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SpaceX just launched its longest and most ambitious NASA mission to date. Here's how the rest of the journey will go.

The longest journey demo
  • SpaceX's Crew-1 mission launched Sunday evening, rocketing four astronauts into orbit for a half-year spaceflight.
  • The Crew Dragon spaceship is expected to dock to the International Space Station on Monday night.
  • Crew-1 is the first full-length mission NASA has contracted from Elon Musk's rocket company. It's poised to be the longest-duration human spaceflight ever launched from US soil.
  • Here's what to expect as SpaceX's Crew Dragon flies to the space station and back.
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SpaceX launched its most important NASA mission yet on Sunday: Elon Musk's rocket company catapulted four astronauts into Earth's orbit on its Crew Dragon spaceship.

Crew-1, as the flight is called, will be SpaceX's first full-length mission for NASA. It's also the company's second time launching people and the longest-duration human space mission ever launched from US soil. The current record, 84 days, has held since the longest Skylab mission more than 45 years ago.

The spaceship is set to orbit Earth for about 27 hours before docking to the International Space Station. After that, the astronauts are expected to stay aboard the floating laboratory for about half a year.

'We are ready for this launch. We are ready for the six months of work that is waiting for us on board the International Space Station, and we are ready for the return,' NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, who commands the mission, said during a pre-launch news conference.

Hopkins' crew members are NASA astronauts Victor Glover and Shannon Walker, and Japanese Aerospace Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi. Here's how their flight should play out and what to expect at each stage of the mission.

The© SpaceX; NASA; Samantha Lee/Business InsiderLongestHi all,The longest journey demo download

After numerous posts praising 'The Longest Journey', I decided to try
the demo. I downloaded it twice from different servers...

The selfextracting file unpacks successfully.

Upon double-clicking setup I get presented with the usual questions...
install drive.. shortcut on desktop.. bla bla bla...

Then when its finally ready to actually install it I get an error
message -> 'An error occurred during the move data process: -132'.

It didn't actually copy anything at that time. It looks like the error
is generated right before it starts to unpack and copy the contents to
the final install folder.

I have plenty of space available on the install drive although C:drive
(Windows)is running very low (less than 10MB). Plenty of swap space
available too (swapfile on a different drive). Does setup use 'C:' to
store temporary installation files (*even* when I select 'H:' as the
install drive)?

I guess all I want to know if this is a known problem with the demo file
or do I need to increase the size of C: partition? Maybe there's a
workaround to this particular problem? Anyone? I don't want to
re-install Winblows'98 just to play this demo (or the game...).

The Longest Journey Demo

B. Jansen