The Scipii start with a small hold in Italia, but have the power to expand outward to the sea.

Their goals are to gain honor and dominate Rome under their wise and enlightened rule. After all, they deserve it.

For more information on the Scipii check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


The Senatus Populusque Romanus, safeguarded by its highly disciplined military, controlled the entire Mediterranean, and beyond, at its height. The Latin culture left such an impression on Europe, Asia and Northern Africa that the legends surrounding it still echo today. The foundations of modern, Western democracy are Roman foundations; the foundations of modern language are frequently from the mother tongue spoken by the citizens of Rome.

The history of Rome, as a republic and as an empire, is an epic one. They were people that had risen away from their Etruscan slave-masters to become the single most powerful civilization in the centuries surrounding the birth of Christ. The authority they commanded was revered, and sometimes hated, by the other cultures they ruled over. Even fellow Romans were jealous of the Senate's, and later, the Emperor's, power. This eventually led to the civil warring and confusion that destroyed the great Rome and ushered the Dark Ages that enveloped Europe for the next thousand years.

In Rome: Total War, the SPQR, better known just as 'the Senate,' is a non-playable faction in the campaign. They hand out missions for the Julii, the Brutii and the Scipii, and are viewed as a political enemy more than an ally. It is one of your goals to crush them. However, in multiplayer and custom battles, they have the powerful advantages of Roman legions and destructive cavalry, as well as a few units of flaming pork to light the way for your army.

For more information on the SPQR check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


Armenia, a land in the Middle East, also starts in a prime position, though one may feel as if he is crushed by factions on all sides. A difficult civlization to master, but one that can provide many benefits, Armenia is ready to become the center of a massive empire.

For more information on Armenia check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


The Britons are similar in many ways to the Gauls; they are also 'celtic' and profit from age-old trading links to the rest of the world. They also have well organised towns and kingships, and some tribes are to be found both in Britain and Gaul.

Britannia is a faction with great strategic potential. They have a natural moat between their homelands and Gaul, which is a priceless defensive asset; ruling the waves will be important in their national defence. Their units are specifically created to strike fear into enemy hearts and many of them do this very effectively.

For more information on Britannia, check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


Their people were engaged in war with the Roman Republic for years, inspiring epic tales of their confrontations. A hardy and tough people that originated from Africa, the Carthaginians were at odds with their Mediterranean neighbors for years. The Carthaginian Navy was envied by even Rome. Their ships brought them to modern-day Spain and allowed them to make war with their arch Roman enemies. Their balanced military, accentuated by powerful Carthaginian elephants, is surely enough to challenge anyone in Rome: Total War.

While certainly an advanced civilization, Roman expansion impedes their manifest destiny. The people of Carthage expect nothing less than the sacking of Rome. They are more than a match for the great residents of Italy. When these two foes meet, blood is sure to flow freely throughout the battlefield.

For more information on Carthage check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


The Dacians coalesced into a nation in the boondocks of Europa, far from the Germans, Romans, Greeks who could have destroyed the fledgling barbarian nation. Their only really close neighbors were the Thracians and the Bastarnae. Dacia grew inside the curves of the Carpathian Mountains and expanded along the Danube River where they grew rich and strong.

Dacia has a well-rounded roster, though of limited variety, which makes them a good choice for a full development. Their starting position gives them the time to grow, which they need, as their two initial cities are dirt poor. In all, a challenge to play

For more information on Dacia check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.

Rome total war 2 language change


In early history, the people of Egypt overcame great hardships and built one of the most advanced kingdoms ever established on the face of the earth Not since the times of old have pharaohs reigned supreme.

Fortunately, according to the faith in their gods, the people of Egypt believe the world is reborn amidst chaos and great risk each night, and so shall the new Egyptians overcome all obstacles to achieve power not even rivaled by the Romans.

For more information on the Egyptians check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


The Gauls are a loose confederation of tribes who have expanded across much of Europe over many centuries of migration. They share much of their culture with their cousins in Britannia in particular. Although considered barbarians by their 'civilised' neighbours, they are advanced enough to have developed extensive trade and metalworking skill equal to anyone else in the world.

Gaul is mainly an infantry faction. Their infantry lack the Hoplons and Xistons of the Greeks or the Gladii and Pila of Rome, but they have a strong melee attack and good morale. Their cavalry is limited but effective and their Forrester Warbands can be upgraded to the best archers in the game.

For more information on Gaul check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


These people were the bane of civilized nations for ages. Living in their dark forests, they were poor but hardy, awaiting their chance to grow and develop. Ironworking was little known, so the Germani used those weapons natural to the forests- spears, axes, and bows. They had little to begin with, but contact with outside cultures enabled them to learn other ways and learn them fast. The Germans were always a clever people, and soon became masters of metalworking themselves. They also soldiered for Rome, and the veterans returning to the tribes taught those ways to their kinsmen. They eventually conquered all of western Europe- including Rome, using the skills they learned.

While certainly not an advanced civilization, the Germans have much to offer. They have a well-balanced roster of recruitable units, and among them such feared units as the Berserkers and Gothic Cavalry. They lack artillery, but what need do the Men of the Wild have for those dishonorable engines? They have great cavalry, excellent archers, and the toughest infantry in the world.

For more information on Germania check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.

The Greek Cities

The Greeks have had a huge influence on the world around them and many of the great western civilisations are strongly influenced by greek culture. Although now in decline, the Greeks were once the strongest power in the eastern Mediterranean. Can they regain this position and even more?

Greek military tradition rules that Hoplites reign supreme. Cavalry and skirmish units are merely supporting ones while the Hoplites are the main fighters. This old-fashioned system is nevertheless still very powerful if used correctly, allowing the Greeks to reign supreme throughout the world.

For more information on the Greeks check out the faction overview, a history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


Rome Total War

After Alexander's death, his empire crumbled remarkably quickly. His generals fought each other for the empire but none of the Diadochi, or Successors, were strong enough to hold the whole empire together. The land where Alexander was born is now ruled by the descendants of Antigonus Cyclops, with parts of Greece as client nations. Although their empire is gone, the Macedonians are strong warriors with an excellent military tradition, the potential to go on to re-take Alexander's empire and perhaps even more.

For more information on Macedon check out its faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


Originally a state of two tribes and then later a Roman province, the region of Numidia lied to the west of Carthage. During the Punic Wars, half of Numidia split to aid the Romans, while the other tribe supported Carthage. After Roman colonization, Numidia was made a Roman colony and slowly slipped through the sands of time toward their extinction.

The Numidians in Rome: Total War have access to fast desert soldiers, and an ample selection of tough cavalry units.

For more information on Numidia check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.



A secession from the Seleucid Empire brought to life one of the powers in Rome: Total War's time period. Controlling many unique units and having an interesting position in the game, a Parthian shot can easily become a Parthian siege.

For more information on the Parthians check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


Pontus are an eastern faction, based in Asia Minor (Modern-day Turkey), having their origins with an ambitious local noble who seized the area when Alexander's empire broke up. They were best known for their support for the pirates of Cilicia and their subsequent defeat by Pompey.

A refreshingly different faction, Pontus are similar in some ways to the Seleucids, but mainly they are unique. With a large amount of missile cavalry, chariots chariot archers, Cappadocian Lancers and Pikemen, they have a different balance to most factions, while not severely lacking in any department except heavy infantry.

For more information on Pontus check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


The Scythians ruled the Windswept Plains north of the Black Sea, from the mouth of the Danube in the West to the shores of the Caspian Sea in the East. Masters of the horse and bow, their cavalry roams the Ocean of Grass where unarmored horse archers can destroy many times their number of heavily-armed foes.

The Scythians are basically a cavalry nation, with a few dismounted troops. Bringing them to victory requires skill in battle, as well as getting used to commanding an all-cavalry army of highly-mobile yet delicate troops.

For more information on the Scythians check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.

The Seleucid Empire

The fall of the Greco-Macedonian Empire, under Alexander the Great, brought about great changes in the Mediterranean world. For one, his generals divided up the vast empire and took great portions for themselves. The Seleucids owe their existence to one of these generals, Seleucus.

They are powerful and have a vast army of units they may summon. Their power is only limited by the general commanding their vast cavalry, infantry and elephant legions.

For more information on The Seleucid Empire check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


The area in which this faction originates was in dispute many a times between Carthage and Rome. As a result, the natives, and other colonists of the Iberian peninsula are both of order and of chaos. They are barbarians, yet the civilization of more advanced Empires have touched them, as is with most of Europe.

They maintain a strong foundation of infantry with minimal cavalry support, but are still a force to be reckoned with.

For more information on Spain check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


Thrace, which encompasses modern-day northern Bulgaria, north-east Greece, eastern Serbia and eastern Macedonia, is an area of land and a civilization of significance.

In the game, it is in the center of action between Italy, Greece and the eastern portion of Asia Minor. They have a limited selection of units, however.

For more information on Thracia, check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.


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Rebels have always existed, in one form or another, though there has never been a united rebel movement throughout history. Armies desert or go over to the enemy because of poor pay, farmers taxed into the poorhouse rise up, or someone with what he/she thinks is royal blood decides he or she has a better claim to the throne than the current occupant. And then there are brigands- sometimes men driven to desperation, other times simply out-of-work mercenaries. Regardless, rebels come in all shapes and sizes.

In our virtual world, there is a single rebel faction, with gods and units from across all factions. They span the known world, beginning strong but are soon crushed into dust, but can be a playable faction with the proper modification

For more information, check out the faction overview.


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Each faction in Rome Total War is different. Some are subtly different, like the three Roman factions, while others are wildly different- like Gauls and Parthians. Each has its own nuances and flavors, advantages and disadvantages.

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Mons Badonicus looks into these for you, and in his Faction Comparison, presents the starting positions, advantages, disadvantages, and the campaign goals of each of the playable and unlockable factions.

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The Faction Comparison is found by following this link. If you wish to play one of the other factions, you will have to midufy your game.