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Many Sims 4 players want to be able to further customize their games, whether in Create-a-Sim or while building lots. User-created custom content will bring new items into your game, but it's easy to get lost in the process of downloading it. This wikiHow will teach you how to install custom content on The Sims 4. While in the lot, in build mode go to the top toolbar. The toolbar has a folder symbol. If you clicked it you get to choose either the selected room if applicable, or the entire lot.

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that has numerous fans in the world. Simmers are indulged in this game as they could enjoy the fun of creating someone similar to themselves and building wonderful houses that they could not achieve in the real society. And that’s why many of them try to dig out how to record Sims 4 gameplay, thus they could share with other players on social networks. But find an easy and good way means hard for them. Therefore, superb solutions would be recommended as follows.

Record Sims 4 game on PC


ShowMore is a free screen recorder based on website which is working for Mac and Windows. Any screen activities would be captured once you hit record button. As a matter of course, recording Sims 4 gameplay is not a tough task. This screen capturing application allows you to enjoy limitless recording time without bearing watermarks on the video. Recording area could be adjusted at your will. And diversified video output formats would meet your needs perfectly. Moreover, you can record Sims background music and your own voice at the same time.

Pros: Easy operation, no watermark or limited time of recording.

Sims 4 How To Upload VideoVideo

Cons: Network is a must.


This desktop-based Sims 4 gameplay recorder is a handy tool for you to choose. Free and no watermark, Jing could help you to record everything that happens in Sims city if you want. Also it allows you to take quick screenshot of your PC screen. Audio could be recorded through microphone, and you could drag to customize the region you want to record. But one thing you might need to know about Jing is that only five minutes recording time and one video format would be offered.

Pros: Simple operation, screen capture is available.

Cons: Limited time of recording, video format and audio input are less to select.

Icecream Screen Recorder

This free screen capturing tool is also an option for simmers to record Sims 4 gameplay. You can customize recording area as you wish. Audio input could be altered catering to your likes. Same as Jing, screenshot is also allowed. Moreover, you could use “Tasks” to record Sims 4 automatically. However, only ten minutes would be offered. If you want limitless recording time and more video formats, you have to purchase an upgraded one.

Sims 4 Upload Haven

Pros: Recording can be scheduled.

Cons: Recording time is limited, WEBM is the only format unless you buy a pro version.


Capture Sims 4 game on Mobile

Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

Since EA released a version of The Gallery on mobile in 2015, recording Sims 4 gameplay seems a hard work for iOS users as recording iPhone screen would be against Apple rules. But using Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder would solve their problems. It is easy to download and install on your PC.

Both Mac and Windows users are able to use this application. When under the same network, Sims 4 gameplay would be mirrored to PC via enabling AirPlay. And you could capture game audio and microphone at the same time.

Pros: No need to jailbreak, video output formats and audio input are various.

Cons: A PC is required.


AirShou is an app that could be employed to record iOS screen. Therefore, being a Sims 4 gameplay recorder is no object. But considering security problems, it could not be obtained from App Store. By searching Emu4iOS.net, you could get AirShou easily. This app could be installed on your iPhone directly, which offers four choices of resolution and orientation. But the sound of gameplays could only be captured from microphone. And when recording is finished, the videos cannot be saved on local drives automatically.

How To Upload Cooking Video Sims 4

Pros: Computer and jailbreak are not necessary.

Cons: Unable to stop recording in the game freely, only one type of audio input and video format.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder (Android)

For most Android users, it would be an easy job to record Sims gameplay using this app. With the perfect performance, you could enjoy a great fun of recording gameplays on your Android. Download it from Google Play and install on your devices.

Some settings like FPS and resolution could be made to meet what you need. And if you want to get a picture-in-picture recording, this app would content you by adding recording camera. Background music of Sims 4 would be captured through microphone.

Pros: Easy to use, camera could be recorded, screenshot is accessible.

Cons: Only Android 5.0 and higher one can have access to it.

With these outstanding solutions listed above, we can fully believe that how to record Sims 4 gameplay would not be a question any more. Simmers could pick a proper one according to the platform on which you run Sims 4.

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How to Record The Sims Video Games

Recording Sample Video

  • Title: The Sims 4 -13 Nights Of Fright - Night 2 Robot Love CAS
  • Published on Oct 21, 2015
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The Sims : Wikipedia

Please, follow the steps below to record The Sims 3/4.

  1. Choose the 'Game Recording' mode.

    It's better to use 'Game Recording' mode to get a high quality video file

  2. Start The Sims 3/4 game to record.

    For stable operation, Bandicam needs to be run before The Sims 3/4 game

  3. While running a game in 'Game Recording' mode, you can see the green number on the screen.

    You can control the FPS (Frames per second) under the 'FPS' tab of Bandicam. If you can't see the green number, click HERE

  4. Press the 'F12' function key (or the 'Record' button in Bandicam) to start recording.

  5. During recording, the green number (FPS) will change to red.

  6. To stop recording, press the 'F12' function key (or the 'Record' button in Bandicam) again.

  7. Go to 'Home -> Video' to play, edit or upload the captured videos.

If the recorded video is darker than it looked while playing in The Sims 3, please play the game in Windowed Mode.

For more information, please visit here

  • To enhance the recording ability of Bandicam, try the hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder.
  • To edit the recorded video, use the 'Sony Vegas/Premiere/Pinnacle' preset. » more
  • To minimize computer lag, reduce the 'Video Resolution/Size/FPS/Quality'. » more
  • To record / merge the webcam stream within the main video, try the webcam PiP feature.
  • To use Mouse Click Effects, check the 'Add mouse click / highlight effect' option. » more

Bandicam offers the best online game recording experience.

When you record online games with Bandicam Game Recorder...

You can upload the recorded file to YouTube WITHOUT CONVERTING.

You can RECORD OVER 7 DAYS without stopping (AVI 2.0 OpenDML).

The recorded FILE SIZE IS SMALLER (1/5~1/20) than other capture programs.

It has LESS LAG than other screen capture software (Bandicam uses less CPU/GPU/RAM resources).

Other games recorded by Bandicam

Sims 4 how to upload videos get famous
Please share your video on the Bandicam forum: Bandicam Forum»


Best Game Recording Software for gamers. Record your awesome gameplay and upload it to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo for free.

Sims 4 Get Famous How To Upload Video

  • 4K Ultra HD video up to 3840x2160
  • Real-time drawing while recording
  • Over 24 hours without stopping

How To Upload Video Fast

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