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ThumbsPlus Features You can load, view, edit and save 16 bit per channel images. You can change or modify the image resolution during resize, and the print size is computed. ThumbsPlus v10 Questions. Ask and answer questions about ThumbsPlus version 10 1079 Posts 249 Topics Last post by wingfield in Re: convert HEIC to JPG on 2020-11-14 14:51:59 ThumbsPlus v7-v9 Questions. Ask and answer questions about earlier versions of ThumbsPlus. 1845 Posts 432 Topics Last post by Daan van Rooijen. To use the latest plug-in version on ThumbsPlus 10, just install the latest build of ThumbsPlus. 13 June 2016: ThumbsPlus 10 FAQ Update: We've been busy updating the ThumbsPlus 10 FAQ with the most common issues for new or upgrade installations of ThumbsPlus 10. We'll be adding to it regularly, and eventually replace the old FAQ pages altogether. ThumbsPlus is a highly customizable image database with thumbnails and batch editing.


ThumbsPlus Pro

Not a bad development for viewing pictures, knows how to edit them and create catalogs of images. The program allows you to easily simplify the search and maintenance of graphics files, as well as fonts and animation, download ThumbsPlus can be below.
Once you run the application, it will scan your hard drives for images, after you create small thumbnails for the bottom, they will be saved in your database, this will allow you to next time the mini images will be displayed instantly. ThumbsPlus can change the brightness of images, it can convert formats.


  • Scan your system, hard drive or thumbnail folder.
  • Thumbnail database creation is selected.
  • Create catalogues and presentations.
  • View images and their information.
  • Rename, email, or print files.
  • Fast conversion to BMP, ICO, GIF, TGA, PCX, RAW,…
  • Fast access to most functions from each thumbnail by rightclicking on top of them.
  • Availability of different types of filters to apply to images.

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Download ThumbsPlus Pro 10 SP2 Build 4015 – (50.13 Mb)

ThumbsPlus is a complete image organizer and viewer that has all the options necessary to keep your photo collection organized.

Main features

  • Scan the system, the hard drive or a folder to generate the thumbnails.
  • Creation of databases from the thumbnails selected.
  • Generate catalogs and presentations.
  • View the images and their information.
  • Rename, send by email or print the files.
  • Quick conversion to BMP, ICO, PCX, GIF, TGA, RAW,...
  • Quick access to the majority of functions from each one of the thumbnails, pressing with the right mouse button on top of them.
  • Availability of different kinds of filters to apply to the images.

Thumbsplus For Windows 10

But maybe its most surprising aspect is the function that allows you to generate a thumbnail of almost any file from your hard drive (videos, fonts,...), which will make it much easier to identify the files with a simple glance. Make the most of your photos: organize them, create catalogs and show them to your friends, thanks to ThumbsPlus.

Thumbsplus For Windows 10

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