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Over the years of helping woodworkers make the most of SketchList 3D, we’ve collected common questions and answered them here for easy reference.

A very basic introduction to Sketchlist 3D woodworking design software. Get introduced to our software and learn how to use it to grow and integrate it into. SketchList 3D (SketchList 3D.exe) free download, latest version, SketchList 3D is furniture design software and cabinet design software that allows woodworkers to computerize furniture design and cabinet design by using virtual 3D boards, drawers and doors. Sketchlist 3D V4.0.3675 was added to DownloadKeeper this week and last updated on 14-Nov-2020. New downloads are added to the member section daily and we now have 419,969 downloads for our members, including: TV, Movies, Software, Games, Music and More. It's best if you avoid using common keywords when searching for Sketchlist 3D V4.0.3675.


If you make money woodworking, you want SketchList 3D Pro. The added features and reports will save you valuabletime in the shop and dazzle your clients with photorealistic testfits. Pro also enables you to export a DXFfile for input into a CAM system.

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SketchList 3D Hobby is designed for casual woodworkers, who want to create nice 3D designsfor planning and sharing with family and friends. See the full comparison of features on ourPricing page.

2Is SketchList 3D easy to learn?-+SketchList 3D is significantly easier to learn than traditional CAD systems. Past users have generatedcomplex designs within a day or two of downloading the free trial. For Pro users, we offer afree JumpStart training session, which gets you designing your first piece in less than an hour.3

Sketchlist 3d Manual

Can I use SketchList 3D to design specialty furniture such as pharmacy furniture?-+Yes. You can design a wide range of furniture, including any type of cabinet or storage unit.4Can I use SketchList 3D for beginner woodworking projects?-+Yes. SketchList 3D Hobby is ideal for beginner woodworking projects, helping you customize the design to your space and preferences.5Why might my virus protection software tell me not to trust SketchList 3D?-+You get this notification because our installation packet hasn't been signed with a publisher certificate.This is common with software you download directly from the creator, and is a false alarm. We take thesecurity of our software seriously, as our thousands of secure, active users attest.To use SketchList 3D, ignore this notification and proceed with the download.6How to install the Cabinet Wizard add-on?-+See instructions in PDF7How to move SketchList 3D to a new computer?-+

Sketchlist 3d Tutorial

See instructions in PDFPro tip: Don't see your question covered here? Search ourfurniture design blogfor detail tutorials! With hundreds of blog articles dating back to 2008. We're bound to havecovered the feature you're looking for.1Does SketchList 3D use metric or imperial measurements?-+SketchList 3D supports both imperial and metric units.2Does SketchList 3D have a library of hardware, doors, or drawers?-+There is a library of common pieces included in SketchList 3D, and anything you’ve created once can besaved to your custom library. You can also buy a library of appliances as aseparate add-on from our Pricing page.3Can I import projects from Google SketchUp to SketchList 3D?-+No. In order to make SketchList 3D as easy to use as possible, it is not compatible with SketchUp.4Is it possible to make sure boards don’t bump into each other?-+Not categorically. As you’re designing and moving boards around, occasionally it’s necessaryfor board to occupy the same space, and restricting this would impede your progress. For example,a board with a tenon would bump into a board with a mortise. To ensure boards are not overlapping,check the board spreadsheet for both boards.5How do I create a dovetail?-+Dovetail joinery is applied to the edge of a board. Start by specifying the height andangle of the dovetail; then dovetail the surface with the shaping tool.6Can you simulate wood bending to create an arch in SketchList 3D-+You can take a board and shape it to affect the curve, however you cannot bend wood in SketchList 3D.7Can you simulate wood turning objects, such as turning a wooden leg for a chair, with SketchList 3D?-+Yes. See this blog post oncabinet design using tapered or round legs for a step-by-step overview of how to do this.8Is there a quick way to add double lines of shelf pinholes inside cabinets and bookcases?-+We have a clone and space function for holes, so you can take 5-mm or ¼-inch holes and space them every X units.9How can I create dental molding that wraps around the side of a wall cabinet?-+There are two approaches to dental molding in SketchList 3D. One is to cut non-roundholes and then close and space them over a given distance. The other wayis to clone and space a small block.10Can I copy a piece of a design from one assembly to another?Sketchlist 3d Download-+Yes. By making any drawer, board, door, or assembly into a standard, you can easily call it into other designs.11Is there a way to upload custom textures for board materials?-+Yes. You can import any image file as a texture and adjust the transparency.Check out this interesting case study for a step-by-step example.12How do I zoom into an area on the design screen?-+Hold down the Control key and the left mouse button and move the mouse to zoom in.You can also hit the “M” key to open a magnified image. Simply hit “M” againto close the magnifier when you’re done.13Can I create a dimensioned shop drawing?-+Yes. Just follow the steps in this dimensioned shop drawing video.14The grain direction on my optimized layout diagram is wrong. What happened?-+Check the grain direction of the board and the material to ensure both are goingin the correct direction. If you did not specify a grain direction when you createdthe board or material, the SketchList 3D optimizer automatically places the boardsto minimize waste, so you may end up with a board grain that is not going in the direction you intended.15How do I rabbet a door so I can inset it into the frame?-+Size the door and rabbet all four edges. At the board-level, click the joinery button.Select rabbet and pick all four edges.16How do I change the dimensions of my design?-+You can edit the sizes and locations of any part from the form in the upper-right orthe spreadsheet at the bottom of the main form. Another option is turn on red dots,right-click the red dots on the object, and drag the object into the desired size.Sketchlist 3d Download1Does SketchList 3D update automatically?-+The option to 'Check for Updates' within the software will advise if you are currently using the latest version.Should you need to update, please head over to the Download Portal.2Can I keep my old projects when updating to a new version?-+Yes. You’ll need to export your project library from the old version and importit to the new version. This video guides you through that process.3How do I transfer SketchList 3D to a new computer?-+

First, download SketchList 3D on your new computer. On your old computer, exportall of the projects you want to save onto an external drive. Activation numbers can onlybe used once, so you’ll need to email us to request a new activation key once you’veuninstalled SketchList 3D from your old device. You can then use this new key to activateSketchList 3D on your new computer and import your projects from your external drive.

NOTE: One purchase of SketchList 3D licenses you to use the software on one computeronly. Running SketchList 3D on more than one computer is a violation of our licensingagreement and will result in termination.

4Can I switch my version of SketchList 3D from Windows to Mac (or vice versa)?-+Yes. First, uninstall and delete SketchList 3D from your previous computer. Then sendus an email requesting a new activation key.5Are you planning to develop a version of SketchList 3D for iPad?-+We are currently designing concepts for an iPad version, which may be made availablein the future. Stay tuned for further updates.

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Sketchlist 3D V4.0.3675 was added to DownloadKeeper this week and last updated on 09-Dec-2020. New downloads are added to the member section daily and we now have 430,213 downloads for our members, including: TV, Movies, Software, Games, Music and More.
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