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Liam McIntyre (Spartacus) introduces Blood and Sand episode 10, 'Party Favors', part of the Spartacus Saga: Uncut. Watch Spartacus now on the STARZ app: htt. Spartacus Gods Of The Arena S1.2 1080p – 720p BluRay Season 1.2 SHAANIG American historical TV series, which began showing on Starz on 22 January 2010. Roman legate Gaius Claudius Glabr is furious because broke up with the Thracians, and calling them deserters, takes prisoner one of their leaders – Spartacus, turning him and his wife into. A Crime to Remember Season 4 Complete 720p HDTV x264 ic.Spartacus Season 4 Complete Torrent Tested 1 / 2.Spartacus' fourth and final season has pinned down a premiere date. Starz announced on Tuesday that the drama's last chapter, titled Spartacus: War of the Damned, will bow Friday, Jan.



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Spartacus Starz Torrent Online

“The American TV series “”Spartacus”” will tell the story of a freedom-loving Thracian, who fell into Roman slavery, fought for the fun of the public in the arena and raised an uprising afterwards. It is known to each of us from the school bench, but the creators told her in a new way, adding to it a lot of what made it even more exciting and interesting.
A warrior who has lost his young wife and fought alongside the Romans against a common enemy as a result of betrayal falls into slavery and becomes a Gladiator a warrior fighting to the death with the same slaves to entertain the rich Romans. Our hero, time after time, leaving with the weapon on an arena, pursues one purpose to find the one who is involved in death of his wife. But during fights he begins to understand only gaining his freedom, he can take revenge…
Ahead of our hero waiting for a lot of fights in the arena, trying to gather an army of such as he, and and going to war against the Emperor himself. Winning every fight, he received the name Spartacus for his fighting qualities,closer to his goal, and the one who owns this slave will soon get a problem with which he had not faced before and to correct which will be possible only at the cost of huge military losses.”