Sonic Adventure Station Square Music

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Check out my freestyle on the 'Welcome to Station Square (Remix)' originally created by Tee Lopes and Jun Senuoe! I am rapping about bringing Sonic Adventure back because that game was awesome! Enjoy!Lyrics:Smooth4Lyfe ManYeah I'm back, but then I never leftI'm sittin’ back, just waitin’ for the next(Remix)But wait a minute, won't you look at thatTee Lopes, Jun Senoue, Station Square thats a trackSonic Team Throw backNeeds a remake, thats a factHow you hit us with this remix and not even bring it backIf you did, it be bigReally big, Big the CatI can almost guaranteeyour bank account filled with stacksThe train to Mystic Ruins is departing soonImagine this with HD surround sound in the roomRide the cars in Twinkle ParkAnd you actually see the sparks(Oh man)Final Egg lookin like its built by Tony StarkIf you remake this game, It be a dream come trueSee me with the face when Sonic says 'Is Something Bugging You'I'm just waiting for the newsDon't you play no tricks cause I ain’t gullible like KnucklesI won't laugh no I won't chuckleYeahI like this partThis is dopeYeahThis is coolOkCome on TeeBreak it downUp and down and all aroundGot me hype for the next trackMan I want it nowJun Senuoe with guitar bring the Super Sonic soundSmooth4Lyfe with the lyrics triple team to shut it downI can go on and on and on andFrom Speed Highway at Dawn until the morningI miss when Sonic talks looks like he's yawningAnd when my Chao grows up man the tears be fallin’So come on bring it backSo come on bring it back…Bring it back …I won't get my hopes up but I hope I see it soonSonic Adventure remake, what you got to loseThe ball is in your court now SEGA gotta chooseCause I know if it were me, I'd be making all the movesSo just do it, just do it, you know you wanna do itJust do it, just do it, come on man do itJust do it, just do it, I know you wanna do itJust do it, just do it, come on SEGA do itJust do it, just do it, come on SEGA do itI said do it, just do it, come on SEGA do it___________________Support The Music! (Donations): http://paypal.me/JoeyOforiLinks to Purchase other Music:Website: http://www.smooth4lyfemusic.comCD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/smooth4lyfeFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/smooth4lyfemusicBandcamp: http://www.smooth4lyfe.bandcamp.comiTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/smooth4lyfe/id274857880FOLLOW ME:- Subscribe to my YouTube page (More music will be added)- Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/smooth4lyfe- Like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/smooth4lyfemusic- Follow me on SpotifyCONTACT [email protected]

F Bbm Am D Gm A Eb Bb Bm C Db Ab Chords for Sonic Adventure DX Music: Station Square with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. Now, in the latest development, there's a rumour Sega Japan is preparing for a Sonic Adventure-themed music event, which is believed to be taking place at the end of this year. SONIC ADVENTURE This Is a 100 Accurate Give or take recreation of Sonic Adventure I currently finished Station Square and 2 Stages and I will make Mystic Ruins next then Egg Carrier after the last 2 are finished. I Will release this after I finish everything and maybe a demo update or 2.

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Sonic Adventure Music Download

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Sonic Adventure Station Square Music

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Sonic Adventure Station Square

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Sonic Adventure Station Square Music

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