Sizzla Black Woman And Child



Tay Zonday has become an internet legend with this song, his own composition 'Chocolate Rain'.

Kelly, Soundtrack: Space Jam. Kelly was born on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, and attended Kenwood Academy High School, where his music teacher-mentor Lena McLin inspired him to become a singer. He used to sing on street corners. He started off his career with a group by the name of Public Announcement. Kelly a master producer, composer, and performer and is often. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1997 CD release of Black Woman And Child on Discogs. Rollin' with the Nines (RWTNs) is a British made independent feature that it being sold on the tag line of being 'the first black British gangsta film', and for this reason alone it makes it highly exciting and an original cinema event. That conversation took place in 1997, he year Sizzla electrified lovers of reggae and dancehall music with two landmark albums, Praise Ye Jah and Black Woman & Child. Sizzla has gone on to become.

Catchy little tune right? It's got over 900 parody versions/remixes on YouTube too including one from the drummer of Green Day and it's got over 5 million hits on youtube. After he signed Esmee Denters, will Justin Timberlake sign him too?

Beenie Vs D'Angel Continues...

Ah lawd! The saga between Beenie Man and his estranged wife continues on and on and on and on. A couple of weeks after their very public break up on Irie FM, yesterday saw the couple fighting in the street over the contents of Beenie & D'Angel's 'Mafia House' studios. According to the Jamaica Star:

'The staff of several New Kingston establishments rushed from their desks and on to the streets to make the stand-off between D'Angel and her husband, Beenie Man, their business, yesterday. Beenie who had gone to the studio (Mafia House) to remove items was in for a surprise after he was barred by his wife, her attorney and the police.

'Moses come roun' here and did what he did, I came to stop him, a Angel dis,' D'Angel said in defiance. Not surprisingly, sections of the crowd took side, cheering for either husband or wife. 'Go way, me a Angel sista,' said an obviously angry woman. Putting her fingers at her throat to mimic slashing, she shouted: 'A Spanish Town me come from wey wi cut throat. Go way bwoy bout you a call me sista ...ch. Tek flight. Why you have to call her a ..tch?'


'Dem a husban' and wife and me no gone peep out dem business. I don't go inside there. It is between them,' she said.

In the heat of the afternoon sun the two removal trucks laden with an array of furniture and office equipment and their hapless drivers bore testimony to Beenie's efforts to reclaim what he said was his. D'Angel's car forcibly blocked the trucks inside the venue as she dealt with her husband in full view of the lawmen. 'Beenie caan manage Angel, she gi him some ralick a while ago,' said an onlooker who was quick to tell the STAR team on arrival what he had seen. He also disclosed that D'Angel was raucous when she first arrived, but had since calmed down. Inside the venue stood 'The Doctor' Beenie Man surrounded by the police as his wife flipped through files taken from a desk that was perched on one one of the trucks. She calmly checked all the furniture that her husband was attempting to remove from their shared establishment. According to sources close to D'Angel, all the furniture that Beenie Man was trying to remove was bought and owned by D'Angel.

While persons affiliated with the artistes said that the media should leave the entertainers to 'their business', one onlooker commented, 'Low di media. When dem did a married dem call media. Now dem must mek di media see what going on here. Jamaica want to know.'

Soon a barrage of police personnel arrived on the scene to attempt to bring some order. At one point D'Angel was seen pointing to her husband as she explained to the police that she had bought the furniture.

A defeated Beenie Man was heard asking the police officer: 'Can I close it down, can I close down my offices?' 'I am the owner and founder,' he declared. Sadly, D'Angel stood and watched her confused husband as he talked to the police.

Obviously upset, Beenie Man then approached a videographer and ordered him to turn on his camera as he angrily said his piece. A short tussle ensued as D'Angel's lawyer prevented 'The Doctor' from talking to the media. D'Angel then sauntered to the cameraman and simply said, 'Erase di tape.'

Sizzla Black Woman And Child

Men and women on the premises shouted, 'Angel mek your say', but she refused and walked away. However, Mr. and Mrs. Davis are not ones to refuse the limelight, as in the midst of their dilemma, a group of children asked Beenie Man for an autograph, after getting one they stomped over to D'Angel, who graciously agreed to sign on the same piece of paper. Beenie Man powerlessly stormed outside to his car as every media possible crowded the gates vying for an interview with 'The Doctor'. Inside, a sad D'Angel took pictures with fans who inquired about Marco Dean, who she said was at home.

While the persons inside Mafia House were sympathetic to the artiste, outside they spared no love for D'Angel as they slurred her name. One robust woman loudly shouted, 'She talk bout Beenie Man nuh wah Spice and look wah happen to har, Angel ever a hype. See wah happen to har. She shoulda neva seh dat.' Onlookers stood by making speculations at what happened. One woman asked another, 'Whey di D'Angel is?' The other snidely replied 'She roun di back, a try construct her sentences.' Another female made reference to D'Angel's famous 'cooking' abilities, which had impressed Beenie Man and shouted, 'A likkle powder a sprinkle here.' One male was overheard commenting, 'Right now, next stage show she go pon a million dollar stage show dat.'

While the crowd battered D'Angel's reputation outside, a source close to the artiste told the STAR that all men should be ashamed of their behaviour after what happened. By the time the STAR team left Mafia House crowds of media personnel were on the scene as the onlookers slowly dispersed. Eventually, the movers reversed the trucks and order was restored.'

Obviously Beenie has never seen this *WARNING, CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE*

Dig another plot in 'the graveyard'

Koch - the label that 50 Cent called 'the graveyard' are digging another plot for another former major label artist - Foxy Brown. She's left the Jay-Z helmed Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella and will be launching her own label 'Black Rose Entertainment' through Koch - the first release will be her next album Brooklyn's Don Diva

'I have always been a symbol of independence as a female in music,' explained Foxy. 'My brand is already established, millions of my records have already been sold, and I have a fan base already loyal. After 13 years at Def Jam, I felt it was time as a matured business women to move on and continue my brand under the roof of something I own.' source

Interesting to see what she comes out with - Black Roses (her never released last Def Jam album) was shaping up to be hot with the Neptunes produced Magnetic and the Sizzla featuring Come Fly With Me seeing light of day, but the last few records I've heard from her featured fellow Black Hand rapper Grafh and sounded more like his record rather than Foxy's.


Are we bothered about her any more?

*UPDATE* - That album may have to wait a bit because Foxy may be going to prison....

kanYeWest - Graduation

I gave you a brief teaser last night but yesterday 1Xtra hosted an exclusive 'Audience With Kanye West' at the BBC's famous Radio Music Theatre where he took an special select audience through his album Graduation. You can hear the whole thing (including many WORLD PREMIERS) with Trevor Nelson from 4pm. Before you hear that though, lemme break down some of the tracks on the album for you.

Before I go into this, let me state for the record that 'Graduation' very possibly could be my album of the year. Common & Klashnekoff's albums are the only 2 other albums I've listened to this year that could compete - but 'Yay just edges it out. 50 Cent has vowed to retire if Kanye outsells his album 'Curtis' which is being released on the same day. Don't get it twisted, 'I Got Money' (50's current street single) and the freshly leaked 'Follow My Lead' are very good singles but listening to the quality of Kanye's album (which is far more cohesive than anything 50 has done since Get Rich Or Die Trying) I think he should contact the retirement village and reserve his place.

Mobile phones/cameras/recording equipment etc... were banned from the venue to make sure there were no leaks (although Yeezy still had his on and even took a call from his A&R Plain Pat who was mastering the album during the playback) and I forgot my pen and pad so I can't break down every track (my memory isn't that good) but I can remember most of them. Kanye came on stage with his Louis Vuitton bag, pulled out his mac laptop, plugged it in and pressed play so...

Barry Bonds

So I went to 1Xtra's exclusive 'An Audience With Kanye West' event where 'yay took us through his new album 'Graduation'.

Full views to come soon (I've just got home and I'm tired!!) but let me say 2 things:

1) 50 Cent - prepare to quit.
2) Barry Bonds.

Sizzla Kalonji Black Woman And Child

All will become clear soon.

Chapter 3 - One Giant Leap : The MistaJam Verdict

Heroes has officially taken over my wednesdays!

Wow, 3 episodes in and it's really heating up now! Links between the heroes are becoming clearer but more questions are being thrown up to be answered.

Syler is one creepy mo fo. Why's he trying to kill all the heroes?
Does Micah know where his Dad is? And why do I have a feeling that Micah and his dad also have powers? And who the F is Mr Linderman?
Why couldn't Peter fly anymore? Unless he can only fly when Nathan's around...
What relevance does Simone and her father have to the story? Please tell me she's not just there to make Isaac and Peter fight...
Hiro's still my favourite - he's the comic relief to all the other heroes heavy storylines. What's going to happen in Vegas?
Matt's power so far seems to be the lamest of all - how is he going to help save the world by reading people's thoughts? Will he even get a chance now?
How are they going to be able to explain Claire's death, autopsy and then resurrection?

I'll definitely be watching next week to find out. This Heroes stuff is addictive!

As for my super power, I'll reveal all when the time comes but until then, continue with the suggestions as to what you think it may be going from the photo below. No one's even close yet!!:

Sizzla Black Woman And Child Songs

Beenie getting a D.I.V.O.R.C.E

So by now you will have heard the audio of Beenie Man arguing with D'Angel on Irie FM in Jamaica - AIRING OUT THEIR DIRTY LAUNDRY IN PUBLIC. If you haven't caught it yet check it out via the TX pages here on 1Xtra.

Well, Beenie has been on TV to set the record completely straight.


Will they get back together now or is D'Angel destined to go to 'er man eena New York'?