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NESDR Driver Installer for Windows (Size: 4.9 MB) Latest version of Zadig, used to install the SDR driver for your NESDR. Required to use RTL-SDR compatible SDR software on Windows operating systems. Genesis Radio SDR software for Windows. Contribute to hcripe/GSDR development by creating an account on GitHub.

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All the previous pages dealt with the hardware side of SDR. This page covers the software side - the software needed to interface the radio and PC, or to add additional functions, such as digital decoding

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Downloads pages for SDRs

  • See this page for a huge list of related applications known to support the RTL-SDR (and many other SDRs too)
  • SDRPlay Downloads and Documentation

SDR General Applications

  • RX Log and Tuner Note: uses Excel

SDR Specific Applications

Other Applications

  • Commander
  • Ham Radio Deluxe
    • Comments on EHam about Ham Radio Deluxe can be found here
  • See the HF_Software_Decoders page for a list of HF decoding software known to be compatible with SDRs
Sdr software windows download

Virtual Audio Devices

  • See the Virtual Audio Devices section of the HF Appendix for Windows, Linux and Mac applications

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Software Defined Radio Resources

Commercial SDR Radios

Flex Radio – SDR based Ham Radio Transceivers
Perseus – HF SDR receivers
RF Space – HF SDR receivers
Quicksilver QS1R – HF SDR receiver
WinRadio – HF and VHF / UHF SDR receivers
Alinco – HF and VHF / UHF receivers with IQ outputs
Elecraft – KX3 HF Transceiver with IQ output (Coming this fall)
FUNcube Dongle – Wideband VHF / UHF receiver
Apache Labs – HF – 6 meter SDR Transceivers
Elad – Wideband VHF / HF Receivers and HF Transceiver
AirSpy – Wideband VHF / UHF Receiver
SDRPlay – Wideband VHF / UHF / HF Receiver

Sdr Software Windows 7

Current SDR Radio Kits

SDR Cube – HF SDR Transceiver
GenesisRadio – HF SDR Receiver and HF Transceiver kits
SoftRock – HF SDR Receivers and Transceivers

Sdr Software Windows 10 Download

SDR Software

PowerSDR – Works with SoftRock and Flex Radio hardware for Windows (custom version available for Apache Labs)
Winrad – Supports several SDR radios for Windows – General purpose
Linrad – SDR software for Linux and Windows – General purpose
Rocky – SDR software for Windows for Softrock kits
HDSDR – SDR software for Window supports many SDR Radios
CubicSDR – SDR software for Macintosh
Heterodyne – SDR software for Macintosh supports Apache Labs
iSDR – SDR software for iPad and iPhone
SDR-Console -SDR software for Windows supports many SDR Radios
CuSDR – supports Apache Labs
SDR-Sharp – supports AirSpy and others.
GNURadio – Linux General Purpose

D-Star Resources

D-StarUsers.org – Repeater Listings, Last Heard, etc
D-Star Gateway Status Page – Shows current status of D-Star gateways
D-Star Home – General info and repeater listings
Reflector List – List and Status
D-Star Tutorial – Good simple tutorial

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi – Main Site

Sdr Software Windows Download



Sdr Software Windows 7

OsmoSDR – General Project Info
HDSDR – SDR Software Supporting RTL2832U DVB-T Sticks
SDR# – SDR Software Supporting RTL2832U DVB-T Sticks
GNU Radio – Linux SDR Software Supporting RTL2832U DVB-T Sticks